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GroVia Perfect Pail Review

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I purchased this item myself. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links. After buying several PlanetWise large wet bags for use as a hanging diaper pail, and having the zippers break, I bit the bullet and ordered a GroVia Perfect Pail from Kelly’s Closet.

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Online, it looked almost like the disposable “diaper stackers” that match nursery bedding sets, and it has a unique self-closing top that reminds me of my son’s laundry hamper.

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When it arrived, it was in a pretty small box and was wrapped up in a small bundle (perfect for travel) but I was surprised by how large it actually was (approximately 26×18″.)

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The pop up design (it has “boning” if you will, that allows it to expand and stay open vs. flopping over) and pleated front give this pail a huge capacity. The pail is made of water resistant TPU, like GroVia diapers. It’s machine washable and can be hung to dry, or dried in the dryer on low.

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The zippered bottom allows you to just unzip and shake the diapers right into the washer.

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I read the instructions: “insert hanger.” Insert hanger? Insert hanger where?! I did figure it out, ha. There are snaps on the rear that you open, insert the hanger then snap closed. There’s one more snap at the top that keeps the hanger from falling back in or pulling out when you don’t want it to.

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I just grabbed a hanger I had handy, but I think I need to spend some time measuring and testing different hangers to get the height just right. The length was great on a closet knob w/wood floors, was a bit long on a regular doorknob, and was definitely long where I typically hang my wet bags in the laundry room. It seems like it’s designed to work perfectly with wooden hangers, which have a different shape than plastic hangers.

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The pop up design didn’t quite work with my hanger; the strap goes over the hanger to lift the front out, and my hanger didn’t bring it high enough for it to completely pop out (if I looped it on top of the hanger instead of around it, it popped out more.)

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Overall, I think the pail is awesome, and would be perfect as a laundry hamper or diaper pail in a small space. It holds a ton of diapers (a full Planetwise large wet bag is a drop in the bucket, err…pail), and the fact that my hanger doesn’t “pop up” the pail completely is really fine. It’s rather deep and consumes a good bit of space in my laundry room if it’s fully expanded!

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The GroVia Perfect Pail is available in surf (blue), vanilla (cream) and cloud (the grey I chose, which I love!) and retails for $34.99. It seems a little pricey, but it takes the place of both a pail and a liner, saves space, is easy to use and has a nice look.

I almost forgot one of my favorite things about this! It doesn’t hold on to water in the washing machine like wet bags do. I washed it with the bottom unzipped and it got clean without holding on to dirty water and dumping it back on to the diapers.

Update: I had a piece of boning come out of the pail and GroVia replaced it under warranty. Also, I’ve found that the “loop” gets tangled with my other diaper laundry (I have a top load HE that majorly swishes everything!) but I discovered that if I snap the loop under the area where the hanger goes, it stays out of the way!

Have you tried the perfect pail?

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    September 11, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Thank you for this! It looks like the solution I’ve been looking for!

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