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Snap-EZ Training Pants Review – Updated 11/11/13

Snap EZ Trainer 1

I first heard of Snap-EZ during the great cloth diaper hunt, when I swear I spent hours looking at a virtual store shelf of trainers on an extreme sponsor’s site! What really caught my eye is the extreme size range they have, to fit older children, special needs children, and adults. They have extenders available to make them even larger. Though the pocket diapers have the widest size range (starting at youth small, and going up to adult XL), the training pants come in sizes that will fit kids with a 22″ rise, 20″ thighs and 30″ waist!

Snap EZ Trainer 2 frontSnap EZ Trainer 3 back

I received the stuffable training pants in celery, and I chose the medium (formerly 2T) for my 26 month old, 24ish lb son.

Snap EZ Trainer 4 snaps on side but back to front

The trainers have the snaps on the side/hip (two settings) to make them easy to take off in case of an accident. However, they snap in the traditional “back-to-front” manner. My husband tends to get confused by diapers that are side snapping “front to back,” because he can’t tell what’s the front and what’s the back!

Snap EZ Trainer 5 underwear like leg elasticSnap EZ Trainer 6 leg opening
Snap EZ Trainer 7 pocket opening

The stuffable/pocket trainers have fold over lastin elastic, which looks like big kid underwear. They have a waterproof, 1 mil PUL outer, industrial snaps, and stay dry microfleece inners. (The AIO and eco-natural trainers have “feel wet” inners.) These are perfect for us, since they can be essentially used as a pocket diaper, but are easy to put on/take off while my son is standing, and they can just be pulled down to “try” on the potty. The two snap settings allow the leg opening (and waist) to get a bit smaller.

Important note about my measurements: I’ve deleted all measurement photos, as the measurements were taken prior to washing. I’ve been advised that the elastic shrinks 2 inches in the waist and an inch in the legs, so I imagine any measurements I’ve taken should be disregarded. I don’t know when or if I will be able to re-measure, photograph, upload and update the photos on this post. The photos of my son in the trainer were taken after washing, and you can see that the PUL doesn’t lay as flat as it did in the initial pictures. This info is on the bottom of the washing page but wasn’t included with the trainer and wasn’t on the product information or sizing web pages. I typically wash once & line dry unless the insert needs to be prepped, or the item included washing instructions. You should wash and dry the trainers on hot 2-4 times before deciding they are too big. The size charts do reflect the size after shrinkage. This is definitely frustrating, but hopefully others learn from my experience!

Snap-EZ sells a huge array of hemp/cotton fleece foldable inserts and cotton polyester velour inserts. You can customize the absorbency to catch just a small accident, or use them overnight. I first tried it with just a doubler (enough to catch an accident or so.) You can see in the photos that I stuffed it in there a little funny, oops!

Here’s my guy (26 months, about 24 pounds) in the size medium stuffable training pants (these photos were taken after washing):

Snap EZ Trainer 14 medium on 24 lb 2 yoSnap EZ Trainer 15 front
Snap EZ Trainer 16 sideSnap EZ Trainer 17 back with doubler

The stuffable training pants I reviewed retail for $18 for child sizes, and $20 for youth sizes. The natural training pants are $20-22, and the AIO training pants are $22-24. They also have wet bags and pail liners!

Update 11/11/13

We are using these at night time on my 4.5 year old, and they fit him wonderfully. He is between 33 & 35 lbs & rather petite, but not scrawny. He prefers to wear them over his undies because then it is “just to catch accidents” rather than a diaper.

Snap EZ medium pocket trainer - largest snaps on 33ish lb 4.5 yr old via @chgdiapers 1 Snap EZ medium pocket trainer - largest snaps on 33ish lb 4.5 yr old via @chgdiapers 2
Snap EZ medium pocket trainer - largest snaps on 33ish lb 4.5 yr old via @chgdiapers 3

They are plenty roomy for him, and the pocket is generous enough for just about any insert. I’ve pictured them here with a flip trainer insert.

FTC compliance: Snap-EZ sent me the pictured item for review purposes. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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