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Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags are a Great Value!

Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 1

Change-Diapers received products to review. If you click & buy, we may receive a small commission, thank you! All opinions are our own. Diaper Junction sent us the Diaper Rite AIO to review which my 3-year-old was happy to do. While we are actively trying to be diaper free with him, there are times we do still use our diapers. 

Occasionally he’ll use them overnight, especially if he’s forgotten to use the potty before he went to bed. I also use them during nap time for the same reason. I also tend to use them on longer trips in the car or when we’ll be out because public restrooms can be disgusting. It’s always a hit or miss. So, we’ve been using our Diaper Rite pretty frequently.

Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 2 rise snaps Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 3 snap overlap

The diapers fit roughly 8-35 pounds with a snap down rise, and have a snap overlap to better fit small babies, as well as wing snaps which prevent droop. The diaper gets pretty teeny tiny and while I don’t have a newborn to test it out on, I can say that the leg holes get pretty tiny for those little newborn legs!

Small rise setting (The material is very soft and flexible so the diaper tends to flop over for photos!):

Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 7 small

Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 8 small side Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 9 small back


Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 10 medium Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 11 medium leg opening


Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 12 large
Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 13 large leg opening

The diaper as a whole is entirely absorbent and has two snap-in inserts as well. The snap-in inserts are such a great feature because they’re not going to move around when you have a super active kiddo. They also have these nifty flaps on both the front and the back to tuck the inserts under. This helps keep wicking from happening and getting their clothing wet.

Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 4 inner Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 5 inserts

Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diapers 6 inserts snapped in

My 3-year-old is about 34 is pounds I think and it fits him really well. The outer of the diaper is 100% polyester and the inner of the diaper is 80% bamboo and 20% polyester. As far as absorbency, my kiddo uses this overnight and he doesn’t leak. Trust me, he saves all his pee up and floods at one time. The Diaper Rite kept it all in and this was before it was fully prepped.

Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags Review Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags Review

If you don’t need all that absorbency because you want to use it during the day, you can just take one of the inserts out and enjoy a trimmer diaper. All-in-one diapers usually take longer to dry than covers or even pockets, but the fact that the inserts snap out means they are quicker & easier to wash and dry than sewn in styles. I always like to hang dry mine then when they’re dry I toss them in the dryer to soften them up since natural fibers tend to be a little stiff after air drying.

Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags Review Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags Review

We also received a travel sized wet bag (which are always extremely helpful) in the adorable Ace print which features planes and clouds. The travel sized bag has a little hook on it with a snap so it can easily snap onto your stroller or even your baby carrier if needed. It’s a very generously sized and can fit around 4-8 diapers in it depending on what kind of diapers you’re using (I was able to fit 8 clean diapers when I tried). If they’re newborn diapers, you could probably fit more. I admittedly haven’t put many dirty diapers in it because we’re working on potty training but I’ve been using it for other things; we’ve been using it mostly for going to the zoo and parks. I put their water clothing in it after we’ve played at the splash-pad. It’s also great for clothes that have gotten dirty or an extra set of clothes when you know you’ll be in a situation where your kiddo will need them. We also use it to put electronics and keys in to keep them safe while we’re at the splash-pad.

I have been extremely impressed with the hanging diaper pail we received in the Underway print, which is a Navy themed print. My boys love it because it makes them think of the Army. It’s such a generously sized bag. The website says it holds roughly 20 diapers and while I don’t count how many diapers I put in, I feel like it definitely can hold more. It also has a handle for easy transporting and it’s a solid handle. It has a zipper closure to keep in any kind of odor and the TPU fabric on the inside is thick which is always a positive. They’re very reasonably priced as well and you’re definitely getting a good product for the money spent.

Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags Review

We received a pail liner in the absolutely adorable Nautilus print, which is my favorite print because it’s very mermaid-like. Normally I think people use this in some kind of pail however, I use mine a couple different ways. It fits nicely in our hamper so I sometimes use it that way, but it can also work in a kitchen sized trash can. I also just like to use it like their zippered bag and kind of twist the top a little as a way to close it. I see this working well after our cloth diapering days are done for regular laundry and towels. Maybe one day I can even send it with my kids to college for them to tote their stinky clothes back home in. Kidding. Kind of. We won’t think that far ahead just yet. I imagine we won’t come short of ideas for the pail liner though. It’s just so versatile and great quality.

Diaper Rite Cloth Diapers & Wet Bags Review

What is your favorite Diaper Rite product?

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