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Dri-Line Baby & Bamboo Baby AIO Cloth Diaper Review

dri line baby 0

Dri-Line has been manufacturing products in Canada for the healthcare industry, for 22 years. Their Dri-Line Baby product line is also made in Canada, and includes cloth diapers, diaper covers and accessories.

dri line baby 1

I received three products to try. I took nice pictures of everything brand new & in their packages, then my memory card croaked! So all of these pictures were taken after washing.

dri line baby 2 bib dri line baby 3 bib length
dri line baby 4 bib closure dri line baby 4-1

The bib’s a little big! I’m not sure if he was eating it, or getting ready to rob me. Hee-hee!

dri line baby 5 towel dri line baby 6 towel snaps
dri line baby 7 towel closed

The hooded towel is terry on one side & flannelette on the other, and has a snap to keep it on baby.

dri line baby 8 towel measured dri line baby 9 towel measured 2

Nothing’s cuter than a clean, snuggly baby!

dri line baby 9-1 dri line baby 9-2
dri line baby 9-3 dri line baby 9-4

You can find the hooded towel at Thanks Mama for $19.99.

dri line baby 10 bamboo baby front dri line baby 11 side
dri line baby 12 back

The Bamboo Baby AIO is part of the Bamboo Baby line. The standard “one size” fits anywhere from 7 or 8 to 30-34 pounds, depending on the baby’s size and shape. You can choose snaps or hook & loop, and there are several colors available. A toddler size is available in white only and fits 25-45 lbs.

dri line baby 13 hip snap dri line baby 14 snapped
dri line baby 15 closure and laundry tabs

Even the hook & loop version features a hip snap to prevent wing droop.

dri line baby 16 rear elastic and soaker sewn in soft lining dri line baby 17 leg elastic and soaker

The diaper has a PUL outer (the outer is made in the USA), is lined with soft rayon from bamboo fleece, and has a 3 layer rayon/bamboo fleece flap soaker that is sewn in the back.

dri line baby 18 front elastic and rise snaps

The diaper also has front elastic and 3 rise settings.

Here is the small setting measured folded and stretched (this is, of course, approximate-not exact!)

dri line baby 19 small folded dri line baby 20 small stretched

dri line baby 21 small dri line baby 22 small side
dri line baby 23 small back


dri line baby 24 medium folded dri line baby 25 medium stretched

dri line baby 26 medium dri line baby 27 medium side
dri line baby 28 back


dri line baby 29 large folded dri line baby 30 large stretched

dri line baby 31 large dri line baby 32 side
dri line baby 33 back

My older son is about 2 years & 10 months old, and 29-30ish pounds. Many “one-size” diapers are starting to get rather low-rise on him, but the large fits him well.

dri line baby 34 on 29 lb 2 yr 10 mo old dri line baby 35 side on almost 3 yr old
dri line baby 36 back

The small setting fits my younger son well. He was just under 4 months old in this picture, and I’m guessing his weight at 13 pounds (I’ll update after his checkup!) The soaker was perfect to double over right in the wet zone since he’s such a heavy wetter.

dri line baby 37 on almost 4 month old dri line baby 38 leg

Bamboo is very soft and absorbent, though like other bamboo diapers I have, it became a bit stiff after line drying. A quick tumble in the dryer & it was soft again.

You can find a variety of Dri-Line Baby products at Thanks Mama, including the Bamboo Baby AIO. You can find the diapers at Everything Birth as well. The MSRP per diaper is $18-22.

Dri-Line is accepting wholesale applications, so let your favorite retailer know that you’d like to see them carry Bamboo baby and/or Dri-Line Baby products! You can also connect with Dri-Line Baby on Facebook.

FTC compliance: I received product samples for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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