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My Five Frugal Newborn Diaper Stash Tips

Because I am a stay at home wife of a teacher, and because the Newborn stage is so short, we decided to try and pick up my entire stash used, or as cheaply as possible.

Everything I got was either a hand-me-down, given to me by fellow cloth diapering mamas, OR it was purchased via facebook marketplace locally by yours truly. With the exception of a single newborn diaper by Bebeboo, which I happened to win in a drawing for a 25 dollar gift card. Which I will be reviewing, as Bebeboo is an up and coming diaper brand!

As a result, I spent less than 80 dollars total on newborn diapers. 

I did buy the wet bags new, because I knew they would be a long lasting investment that I would use the entirety of my diapering days. I purchased one from Bebeboo, and another from Kanga Care.

Tips for buying used and getting a *good* deal:

Cute baby in summer diapers

1.Buy local

There are a lot of facebook groups that will send and ship you diapers used. Many of them will sell at market value, or above. That’s right, they are looking to make more than they paid for a used diaper. 

While I respect this hustle, they are usually selling hard to find, and highly saught after designs and prints, it is NOT frugal. If you are looking for a real deal stick to your local areas (I will travel up to 2 hours to meet someone to buy a lot of used diapers, so local, to me, is not 15 minutes from my home.)

I was able to snag 8 Lil Joeys and 3 rumparooz newborn covers in good, almost new, condition for just 30 dollars this way. I was also able to score a large bag of newborn kissaluvs and thirsties size 1 covers, giving me more than 30 diapers to start with. Add in anther 8 grovia newborn diapers from a friend, and another half dozen or so rumparooz newborn covers for my kissaluvs and I am ready!

If you think you can get by with less, I encourage it.

2. Be flexible.

I decided that because the newborn stage is so short, and because it is not possible to know how big my baby will be when he is born, that I would be as flexible as possible with my stash.

That meant trying brands I didn’t know right away, and doing research. Some folks like specific diapers, and that’s okay, but if you are selective in what you will use for this stage, you might be spending more money.

My rules were simple: They had to have moderate to good reviews. 

Most of my newborn stash is Kanga Care. Lil Joeys or Rumpapooz covers. They are in new to god used condition. I required that the elastics be good or like new wherever possible.

I am allowing both snaps and velcro in my stash. I prefer snaps, but the cost, and the ability to be flexible with it, means that I got large lots at much smaller cost.

3. Inspect whatever you buy:

I highly recommend buying used and local because you can put your hands on these diapers. You can see the condition of the covers, all in ones, or pockets. You can see the elastics and test them yourself.

I was able to get really good condition diapers, with nearly new elastics. I had to meet a few people and turn down some buys because the condition was not as advertised. 

4. Sanitize:

I follow a very specific protocol for sanitizing new-to-me diapers. I will ink it here. I trust this website for my wash advice, but each individual has their own personal wash routine or advice. 

Follow what works for you, but let’s be honest. These are used poo catchers. 

I am comfortable knowing I have santized them to the best of my ability before using them on my child.

5. Try Consignment sales and stores

I haven’t had a lot of luck with this area, mainly because I have had a pregnancy that leaves me too tired to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to go out and brave the large crowds of people at the rotating consignment sales.

But I did find a couple of good quality thirsties and flip diapers at my local store, Kid to Kid, on clearance. I was able to pay a dollar a piece to try them out. So I do recommend trying there!

If you are more patient than I am, and have more energy than I do, my friends have shared that they have gotten insane deals.

Do you have any tips or tricks for a good frugal stash? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment!!!

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IVF and loss mom, working on building her family after ten years of infertility. She's expecting a boy just before Thanksgiving, 2019! Michelle has an M.A.T. in education and specializes in child development, but her passion is motherhood empowerment. She's a cloth diaper enthusiast and believes in marrying environmentalism with frugality and every day living.

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