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Suuthe Skin Repair & Lip Balm – Natural Skin Care – Review

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I received products at no cost for review purposes. Like so many fabulous companies, Suuthe was born when a Mom, Mari Carlin Dart, set out to create a product to fix a problem. She was desperate for something that worked on her baby’s eczema, and the product she created, skin repair, is the company’s best selling product. Like all Suuthe products, it is made of 100% natural, food grade ingredients.

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Skin repair’s natural ingredients include pure emu oil, shea butter, organic olive oil, beeswax & essential oils.

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A little dab of skin repair is all you need; glide your fingers over the surface and it melts onto your fingertips. It is perfect for dry skin, scrapes, boo-boos…pretty much anything! Two of my favorite ways to use it are on dry feet (under socks, before bed) and on my legs. I put a bit on my legs, and by the next time I shaved my legs, my legs were super smooth! (Just don’t put it on too heavily/soon before shaving or it will clog your razor, LOL!) Skin repair is available in tins from .05 oz samples, to large 3.9 oz sizes. Prices range from $1.99 to $39.99 and since a little goes a long way, a tin will last a long time!

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Other Suuthe products include pure emu oil and shea butter, body butter, facial moisturizer, and the lip balms I received.

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Available in original, peppermint and unscented, the lip balms contain emu oil, shea butter, organic olive oil, beeswax and essential oils. The lip balm is smooth, long-lasting and non-sticky. It also tastes great (ask my 18-month old, who got a hold of the original version I gave to my daughter!) Lip balms are $4.99 each.

Suuthe products are all perfectly pure, with no parabens, phthlates, petrochemicals, fragrances or anything icky!

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