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“The Best Deodorant in the World” Natural Deodorant Review

best deodorant in the world

I received a product sample at no cost for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. Natural deodorants can be tough to choose. It takes some time as well as trial & error to find one that works for you, and what works for some might not work for others. “The Best Deodorant in the World” sent me tins of their classic & mighty formulas to review.

Best Deodorant in the World Brand Natural Deodorant via @chgdiapers 1Best Deodorant in the World Brand Natural Deodorant via @chgdiapers 2

Ingredients: Extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, ethically harvested beeswax, unrefined cocoa butter, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, milk of magnesia, activated coconut charcoal, hemp oil, apricot oil, calendula oil, tea tree oil & peppermint oil. The mighty version adds aluminum free baking soda.

Best Deodorant in the World Brand Natural Deodorant via @chgdiapers 6 Best Deodorant in the World Brand Natural Deodorant via @chgdiapers 4

The first time I used the classic version, I was crammed in the car, installing a car seat. Though it was a pretty easy install, there was a learning curve where I was sweating a bit to get it in there! It had been several hours since I applied the deodorant but I still passed the sniff test.

Best Deodorant in the World Brand Natural Deodorant via @chgdiapers 5

The product has a nice texture, and it easy to get out of the container. It isn’t too firm or too soft and glides on skin easily. It has a fresh peppermint scent, though sometimes I get a whiff of the tea tree oil also. I found that it worked best if I applied both morning and night, and at some point in the afternoon as well (I shower whenever I can so sometimes that afternoon application is after my shower!)

Check out their commercial:

The company has a unique model where they sent you a new ton of deodorant every month, so you never run out. Shop at to get your deodorant for $6/mo plus shipping.

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  • Sarah
    October 2, 2014 at 11:26 am

    looks like good stuff! Id love to try it. the ingredients sound great

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