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Thirsties Natural Fiber Fitted is Super Soft & Absorbent

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Thirsties sent us a free diaper. If you click my links and purchase, I may receive a small commission. Thank you. After Thirsties announced their new natural fiber fitteds, they sent us a diaper to try. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fab fitteds so I was looking forward to the new natural fiber fitted. Check out the Facebook live video I did showing the diapers in detail!

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The one size fitted has 3 rise settings to fit children from approximately 8-40 pounds. The body and soakers are 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton, with 11 layers of absorbency in all. (3 in the body and 8 in the soaker pads.) You can choose from moss, ocean blue or fin accents and diapers retail for $25.50.

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Soakers snap in the front and are in two petals for better washing & quicker drying. Their organic cotton doublers (sold separately) add a perfect boost of absorbency if you need it for night time.

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Here I’ve shown it vs. a Thirsties one size pocket before prep (left) and after prep (right). I washed and dried about 4 times before sending to Katie and it seemed to shrink a bit more width-wise. These diapers are so, so so soft and I was happy to see they were still super soft after washing.

@thirstiesinc natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 15 vs one size pocket before prep @thirstiesinc natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 16 vs one size pocket after prep

After prep, they’re the perfect width to fit inside most any cover and the doublers are just the right size.

@thirstiesinc natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 17 width after prep @thirstiesinc natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 18 with large doubler after prep

Katie used the diaper on her 3 year old.

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The first thing I noticed about the new Thirsties Natural Fiber OS Fitted diaper is how incredibly soft it is! I wondered if this would hold up over continued washing and drying as well though. Because typically fitted diapers can be really soft before washing and drying, but end up not so soft. However, even after it was prepped and used several times, it still remains one of the softest diapers I have. So that was a huge bonus.

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I wanted to try it out both with the doubler and without so I could see how the absorbency held up. The first try with the doubler, he didn’t even wet the entire diaper. There was a small patch of the back that was still dry. This had me pretty optimistic about using it without the doubler. Typically I change him into his nighttime diaper after he nurses and is already sleeping. However, this specific night I changed him before I put him in bed. The absorbency impressed me again. We didn’t have any leaks overnight.

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As far as fit is concerned, it seems to fit larger than other diapers we’ve used. With the doubler I had the rise fully open and it seemed to fit him well. However, when I took the doubler out, I needed to adjust the rise by taking it up one because we had some leg gaps with it otherwise. We got a really nice fit around his waist as well. The diaper seemed a little stretchy which helped us find a great fit for him. As far as fitting under covers, we used whatever cover we had clean at the time. So the Thirsties fitted will fit nicely under other covers if you have an assortment of covers in your stash!

Have you tried the Thirsties natural fiber fitted? What do you think of it?

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  • February 13, 2020 at 5:42 am

    Hi Brittany, I didn’t do any absorbency testing for the fitteds. I feel that a natural fiber fitted will stand the test of time more than something with microfiber since microfiber compresses over time and can hold on to smells. Natural fibers of course wear over time too.

    That said, I really liked the stay dry lining of the fab fitted, so it’s really a toss up!

  • Brittany Christensen
    February 13, 2020 at 12:48 am

    By chance have you done and absorbency test on these? (Is actually measuring how much it holds? Also, why are these better than the fab fitted in your opinion? I have the fab fitteds & actually Like them so I’m curious to know why these are better 🙂

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