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Donate a Lovey – Get a Chance for an Ollie Tula Stalk Free Pass

#SpreadtheLovey get a Tula Stalk Free Pass via @UpOnthe_Hill

Now through June 22nd, purchase a Baby Jack & Co. lovey from Up On the Hill (use code KIND and choose in-store pickup for the $18 price) or directly from Baby Jack and Company (use code KIND to offset the shipping fee), and it could pay off. This #spreadthelovey campaign provides loveys to babies in the NICU. Up on the Hill is raising lovey donations for “Friends of Oliver – Winchester Medical Center,” where Oliver spent the beginning of his 100+ day NICU stay after his birth at 25 weeks.

Loveys are $18 and include bulk shipping directly to the NICU chosen. To encourage donations, Amii will choose one person who donates to WMC to receive a “stalk free pass” (right to buy) the Up On the Hill exclusive Ollie print Tula, which will be available in early July.

Please note: This is not a giveaway or sweepstakes. One person will be chosen at random from those who donate, and enter their information in the Rafflecopter form below. The chosen person will have the right to buy an Ollie print Tula when they are available in July, without “stalking.” The carrier is not free.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Up On the Hill is participating in the #spreadthelovey campaign to donate Baby Jack & Co loveys to babies in the NICU. …

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