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Eco-Friendly/Green Events Facebook Party Giveaways Reusable Products

Attend the Green Feeding Party & Win Prizes

Green Feeding - Facebook Party:Giveaway

Sponsors have paid for their participation. Julie of Cloth Diaper Geek and I have teamed up for another fun and informative Green Feeding Facebook party Thursday, March 30th from 9-10 PM Eastern. Check out the prizes, then grab your entries via the Rafflectopter form. Be sure to watch the Cloth Diaper Geek Facebook page for Facebook lives this week!

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Cloth Diapering Cloth Wipes Made in the USA Review Wet Bags & Pail Liners

Planet Wise New Style Cloth Wipes & Wipe Pouch Review

planet wise 1

We love Planet Wise products, including the wipes & wipe pouch. I’ve been using a wet/dry bag and the wipes pouch (with a travel size spray bottle of wipes solution) as my “diaper bag” for about 2 years. We’ve been talking about getting a second wet/dry bag and wipes pouch for a while since we have 2 in diapers and go opposite directions sometimes. When I took my baby to his 1 month checkup and hubby took the other kids to a play, we realized we really needed to get another set!

When I bought my original wipes pouch, it came as a set of the pouch & 10 wipes for $18.99, available in pink or blue. Now they are sold separately with the pouches in 12 prints for $10.99 each, and wipes in 8 color combos for $12.99 per 10 pack. This increases the price for a set to $23.98; a $4.99 increase. I was curious what the extra $5 got you aside from new colors/prints.

planet wise 2 tag abt snap planet wise 3 snap

The new wipe pouch is slightly longer, and has a snap. It seems that this is to keep wet wipes away from the zipper to prevent leaking or wicking. This isn’t a useful feature for me since I don’t pre-moisten my wipes. I prefer not to since I don’t use my travel wipes that often and don’t want them to get musty (or have to figure out how many I need & moisten them before we go out every time, then wash everything when we get home.)

This is the third thing I’ve chosen in an owl print lately. It’s weird. It seems like owls are a “thing” now days, and while I’m not particularly into owls, the colors have been most appealing to me over other new/available prints. I’d choose the lime cocoa bean print in a hot second if it was available, but it’s not.

planet wise 4 snapped planet wise 6 old and new

planet wise 5 inner planet wise 7 wipes

The pouches have the same PUL inner, though the new PUL is a bright color vs. brown. Wipes are exactly the same size after washing. They are the same, simple, single ply flannel. They feel pretty soft at first, but don’t stay that way.

planet wise 8 wipes and bag

I’d prefer to have the wipes in all one color or print, but they are only available in color combinations intended to match the pouch prints.

planet wise 9 wipes in bag planet wise 10 closed
planet wise wipes

I think $1.29 is very expensive for a single layer, flannel wipe. However, the thin wipes mean you can fit a stack of 10 in the pouch easily. If you made your own wipes, it would be much more affordable since you can buy the pouches separately. $10.99 is pretty expensive for a little wet bag as well, but it’s more compact and waterproof than a plastic travel case, and my travel spray bottle fits inside perfectly too!

What do you use when you’re cloth diapering on the go?

FTC compliance: I purchased these items at normal retail prices. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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1000 readers giveaway Giveaway

$120 Cloth Diaper Package Giveaway – Bumgenius, Flip, Fuzzibunz, Kissaluvs, Thirsties, Grovia, Planet Wise (CLOSED 3/10)

cloth diaper package giveaway

As promised, I’m offering up an awesome cloth diaper package, to celebrate 1,000 GFC Followers, RSS Feed Subscribers, Facebook “likers” and Twitter Followers!  Someday, I hope to have 1,000 email subscribers too!  I feel so blessed to have made so many friends through cloth diapers, I’ve gotten to try lots of great products, and I hope I’ve helped a few of you as well.
All items pictured are my own, just to show what is included in the packageThe winner will choose colors/prints, closures, sizes and inserts where applicable.

bumgenius 4.0 diaper

First up is a Bumgenius 4.0 diaper in choice of color/print and closure.  (ARV $17.95-$19.95)

fuzzibunz perfect size

Next, a Fuzzibunz Perfect Size diaper in choice of size and color (ARV $17.95)

flip diaper and organic insert

A Flip diaper cover and insert in choice of color and insert (ARV $16.95-$19.95.)

kissaluvs fitted diaper

A Kissaluvs Kissa’s Cotton Fleece Fitted in choice of size and color (ARV $13.95-$14.95.)

GroVia cloth wipes

A 12-pack of GroVia cloth wipes (ARV $10.95.)

Thirsties Booty Luster

A 4 ounce bottle of Thirsties Booty Luster (ARV $6.25.)

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag

and finally, a Planet Wise Wet or Wet/Dry Bag in your choice of size and color (ARV $9.50-$29.99.)
The combined value of this package is $93.50-$119.99, depending on the winner’s choices.  All values listed are based on current retail prices at my Affiliate, Kelly’s Closet.  In addition to my usual giveaway rules, I reserve the right to make substitutions in the event that an item becomes unavailable, and I will ask for a first and second color choice for each item.  I also reserve the right to purchase the items at the reputable online cloth diaper retailer of my choice, including my affiliate, Diaper Junction, or one or more of my favorite cloth diaper stores! 

Here’s how to enterAll entries go in the form below.  I love comments (great way to remind yourself that you entered) but comments do not count as entries.

Due to the nature and value of this giveaway, there are a few more entry options than usual, and the giveaway will run longer than usual.

