FunBites: Food Cutter Review!

FunBites FunBites

Katie received a free product to review. Post contains affiliate links. We were super excited to review something different and fun. My 4 year old was the most excited about this product. What is FunBites you ask? It’s a super adorable food cutter that cuts your childs food into bite sized fun pieces.

FunBites was started because Bobbie and her husband’s second daughter was an extremely picky eater. Much like my 4 year old, their daughter only liked the same foods over and over and didn’t want to try new foods unless it was junk food. They spent so much time cutting food into small bites and thought it would be much easier if there was something they could just press down on the food to make small, fun, bite sized pieces. They thought that maybe it would make mealtime less stressful, more fun and maybe their kids would try new foods and eat better. And so, FunBites was created! It’s a super sturdy and durable curved blade cutter. It cuts any food into bite sized fun shapes. It works on all kinds of kid-friendly foods like pancakes, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, brownies and more.

FunBites FunBites

My four year old really loved being able to test the FunBites out. We went with the heart one because he really loves hearts. He’s been so obsessed with his FunBites ever since the very first use. We’ve been using it a lot for pancakes. He loves his pancakes, but now he asks for heart pancakes all the time! The difference between using a regular cookie cutter to cut shapes out and the FunBites, is that the FunBites food cutter cuts food into small enough bites that I don’t have to do any extra cutting. It’s also a fun way to get your kiddo involved without handing them a knife. The cutting blade isn’t sharp, so you don’t have to worry about them cutting themselves. The FunBites food cutter is also dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus! It’s also made in the US and BPA free. What I really love about using it for desserts, such as brownies, is that it controls the portions really well. My four year old really wanted some of my brownie, so we used the FunBites and I told him he could have the two small hearts. We’ll definitely use this to control the portions more often.

FunBites FunBites

It’s a pretty easy process to use the FunBites food cutter. You’ll want to remove the popper top and put the cutter on top of the food. So we line it up on our food and move on to the next step. Hold the cutter handles and firmly rock back and forth about 5 to 6 times to be sure you’re cutting all the way through the food. Next, you’ll want to insert the popper top and lift the cutter up from the food. With the popper top push down and out will pop the bite sized pieces of food! It’s a two piece set that includes a curved cutter and a matching popper top.

FunBites FunBites

We haven’t gotten super creative with our FunBites yet. But you can create all sorts of fun things with it. There are several different shapes also. They have two heart ones- a red and a pink. They also have a super cute Minion one if your little one is obsessed with Minions. You can find all the cute FunBites shapes here for $9.99! You can also check out FunBites on Facebook, FunBites on Instagram, @Funbites onTwitter and FunBites videos on Youtube!

Did you know that FunBites has been on Shark Tank? Would you like to try them?

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