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How to spot black market #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

Have you ever had trouble determining whether the diaper you’re looking at is a rebrand or knockoff? This post has been in the works for quite some time, even before Misty Henry & I put together our webinar on this topic for the RDIA and I’m grateful to Elizabeth for putting together this list of things to look for when determining if a diaper is a black market or re-branded diaper. Please note: this is not intended to single out any particular brand, nor to condemn those who have knowingly or unknowingly purchased black market diapers. It is simply an aid for those consumers who want to know what they’re buying. Opinions are that of the guest poster and do not necessarily reflect those of Change-Diapers. Please also visit to learn more about clean, safe diapers. There is also a list of reported, non-CPSIA compliant diapers available for RDIA members to view. [click to continue reading]


Motherhood via @chgdiapers

An open letter to the lady who shot me a disgusted look and asked to move away from our table in a restaurant, because my three-year-old was throwing a fit:

Hi. You don’t know me. I’m Stacy. I’m a wife and mom to three kids born in 3.5 years during my twenties. In a breathtakingly short span of time I went from single college girl to newlywed to new mother to mother of multiples. I still wake up sometimes amazed that this is my life, thrilled and terrified that I’ve been given the opportunity to nurture these three souls. [click to continue reading]


Always listen to your midwife - birth story via @chgdiapers

This is Kiera’s birth story, written by Jenn.

Kiera is my 3rd child and my 2nd VBAC.  My first child was born via c-section 5 years ago.  We decided to go with a c-section after 2 hours of unsuccessful pushing and a sunny side up baby in lieu of a vacuum extraction.  Baby boy ended up being 8lbs 5 oz, which was huge for me at 4ft 11inches!  He had large contusion on his head from being stuck and I am convinced that a c-section was the right decision. [click to continue reading]


If you ask a mom about #clothdiapers, be prepared for a conversation!

Post contains affiliate links. Have you ever heard the adage “if you want to know if a mom uses cloth diapers, ask. She’ll tell you!”? I can speak from experience. I know this to be true. I AM that momma. Ask me one question, I’ll give you an answer. I will then follow up with an additional 50 answers to questions you never asked. [click to continue reading]



Post contains affiliate links. Carolyn is a first time mom who has been cloth diapering for 7 months, and blogs at According to Carolyn. “I’m Carolyn! I’m a 20-something homemaker and aspiring crunchy mama to a wonderful,handsome, and exhausting son, Tonio! I am a stay at home mom and a natural parenting, attachment parenting, co sleeping, breastfeeding, cloth diapering/chemical free diaper advocate! I tend to go against the “norm” and choose to do what I believe is best for my children and want to leave a better earth for my family. I really like the quote “If you know better, DO BETTER!” I strive to live a natural and simple lifestyle but it’s a work in progress still! I started a blog to share my love of natural parenting and help others cloth diaper!” Today Carolyn is sharing her cloth diapering story. [click to continue reading]