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HumBird’s HumCloud and Wool Cover Review

HumBird's HumCloud and Wool Cover Review

Katie received free products to review and all opinions are her own. If you click and buy, we may receive a small commission. Thank you. Dawn from HumBird sent us her newest diaper, the HumCloud Overnight Diaper. If you remember, we previously reviewed her adorable appliqué wool longies. This time she sent her nighttime diaper along with a wool cover for us to test out.

Humbird motto is “HumBird Keeps the Wet In” and they’re really living up to this motto with the new HumCloud Overnight Diaper! They are a one-size fitted diaper with a snap down rise system. The diaper fits approximately 12/15-40+ pounds (depending on the shape of your baby)! That’s an incredible fit range, you guys. It has also been independently tested to hold 42 ounces and no other diaper has been tested to hold more. It pairs perfectly with a wool diaper cover too. The HumCloud Overnight Diaper will get you through a full night without having to deal with soaked sheets and has yet to be beaten! It’s made with premium organic bamboo cotton fabric and includes 3 (yes THREE) additional inserts. So if you’re finding you have the world’s heaviest wetter, you’re all set. You won’t have to buy any extra boosters to add absorbency.

HumBird's HumCloud and Wool Cover Review

The flare soaker has snaps on the end to give more folding options so you can get the added protection where your kiddo needs the most absorption. The flare soaker is made up of one layer of organic bamboo velour and three layers of bamboo organic cotton fleece. The doubler is made of two layers of super heavy cotton bamboo fleece as well as the booster.

All products made by HumBird in 2016 are CSPC compliant. So take comfort in knowing that all HumBird’s fabrics have been tested for the safety and well being of your baby.

HumBird's HumCloud and Wool Cover Review

Along with the HumCloud we were sent the Sage Green wool cover to pair together. All of the wool covers include an extra wet zone layer protection sewn in. The center part of the wool is made from 100% knitted boiled wool from Italy and the waist and leg bands are 100% merino wool sweater knit from Italy. The new model 4 has a deeper rise setting for more room. It’s especially great for the bulky overnight diapers. Since this model was made in 2016 it contains the new CPSC compliancy tags.

If you’re wondering “Why wool?” It’s not only an amazing fiber, but it’s also naturally anti-bacterial. It absorbs up to 30% of it’s weight, it’s breathable (which means it’s great for even warmer months) and it’s surprisingly easy to care for. There are some really great features of HumBird wool as well; HumBird’s wool covers are made from wool bought in Italy, the fabrics are hand picked with baby in mind and t he stretchy fabric will grow with your baby. It can be worn alone as well as under clothing. Each item is handmade with love by Dawn, the owner/creator of HumBird! As with all wool, you’ll want to lanolize before the first use; the process seems intimidating, but you guys, it’s not. I promise.

HumBird's HumCloud and Wool Cover Review HumBird's HumCloud and Wool Cover Review

We’ve been using the HumCloud paired with the wool cover for a while now. You guys, I’m seriously impressed by the absorbency of this diaper! Even without the wool, it’s an amazing nighttime diaper. If you pair the wool, it’s seriously going to be a bullet proof nighttime combination. You know that when a diaper has a long drying time, it usually just means that it’s going to be pretty absorbent. I’ve been letting it air dry then tossing it in the dryer with my inserts to make sure it dries all the way. I know sometimes people think a long dry time is a negative aspect, but in this case, it just means the diaper is going to work really well for heavy wetters at night. If you’ve read some of my previous reviews, you’ll know my kiddos have always been super heavy wetters, so I’m always willing to put a diaper up to the ultimate test. I seriously didn’t even have to use all the inserts for this diaper! I really wish I had the HumCloud for my first son when we struggled with our nighttime solution.

Now this is a pretty big nighttime diaper. Which is why pairing it with the wool is a good option. However, I had luck pairing it with other covers I have in my stash. I’ve always been hesitant to board the wool train, honestly. But doing the whole thing isn’t as bad as you would think. I was pretty surprised with how quickly the wool dried too! We got a really nice fit not only with the diaper, but also the wool! And his pajama pants fit fine over the both of them. If you don’t want the diaper to be super bulky, you don’t have to use all the inserts. A bulky nighttime diaper doesn’t bother me so much though, because they’re just going to bed. They don’t need a ton of mobility for that. I also need to mention just how great the Sage Green color wool is. It’s such a nice neutral color. 

HumBird's HumCloud and Wool Cover Review

If you head over to HumBird’s website you can not only find the HumCloud and super cute Sage Green wool cover, but you can see all her adorable creations! I’m personally loving the cute mermaid diaper and fox wool cover. There are so many great things on her website!

Note: I tried to photograph the wool so it would show the exact color, but it was difficult to get it exactly how it looks in person. So the photos may vary in color.

Are you looking for an overnight solution for a heavy wetter?

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