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HumBird Creations Appliqued European Wool Longies – Review

@humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers

Katie received a free cover to review. Change-Diapers was not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are Katie’s. I had the pleasure of working with Dawn from HumBird Creations. She has incredible customer service and is quick to reply to any questions and concerns.

@humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers

She sent me an adorable pair of monkey embroidered longies. These are made with merino wool interlock legs and waist. The waistband includes elastic to help ensure they don’t stretch out and is also tacked down three times so it doesn’t become rolled. The legs and waistband are extremely soft and have a nice little stretch to them. They have a cuff on the leg which helps keep them down and over your little one’s foot. This helps when your baby is starting to crawl or walk. It’s also nice during the colder months because it ensures your babies skin isn’t being exposed to cold since the pants aren’t going to ride up on their legs. The body (the diaper area) is made of European boiled wool and soaker layer. The European boiled wool is produced in Europe and does a great job of holding the wet in, making it a solid nighttime solution for your heavy wetting baby or toddler. This particular pair has an adorable monkey applique on the butt of the wool.

@humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers

Unlike some other appliques, the ones used on HumBird wool are 100% wool. As far as the applique is concerned, you should treat it exactly like a wool cover without one. There is no special treatment needed. Wool longies have some awesome features. They are easy on the skin and naturally antibacterial. They also do a great job of letting the skin breathe. They are great for sleeping as they will keep your little one and your bed dry. You can also use them as regular pants.

@humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers @humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers

Dawn makes several different types of wool covers and longies. So there is something for all different types of wool lovers, or even wool beginners. There are tons of adorable applique covers and longies. Dawn has been making her wool covers since she was pregnant with her first daughter- about 5.5 years ago. She first started selling her wool on ebay but slowly, after getting feedback, decided to open her own website. She was a chemistry teacher but after the birth of her second daughter (a year and a half after her first) the hours were too long. She named the company for her father, whose favorite bird was the hummingbird. Sadly her father passed suddenly in his sleep just before Christmas in 2010. Her father was such an inspiration for her making the name HumBird is extremely personal and important.

@humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers

Not only does Dawn make the applique covers and longies, she also makes embroidered jackets. As with the wool covers and longies, the applique is 100% wool!

We’ve been using the longies Dawn sent us for quite a while now. My son sleeps in them mostly, but we also use them as regular pants because they’re so adorable. He’s really comfortable in them and can move pretty freely without having any issues. The longies have blue legs and a blue waistband, which is the interlock wool. I tested how soft it was by sticking my arms in the longies and really wish I had a pair my size! The body of the wool is a beautiful green color with the monkey applique. Both of my boys are obsessed with this feature. The body has the extra protection in the “wet zone” area which is great for heavy wetting babies. My son slept an extra long night in these and they kept him and our bed sheets dry! I was so pleased that I didn’t have to wash extra laudry after such a long sleep. While they do make great everyday pants, I prefer to use them at night mostly, because they do such a wonderful job at keeping things dry. I will say that I thought wool was intimidating. However, I’m really starting to join the dark side here. I feel a little late to the party actually. I wish I had attempted wool long before now. It would have saved us several loads of laundry from having nighttime leaks!

@humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers @humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers @humbridcreation wool longies via @chgdiapers

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Which of Humbird’s covers is your favorite?

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  • February 8, 2017 at 9:00 am

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