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Babykicks Organic Fitted Diaper Review

babykicks organic fitted cloth diaper

The Babykicks Organic Fitted Diaper looks very similar to the Babykicks pocket diaper.  Of course, since it’s a fitted diaper, there is no waterproof PUL layer, and it needs to be used with a cover.
babykicks fitted diaper sidebabykicks fitted cloth diaper rear

The diaper fits 7-40 pounds according to Babykicks, and is one-size via 4 snap down rise settings.

one size via rise snaps
This is a side snapping diaper, so it can easily be used as a training pant as well. The fitted doesn’t have the 4th/smallest white closure snap that the pocket diaper has.

3 settings on side snapping wingsdoesn't have the smallest wing snap like the 3g pocket

This is a pocket fitted, so the whole diaper is absorbent and the insert can be removed for more thorough cleaning.  Plus you can customize the absorbency by adding more inserts. The diaper itself is 55% certified organic cotton, 33% natural hemp and 17% polyester (for stretch.)

pocket for insert
The diaper comes with the same one-size Joey Bunz insert that the 3G pocket diaper comes with. It’s tapered at one end, so it fits nicely in the pocket, and it has lines to help you fold the insert in the right place for smaller settings. The hemp/cotton blend insert is super absorbent in my experience.

comes with one size joey bunz inserttapered insert fits nicely

Here is the diaper measured folded and stretched on each size setting.  Definitely not an exact science, especially since this diaper is extra stretchy.  The photos/measurements were taken after prepping (washing/drying 3-5 times.)

Extra small:

extra small foldedextra small stretched

extra small/newborn babykicks fitted diaper


small setting foldedsmall setting stretched

babykicks organic fitted diaper small


medium setting foldedmedium setting stretched

babykicks organic fitted diaper medium


large foldedlarge stretched

babykicks organic fitted diaper large

Here is my son at about 21 months and 21 pounds, in the medium setting:

medium organic fitted on 21 lb babyfront


With the Little Beetle Wool Wrap over it:

under little beetle wool coverfitted under little beetle wool wrap

I am personally more of a pocket diaper Mama than a fitted and cover Mama, but this is a great diaper.  It has the same awesome Joey Bunz absorbency of the pocket diapers, but the whole diaper is absorbent.  A fitted and cover also make for a great defense against explosive diapers!  One diaper retails for $19.95. See this on my newborn.

FTC compliance: This diaper was purchased with a CSN gift card.  I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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