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Important: Shipping Changes for Giving Diapers Giving Hope

Giving Diapers Giving Hope Shipping Partners

For nearly the past two years, GroVia and owner Kim Ormsby have offered enormous physical and financial support to Giving Diapers Giving Hope (GDGH). Although I became involved with the organization last year after the partnership began, I feel GDGH simply wouldn’t have made it without them.


As the current Director of Operations for Giving Diapers Giving Hope I know how much time GroVia has spent receiving, sorting, packing and shipping diapers, as well as helping us brainstorm, making sure we have enough diapers to send, and patiently sending return labels for us. In under two years, GroVia has shipped approximately 672 packages and helped us diaper nearly 900 babies.

After two years of donating their warehouse space as well as their time, GroVia is passing the shipping partnership to Thirsties and Kelly’s Closet. GroVia has offered their assistance with the transition so there is minimal to no disruption to applicants however, we need your help too.

Have you written down the Bozeman donation address? Shared in a blog post? Emailed it to a friend? Committed it to memory? (Just kidding!) We need your help in getting the new donation addresses out there.

Giving Diapers Giving Hope Shipping Map

Donors can ship to Thirsties in Colorado or Kelly’s Closet in Maine. To reduce shipping costs as well as distribute the donations, we ask that you follow the map above to determine where to ship.

Please ship to the following addresses:

GDGH Donations C/O Thirsties
436 West 67th St.
Loveland, CO 80538

GDGH Donations C/O DiaperShops
141 Western Ave.
South Paris ME 04281

Please note: With all GroVia has done for us over the past two years, we simply cannot ask them to continue to receive and forward donations for us. Therefore, we’ve instructed them to refuse any further packages sent to their address.

How you can help:

  • Check your blog & Facebook posts to see if you’ve shared GroVia’s address and remove/change it.
  • Share the new address with friends and family.
  • If you see the old address listed somewhere, let us know! We’re still finding it places we’d forgotten about.

Thank you again to GroVia, Thirsties and Kelly’s Closet for supporting Giving Diapers Giving Hope!

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