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Earth Diaper One Size Cloth Diaper Cover Review & Giveaway (10/27)

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I received covers at no charge for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. Earth Diaper manufactures pocket diapers, covers and accessories. Part of all profits go towards helping children in Russia and Ukraine suffering from various congenital and acquired disorders. The covers like I received come in various gender neutral prints and colors.

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You can choose snap or hook & loop closures for $12.99.

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The covers are one-size-fits-most (Earth Diaper estimates 9-37 lbs) via a snap down rise and have double gussets.

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Made in China, the diapers are labeled with a batch # and have necessary CPSIA certificates.

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The front and rear flaps will hold trifolded prefolds, inserts etc. in place.

Here is the small rise setting:

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Here’s the snap cover on my 27ish pound 2 3/4 year old with a trim hemp insert, folded to fit the medium setting:

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I tried the H&L cover with a fluffy WAHM made fitted – I did go up a rise setting on the cover and tucked it in a bit but it still worked.

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Katie also used the covers on her 22 lb 5 month old.

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Katie loved the flap that allowed her to tuck in her trifolded prefolds and felt the elastic in the back flap really kept the prefolds from shifting. The double gussets contained every mess and the thick PUL meant it kept the sheets dry at night! Katie loved the fit on her chunky 5 month old on the medium rise setting, though they didn’t fit her toddler (not a surprise since he weighs nearly 50 pounds!)

Shop Earth Diaper, “like” Earth Diaper on Facebook and follow @EarthDiaper on Twitter.

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Giveaway: Earth Diaper is offering one of my readers his/her choice of in-stock cover (ARV $12.99.) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below.

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