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Sustainablebabyish “Happy Little Clouds” Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 12/3) US/Canada

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 1

As I promised in my post about the Sloomb Soiree, here is a more detailed post with lots of photos of the new diaper. Plus, Up On The Hill (affiliate link) is sponsoring a giveaway!

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 2

The new product is the Happy Little Clouds fitted which is a bamboo fitted available in size 1 (7-15 lbs) and size 2 (15-35 lbs.)

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 3 front @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 4side
@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 5 back

I purchased the size 2 which has a fold down rise. The size 1 has a newborn snap down, unfortunately I didn’t get photos…Sbish didn’t want customers taking photos & spoiling the surprise for West coasters!

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 7 insert snaps in @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 8 inserts

The soaker snaps into the front of the diaper, and has two three-layer soakers that are the full length of the diaper.

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 6 snaps @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 11 overlaps

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 9 rise folds down @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 10 smaller setting

The rise folds down to get 2 sizes out of this size 2 diaper. I didn’t understand the placement of the two overlap snaps until I actually put the diaper on my son. The higher snap is placed for overlapping on the larger setting, while the lower snap lines up just right to overlap with the rise folded down.

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 12 vs os snapless @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 13 vs os snapless
@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 14 inserts compares

The size 2 looks nearly identical to the o/s snapless multi in size and shape. Of course the happy clouds diaper has snaps, including the snap-in soaker, and I like the soaker a bit better.

Here is the smaller setting folded & stretched, but this is even more inexact than usual…I just wanted to give you an idea of size.

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 15 small folded @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 16 small stretched

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 17 small @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 18 small side
@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 19 small back


@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 20 large folded @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 21 large stretched

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 22 large @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 23 large side
@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 24 large back

Here is the large after it had been washed & dried about 4 times:

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers lg after washing @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers lg after washing stretched

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers soakers after washing

Here it is on my 17ish pound 11 month old, with the rise folded down:

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers rise folded down @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers on 17 lb 11 mo old

He wore it coverless for about an hour and a half before I noticed some dampness in the wet zone. I am hesitant to try anything new at night since my current solution is working well. I tried this first just for about 6 hours, and the back inch-ish of the soaker & diaper were still dry. The middle of this diaper is rather narrow, so most of my soakers wouldn’t fit without folding. I grabbed both soakers out of the snapless fitted & added them to the diaper. My son had a bit of a snowman butt, but I was hopeful. I put the diaper on him fairly late so he had it on for about 10 hours. In the morning, the very back of the soakers (all 4 of them, LOL) & diaper were dry.

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers leg @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers back

I would like it a little better if the soaker snapped in the back of the diaper. Since I have a boy, I prefer to double soakers over in the wet zone if it isn’t too bulky that way. The diaper retails for $29 vs $20.95 for snapless o/s and $24.95 for sized fitteds. However, since you would only be buying two sizes vs four, the additional $4.50 isn’t as significant.

If you want one, you’d better hurry! Up on the Hill doesn’t have a whole lot left. She is offering free shipping on all order for a limited time, and she has lots of other awesome stuff!

@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 25 #giveaway @sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 27 #giveaway back
@sloomb Soiree at @Uponthe_hill via @chgdiapers 26 #giveaway

Giveaway: Up on The Hill is offering one of my readers a size 2 “Happy Little Clouds” diaper in honey (orange.) ARV $29. Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I purchased the review diaper. Up on the Hill provided the giveaway prize. This post contains affiliate links.

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