The mandatory entries include your name and email address.

Bonus entries:

  1. Follow this blog – You choose how you prefer to stay updated on new posts, including Google Friend connect, RSS, email subscription, “liking” me on Facebook or following me on Twitter.  I’d love for you to “follow me” everywhere, but you receive only one bonus entry.  Just let me know which method you’ve chosen.
  2. Tweet – One time only please.  Leave a link to your tweet.  You may use this if you like: #win a $120 #clothdiapers package from @chgdiapers.  This #clothdiaper #giveaway will build your stash! http://bit.ly/eG65zS
  3. Blog about this giveaway and link back to me.  If you do not have a blog, you may post in a relevant online forum or group, just leave me a link.
  4. Grab my Button on the left sidebar.  Leave me a link where I can find it!

Please fill out the form only once.  You don’t need to submit it separately for each entry.  If you forget something, just send me an email or use my contact form!

I will accept entries until Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 9:00 P.M. Eastern. I will select a winner using random.org’s true random number generator and notify him/her by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen. View my giveaway rules page for complete details.

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S.  Please note that this giveaway is not endorsed by, sponsored by or affiliated with any cloth diaper company, manufacturer or retailer. 

# of Entries received as of Giveaway close: 1081


FTC compliance: I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 1/17/11 – Wet Bag/Pail Liners and Washing Natural Fibers

wet bags & #clothdiapers pail liners via @chgdiapers

Every Monday (if I receive submissions, that is!) I will answer reader submitted questions in my Mailbox Mondays post. Questions don’t have to be cloth diaper related, just email maria at change-diapers.com with “Mailbox Mondays” in the subject!

Tamara says:

I have a question! I meant to get it in in time for submission today, but alas, life got in the way. So…..Which side of the pail liner do you put toward the diapers? I have a planet wise pail liner, one side is the shiny PUL and the other side is the fabric. I’ve always put it in the pail so that the diapers are touching the shiny side. But, I had a friend of mine ask if that was right and it made me wonder….. I investigated and noticed that the tag is on the fabric side and I know that sometimes manufacturers recommend putting a drop of essential oil on the tag so then I was confused. Does that make sense? What do you do? Does it matter? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?

Diapers do go on the shiny PUL side, so you are doing it correctly! 

Whamies Pail Liners have a patch of fabric at the seam for essential oils, but as far as I know, Planet Wise’s tags are just for brand identification and laundering instructions.  If you’re having trouble with smell, you might try keeping the pail open a crack.  It seems counterintuitive, but I find that air circulating actually helps with the smell.  Washing every 2-3 days at most helps of course too!

Hope this helps!

Stephanie says:

Hi Maria!

I was wondering if there was any rule of thumb about washing microfiber inserts with natural fibers. If so, do you have any recommendations?

Thanks! 🙂


When you get a new diaper or insert that is made from natural fibers, wash it separately to prep per the manufacturer’s instructions.  For example: a hemp product may say to wash and dry it 2-3 times before use.  This will remove the natural oils and get it ready to use.  It will continue to gain absorbency up to 10 washes.

Once you have prepped it, there’s no issue washing them with your microfiber products!

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Cloth Diapering Cloth Diapers Diaper Accessories Made in the USA Review Storage

Planet Wise Changing Pad Review and My New Diaper Storage


planet wise changing pad

Until now, I had just been changing my son’s diapers directly on the leather couch.  It’s easy to just wipe it off, but it occurred to me that this might be a little gross (ha ha.)  The Planet Wise Changing Pad retails for $11.99 and I snagged one for even less with a Black Friday sale/coupon/free shipping.

cloth diaper changing pad

The changing pad comes in several colors, but I wish they had some of the cute prints the wet bags come in! They do have them in the prints for $16.50, they just don’t have them listed on their site, and of course not everyone who sells the changing pads has the prints.  Thanks Samuel’s Momma!

care instructions

The white side is super soft (I mean soft!) fleece, and the colored side is PUL, so it’s waterproof.  Of course, since it’s fleece, it’s not wipe-able like the plastic ones that come with some diaper bags.  So, you’ll probably want to have at least two on hand.  It is simple to wash with diapers and dries quickly.
length of planet wise changing padwidth of planet wise changing pad

The specs say it is 13×21, and that’s pretty close.


size of changing pad folded

Even though it’s not wipe-able, it has a leg up on the old plastic changing pads because you can fold it up really tiny and stuff it in a bag!
This revelation about the possible grossness of couch diaper changing came along with a furniture rearrange in our family room.  I used to have my diapers stacked on a ledge by the couch, but we shifted things so that we have a “family room” on one side of the room and a “play room” on the other side.  This means my diaper ledge was no longer handy, and I really didn’t love how they looked out in the open anyway.

cloth diaper storage

I ended up at Target on Black Friday (OMG I know, horrors!) because my 11-year old hair dryer decided to die on me while I was trying to get ready for a baby shower that morning.  Incidentally, boiling your hair dry with a straightening iron isn’t really all that effective, and leaves you smelling like burned hair.

cloth diaper organization

In any case, I found this “milk crate” size basket for about $17, and it’s the perfect size to hold all my stuff.  I’m also able to tuck it back behind the end table, so I can reach it, but sticky-fingers McStinkypants can’t.

Baskets make me happy.  Oh who am I kidding?  Any organization makes me happy!
How about you all?  Did you get anything fluff related with all the great Black Friday sales?
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