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La Petite Creme 2-in-1 Cleanser/Lotion Review

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La Petite Crème is an alternative to baby wipes that was created by Fanny and Cecile. It has been parent-approved in France for decades now. The unique lotion not only cleans and disinfects (exactly like a wipe) it also protects and calms the diaper area in one single application. It has no harmful chemicals or ingredients and is a great natural alternative to using wipes. It’s not only convenient and easy to use it’s also cloth diaper safe!

@_La_Petite_Creme review via @chgdiapers

As a health care professional and a mom, Fanny and Cecile designed La Petite Crème to naturally fight diaper rash. Fanny had been a baby nurse assistant for five years in France before moving to the US to follow her husband’s job. She has assisted in over 500 hospital births and worked with premature babies during their stay in the NICU. She continued with her passion and became a birth and post-partum doula. Cecile is a mother of two and a dynamic IT engineer. Becoming a mother made her realize she only wanted the purest and most natural ingredients for her family as the well-being and safety of her children matters most. And so, La Petite Crème was created!

La Petite Crème has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel the product did not meet your expectations, you can send them and email for a resolution. They stand behind their product.

@_La_Petite_Creme review via @chgdiapers

So what exactly is La Petite Crème? It’s a non-rinse two in one cleanser and lotion specifically designed for diaper care. There are no harmful chemicals or ingredients and it can be safely used on newborns and babies of all ages. It’s based on an original French recipe. It works as a cleanser, a protective shield and a calming lotion all at once. No need for several products during a diaper change! You apply it at every diaper change with a gentle cotton pad (included in their starter kit) or a washcloth. La Petite Crème cleans out the diaper area while leaving a breathable protective film on the skin to protect against wetness and acidic waste. Which is the number one cause of diaper rash. It’s gentle ingredients calm the skin redness, rashes and sensitivity of dry skin. It is made up of 45% high quality extra virgin olive oil and beeswax and can be used with either cloth or disposable diapers.

It is 100% hypoallergenic, paraben free, drug free and is fragrance-free! You’ll want to shake it well before using. Just apply a little bit to a cotton pad or cloth wipe and use on the diaper area. There will be a clear protective film left behind on your baby’s skin. You do not need to rinse off or dry out the area before putting a new diaper on your little one. This is not for use on broken skin. Because of it’s gentleness, La Petite Crème works great on sensitive skin so you can use it on anyone, big or small in your family. (It also makes a great makeup remover.) The ingredients are as follows: Water, Olea Europea Fruit Oil (Olive Oil), Glycerin, Beeswax, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Calcium Hydroxide.

@_La_Petite_Creme review via @chgdiapers

I was sent the starter kit for this review. It comes with one everyday bottle with a dispensing pump and is an 8 ounce bottle. It also comes with one diaper bag/travel size bottle which is 2 ounces. The kit also came with a bag of 50 cotton pads. The kit comes wrapped in a beautiful bag and would make the perfect baby shower present!

@_La_Petite_Creme review via @chgdiapers

This is really quite a convenient bottom cleaner. I just squirt a little out on the cotton pad and wipe my little guy down. It rubs in really well and doesn’t leave behind any residue either. It’s nice that there isn’t a fragrance to it also because my boys tend to have more sensitive skin, so fragrances can be harsh for them.

@_La_Petite_Creme review via @chgdiapers

There are two different versions of the starter kit you can purchase. They both come with the 8 ounce and 2 ounce bottles. One comes with 50 disposable cotton pads and one comes with 5 cotton wash cloths. You can get either of the starter kits for $20.00 each. It is also available in just the 8 ounce bottle for $15.00 or the travel size for just $6.00! You can also purchase the cotton wash cloths or cotton pads separately. You can find all the products on The LaPetite Creme Website. Also “like” La Petite Creme on Facebook, on Instagram and @_La_Petite_Creme on Twitter!

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