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Blueberry Mini Pocket Diaper Review


blueberry mini pocket diaper

Blueberry Diapers and Swaddlebees sometimes have clearance sales where they clear out seconds, overstocks and discontinued items.  I’ve perused before, but have either found the prices to be not so great, or like the last few times, the prices with shipping added are just too high.

blueberry mini blueberry mini rear

About a month ago, I was able to snag a Mini Deluxe “irregular” diaper for $10, plus $3.90 shipping.  The irregular/second didn’t include an insert, but I have plenty of newborn inserts/doublers from my one-size diapers.  The regular price is $17.95, and I figured a 45% discount was worth it!

blueberry mini small

For the record, no, I don’t have a newborn, nor am I pregnant.  I just couldn’t resist this eeny teeny diaper!  I chose the lemon-lime color, which I had been eying for about a year.  It didn’t look exactly like I’d expected from photos, but it’s still cute!

blueberry mini seconds

The tag is marked, indicating it is irregular.  I think some of the stitching was a little bit uneven, but if I hadn’t known it was a second, I wouldn’t have noticed.

snap down rise

The Blueberry Mini is estimated to fit babies up to 15 pounds, and has a snap down rise (just like the one-size blueberry diapers) giving you three size options, not just one like some newborn diapers.

insert in pocket

Pocket diapers are my personal preference, but I wondered if I would have to use salad tongs to stuff such a tiny diaper!  Granted, I have small hands, but I had no trouble!

snap closure

It has snap closures.  I prefer aplix/Velcro (especially for newborn/middle of the night changes), but (in my opinion!) Blueberry Velcro is the worst I’ve encountered, so snaps from them is fine with me!  You can also see the irregular stitching at the top of the diaper in the photo above.

blueberry mini small vs one size smallbluberry mini large vs one size small side view

Above is the Blueberry Mini on the small and also large settings, compared to the Blueberry one-Size on the small setting.  The large setting seems to have a similar rise compared to the one-size small setting, but it is a bit narrower, to fit a small baby better overall.

blueberry mini large vs one size small

Here’s the Blueberry Mini on the small setting, measured folded and stretched:

small folded small stretched
Medium folded and stretched:
medium folded medium stretched

Finally, the large setting of the Blueberry Mini, both folded and stretched:

large folded large stretched

Since I don’t have a newborn, I used my usual newborn diaper model!

my model

I think the small setting is very similar to a preemie size disposable. It gets very small!

blueberry mini small vs preemie disposable diaper

The medium seems similar to a newborn disposable, and the large seems similar to a size 1.

blueberry mini medium vs newborn disposable diaperblueberry mini large vs size 1 disposable diaper

Here I’ve compared the fit of a preemie disposable, to the fit of the Blueberry Mini on the small setting:

preemie disposable diaper front preemie disposable diaper back

blueberry mini smallblueberry mini small back

Here’s my model in a newborn disposable compared to the Blueberry Mini on the medium setting.  My model was very thankful I only took the disposable pictures once, and re-used them on my other newborn diaper post.  He thinks cloth is much more comfy!

newborn disposable diaper frontnewborn disposable diaper back

blueberry mini medium blueberry mini medium back

Lastly a size 1 disposable compared to the fit of the Blueberry Mini on the large setting:

size 1 disposable diaper size 1 disposable diaper back
blueberry mini largeblueberry mini large back

Naturally, I can’t put the diaper “to the test” since I don’t have a newborn.  It’s called a “Blueberry Mini” and it appears to be just that; a miniature version of their one-size diaper, which I think is wonderful.  Both the microfiber/hemp combo inserts and the bamboo inserts are incredibly absorbent, and the fit of the one-size diapers is great.  Both the Blueberry Bamboo one-size diaper and the Blueberry Minky one-size diaper I have are ones I grab for naps or car rides, despite the awful Velcro. 

Now, if only I had a newborn to put in this cute diaper!
Update after using on a newborn.
Please note that this review was not approved, sponsored or endorsed by Blueberry Diapers, or any cloth diaper retailer.  All opinions are my own.

FTC compliance: I paid the normal, “clearance” retail price for this diaper.  I was not compensated for this post.

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