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Thinking About the ezpz Happy Mat? Get One! Here’s Why…

Change-Diapers received this as an ezpz ambassador gift. If you click & buy, we may receive a small commision, thank you. Have you heard of ezpz mats? If you haven’t, you’re totally missing out. When I first saw this product I was blown away, but wasn’t sure if we would actually get one since our kiddos are older. But, what my sweet little 2-year old has taught me is that it’s never too late to prevent food messes!

ezpz Happy Mat Review

Ezpz has several cool products in lots of great colors. The Happy Mat is the largest, but they also have a Mini Mat, Happy Bowl and Flower Play Mat (great for arts and crafts like painting). Micro mats can be used for play, as a clean/quiet sensory fidget or even to introduce new foods.

ezpz Happy Mat Review

We received the Happy Mat in gray along with a Making Mealtime ezpz book. The book is a great tool for us since it gives us great ideas for different foods that are healthy, easy and fun. It has really cool food art you can create, and it’s very straighforward telling you exactly what you need with detailed directions. It also gives some great tips for picky eaters along with some pointers to help you include your kiddos in the kitchen prep.

ezpz Happy Mat Review

The ezpz products are all-in-one placemats plus a plate/bowl that are made from high-quality silicone. The best part: it suctions directly to your table, making it difficult (even impossible) for your little one to tip it over and spill food. The design with the placemat and plate helps to catch most of your kid’s mess, and if you have multiple children, you can easily stack 3-4 mats with food inside to be carried. The mat helps promote self-feeding and develops fine motor skills, is easy to clean with warm soapy water and the silicone doesn’t support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria! The mats are also dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, which is very convenient. The silicone is BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate-free, easy to store, and built to last since it is bendable, flexible and won’t fade, corrode or deteriorate.

ezpz Happy Mat Review

In order to have your ezpz mat suction to your table, it needs to be a flat surface so air can’t get underneath the mat. All the mats are self-sealing and cannot be released by pulling on the plate or bowl. You can suction it to surfaces such as wood, laminate, stone and glass, though some wood or tiled surfaces (that have holes, divots or fractures) won’t work as well. It’s also extremely important to be sure the back of the mat is clean and free of lint or dust. To release the suction, all you have to do is peel the outer edge. (I recommend not letting your kiddo watch you do this. They may figure out the trick to getting the mat up.)

ezpz Happy Mat Review

I wasn’t sure if my kids would be “too old” for this, but we seem to still end up with lots of messes so it’s come in handy! My kiddo is loving the mat but is so angry that he can’t pick it up, which I find kind of amusing. I slapped that sucker on the small kids table we have and tried picking it up. I picked up the entire table without the mat coming undone! I had both kids try picking it up as well and neither were successful. It’s very easy to clean and I love that the eyes and mouth make it simple to portion food. Both eyes are 4 ounces and the mouth is 10 ounces. Even my five year old enjoys using it, so even if you have a bigger kiddo, it’s still a great product to have!

Note from Maria: I met the ezpz owner at the ABC show and I was so impressed by how kind & down to earth she is. The adorableness of these micro mats nearly killed me and I got to see a brand spanking new product that is coming very soon, and about which I am very psyched. Cannot wait to actually try it myself and tell you about it!

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Have you used ezpz mats? Which is your favorite style? What other products would you like ezpz to produce?

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  • November 17, 2019 at 6:29 am

    In the past few months, I have tried a variety of placemats for my little angel and I am glad to share that EZPZ mini mat is simply the best one. I really like its suction because my baby can’t pull it off from the high chair.

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