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Tots Bots Easy Fit Star Cloth Diaper vs. V4

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Change-Diapers received a diaper at no cost to review. Post contains affiliate links. The Tots Bots Easy Fit has been a favorite for years and has been continually improved. You may have caught our Tots Bots Easy Fit v4 review last year or the v3 review in 2012. What I’m showing you today isn’t a v5 but is now the Tots Bots Easy Fit Star.

The print/brown tab diaper is the newest version and the orange is the v4. The Star has 2 layers of bamboo with a layer of polyester microfiber sandwiched between as the absorbent layer, stitch free seams and a stay dry buffer zone to prevent leaks. It has a trimmer fit than the v4.

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Katie says: We got the super adorable Red Riding print. I was really excited to be able to test this new diaper out, because Tots Bots always impresses me with their new releases. Especially because their hook and loop is some of the strongest I have come across and is one of the very few we have kept in rotation in constant use. It has a lot of similarities to the Tots Bots Peenut, but with the perks of being an AIO diaper.

The left photo has the snap-in insert pictured in the orange/v4 diaper. The right photo has it removed.

@TotsBots easy fit star vs 4.0 #clothdiapers 5 v4 with both inserts via @chgdiapers @TotsBots easy fit star vs 4.0 #clothdiapers 6 v4 without snap in insert via @chgdiapers

The Star is an extremely trim diaper, but has some incredible absorbency! For us, the V4 did a great job, but with the Star being bamboo, it’s been more absorbent and less bulky. Compared side by side, there is an obvious difference at which one is trimmer. I also did a comparison of the V4 with the extra insert taken out and it made it so much trimmer. Of course this also takes away some of the absorbency. For my son, we need both inserts or he will leak out of the V4. The Star just has the one attached insert, it doesn’t have an insert that snaps in like the V4 does. We’ve been using the Star a lot lately because I love the fit. I feel like the fit is a nice in between for the Peenut and the V4. While the Peenut has a larger fit, the V4 definitely has a smaller fit. So the Star is a nice medium. I already commented on how great the absorbency is, which is really important when you have a super heavy wetter. We have been using it a lot during the day and for naps and have had no leaking issues. He’s been able to wear it for a long nap even. Where we live, the weather has been unpredictable, so we’ve been in between wearing shorts and pants. The Star is trim enough that it fits well under all kinds of clothing. This is where the V4 kind of falls short for us. It can be bulky so we have to pick loose fitting clothing to put on when he wears it. It’s not a deal breaker, but it can be a bit annoying. This hasn’t been an issue with the Star though. Overall, I’m very impressed with the Star!

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We tried it out with an extra bamboo insert, just a small one because my little guy has been nursing extra at night (teething or sickness) so I was nervous just using the star without an extra absorbency. Even if I hadn’t added the small bamboo booster, it would have worked just fine. He had no leaks overnight or even in the morning. I’m pretty impressed with this diaper overnight!

Have you tried the Tots Bots Easy Fit Star?

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