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Smartfood Selects All Natural Snacks #imabzzagent #gotitfree

We try to eat 95% healthy/close to nature food, but we’re only human, and we like a snack now and again! I was pretty excited when I was invited to the Smartfood campaign through Bzzagent.

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Here’s the cliffs notes version on Smartfood: real herbs & spices, re-sealable bags, great flavors, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, kosher, no trans fat and no MSG.

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I did not personally care for the feta herb or garlic tomato basil popped chips. It think I would like the Apple Cinnamon though!

Smartfood via @chgdiapers #gotitfree 8

I love the resealable bag on the full-size products! We usually take several weeks to finish a snack food, and I don’t like having to try to shove big bags into ziploc bags!

Smartfood via @chgdiapers #gotitfree 9 Smartfood via @chgdiapers #gotitfree 10
Smartfood via @chgdiapers #gotitfree 11

I LOVED the buffalo cheddar popcorn. It was a great cheddar flavor, with a kick as an aftertaste. My kids loved it, though they had to have a drink of water nearby!

Smartfood via @chgdiapers #gotitfree 12

Yum yum!!

I received the pictured products at no cost as part of a Bzzagent campaign.

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