All In One Diapers Natural Fiber Newborn Diapers Review Velcro/Aplix Closure

I Wish TushMate Newborn AIO Cloth Diapers Were Around 3+ Years Ago!

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I received this diaper at no cost. I was not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. When I attended the ABC Expo this fall I got a peek at both their Globe print and their newborn AIO. I took both home to photograph and even though I don’t have a tiny baby anymore, I am really impressed with the newborn diaper.

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The diapers come packaged in cute bags like their one-fits-all system and rather reminds me of a simplified version of the one size diaper. (Sidebar: can we get a one-size version of this diaper, pretty please?)

TushMate Newborn AIO #clothdiapers

The diapers are available in orange, yellow, blue or chocolate, all with hook & loop closures.

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The rise snaps down to fit approximately 5-14 pounds, which I think is a huge advantage for a newborn diaper. It has the same super soft, sticky H&L that the o/s diapers have, which will be ultra gentle on little tummies.

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The AIO gives the best of both worlds with a semi-attached, natural fiber soaker, and a stay-dry liner that snaps closed over the folded in soaker. This means you get the absorbency of hemp/cotton with the moisture wicking of fleece, wrapped up in an easy to clean, quick to dry package. Bonus: the liner is elasticized for extra blowout protection.

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If you need a boost of absorbency, the diaper includes a microfiber doubler. Just tuck it under the soaker and snap closed. The stay dry flap will keep it in place.

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The diaper also has nice, wide elastic in back. Here’s the diaper snapped down:

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Diapers are $15.98 each, which is toward the lower end of the newborn diaper price range, especially considering the features. I hope to have some “on the bum” shots and feedback when Oliver comes home and becomes my newborn diaper model. 🙂

Here’s the diaper on Oliver at 21 weeks ( 6 weeks adjusted) and 7 lb 15 oz:

@TushMate Newborn #clothdiapers on 7 lb 15 oz baby

Shop TushMate (free shipping on orders of $25+) or ask your favorite retailer to inquire about opening a wholesale account!

Have you tried TushMate? Would you like to use these on a newborn?

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    […] We were not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are our own. When we published our TushMate newborn AIO review I thought how great it would be as a one-size diaper and it finally […]

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