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@Lunapads Reusable Menstrual Pads Review & #Giveaway (CLOSED 11/13)

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Switching to all reusable feminine products has been high on my list of things to do to
green” my lifestyle. Green Team Distribution distributes Lunapads reusable menstrual pads, and they sent me an intro kit to try. Given the nature of the product and discussion, I don’t think there’s anyway to write this post without a little “TMI,” so my apologies in advance. I won’t be offended if you back out slowly, or close your eyes and scroll down to the Rafflecopter form 😉

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Thanks to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and some unexplainable issues, I have only had a handful of menstrual cycles in recent years. However, after I had my youngest son in December, I found that I had become sensitive to disposable feminine products. I had so much discomfort and irritation that I was worried I had an infection to deal with on top of the recovery from childbirth. As someone on my Facebook page so hilariously put it, I felt like I had been “punched in the junk” ha ha. To my surprise, once I stopped needing to use pads (which thankfully, was very quickly after my last birth) all of my symptoms disappeared!

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For many years, I’ve just used whatever I could get free/better than free/for pennies at CVS after coupons and Extra Care Bucks. Although I prefer tampons over pads, I haven’t been able to comfortably use them since my second child was born. I had looked into reusable products, but the cost put me off a little bit. If you normally pay for these products, reusable pads are actually quite cost effective over the long term, especially since they can last years with proper care. My sudden sensitivity to disposable products has definitely made me decide to switch, despite the cost.

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Lunapads are made in Canada, and are pretty unique. The liners (available in teeny, mini, long or thong) look like the typical reusable pad with snap close wings, but the pads are different.

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I received the intro kit, which includes 1 Teeny Pantyliner, 1 Mini Pantyliner, 1 Mini Pad with 1 Mini Basic Liner and 1 Mini Wing Liner, 1 Maxi Pad with 1 Maxi Basic Liner and 1 Maxi Wing Liner.

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All Lunapads have a layer of ultra-thin nylon to minimize soaking through, 2 layers of flannel topped with 2 layers of fleece, and a nickel-free, silver-plated brass single snap fastening. The pads have “ric rac” at each end that allow you to tuck 2-layer fleece inserts or wing inserts to add absorbency. Pad are available in mini, maxi, long, overnight and postpartum styles, with inserts and wing inserts to match.

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The base pad will last an entire day of your cycle if you change out the inserts as needed, keeping the base pad clean. This not only saves you money, but makes them more compact in your purse too. It also allows you to customize your absorbency.

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You can expect shrinkage of about 5-10% (measured below after washing/drying), and if you’re having trouble deciding what size you need, measure a disposable pad you like.

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You’ll need to change your Lunapads as often as you change a disposable pad, so you’ll need 1 pad for each day of your cycle, and as many inserts as you’d use pads each day. If you have a longer cycle, you can take into account how often you want to wash your pads and adjust your stash accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not currently getting a monthly cycle, but I have used the liners & pads as everyday liners, and they are so much more comfortable than disposables. They are not crinkly, they’re not noisy (rrrrriiiiiiippp, LOL!) and they are so easy to get a great fit. You can even snap then closed and then slide them slightly to adjust after you pull your undies up. I hate that with disposable pads, I’d sometimes have a hard time getting them on exactly right. Best of all, there are no chemicals, no irritation, no icky stuff in my trash can or the landfill!

The Lunapads pads & pantyliners intro kit retails for $62.95, and there are lots of other kits and individual pads available.

Retailers can sign up for a wholesale account with Green Team Distribution to purchase Lunapads!

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