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Lunette Cup Review

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I received the pictured products at no cost for review purposes. Lunette Cup is an eco-friendly and toxin-free menstrual alternative, made of flexible silicone and distributed by Green Team.

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The feelbetter liquid wash is specifically designed to clean your cup without causing irritation. It is naturally scented and easy to use.


Sorry gals, a little TMI is to follow, it’s just inevitable. I chose the size 2 based on the fact that I have given birth however, Lunette’s sizing is not entirely based on just birth status. In fact, had I read this before choosing (my fault!) I would have chosen the size 1. The size 1 is smaller and shorter, as well as being a bit more flexible. Many may wonder if you can use a cup if you have a retroverted (tipped) uterus and/or cyctocele (bladder prolapse.) Without a doubt, talk to your doctor about this, but my opinion is that if you are able to use tampons, you will likely be able to use a cup, though it might take trial and error to find just the right one. If you find that you need to stick to tampons that expand out rather than length wise due to the length of your vagina/cervical position, you may find the shorter size 1 more comfortable. Lunette is designed to sit low in your vagina vs. up high, but if you have short vagina problems, there is no high or low. 😉

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The packaging was so pretty, I felt like I was opening a present, and the satin pouch is discreet as well as the perfect place to store your cup. Apologies in advance for the photos – I should have photographed on a dark background!

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The cup is made of very flexible silicone, which makes it easy to fold to insert, but it is also firm enough to pop back into shape when placed. There are ridges at the base to pinch and break the seal, air holes near the top, and a stem that can be trimmed as needed (I had to trim mine off completely.)

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I found there was only a very slight learning curve for removal, and insertion was a breeze. When your cup is brand new, you boil it for 20 minutes to sterilize. You empty is 2-4 times per day (you can wear it for up to 12 hours) and then rinse in cold water, wash with mild soap, rinse and re-use. Ideally, you’d boil for 5 minutes between each use, but that’s not feasible for many of us. If you don’t have access to soap & water, you can wipe with toilet paper or a Lunette disinfecting wipe, and wash well next time. Boil your cup for 5-10 minutes before storing it for your next cycle.

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Even after completely trimming the stem, the size two is just a tiny bit too long to be perfectly comfortable, so I would like to try the size 1. Lunette cup is a bit of an investment at $39.99 however, it can be used for years vs. paying that much for a few months worth of tampons. There’s no icky garbage to deal with, no leaks (I wore a cloth pad as backup when I used it, just in case) and no toxic materials in your body. It may take trial and error to find the right cup, since the size 1 is shorter, but also has a smaller diameter, and those of us who have had babies and/or are a bit older may not have olympian muscles anymore. 😉 I’ve only used the cup for one cycle so I will keep trying!

To purchase Lunette Cup, find a Green Team retailer. If you’re a retailer who would like to purchase Lunette Cup wholesale, apply for a Green Team account (affiliate link.)

Giveaway: Green Team Distribution is offering one of my readers her choice of Lunette Cup size (ARV $39.99) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below.

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