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MamaSuds Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Household Cleaners & Skin Care


Katie received products free for her review. She was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are her own. MamaSuds is a family owned business and is hand-crafted in the state of Michigan. MamaSuds was created for parents who want to create a safe, clean home using simple, non-toxic and eco-friendly products. All of their products are made from ingredients that are local, natural and/or organic. MamaSuds sent me a bottle of their laundry soap and a Boo Boo Stick to review.


I’ll be honest, I was way more excited than I should have been when I saw the Boo Boo Stick MAX in our package. With two boys who play pretty rough and often fall and get scrapes, this is a great thing to have around. The Boo Boo stick can be used for a number of things including raw noses, chapped lips, blemishes, and blisters. The Boo Boo Stick is made with natural and organic ingredients and pure essential oils that help aid in healing and protect the skin. It’s packaging is eco-friendly. The ingredients are as follows: grapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, and essential oils of lavender, frankincense and orange. Which explains why my kiddos really love the smell of the Boo Boo Stick! I love keeping this on hand with us wherever we go. When your kiddos are out running around and playing, they’re bound to fall and scrape their hands or knees. The Boo Boo stick is perfect to have on hand to put on those little ouchies on their hands. My five year old calls it his ouchie stick and asks for it whenever he gets hurt.


I often times see people asking for suggestions for all natural detergent for either their cloth diapers or their regular laundry. They need something powerful enough to use on their diapers but gentle enough to use on their everyday laundry. All natural liquid laundry detergent can be hard to find. However, MamaSuds has been formulated for the need for cloth diaper safe laundry detergent that is gentle enough for baby’s skin without leaving a residue. MamaSuds wanted something truly biodegradable. Something safe for the environment and eco friendly. While doing laundry is annoying enough as it is, it can be even worse if you’re using two different detergents for diapers and regular laundry. MamaSuds even works well for hard water. Imagine how great it works to clean your regular laundry if it can manage to clean your cloth diapers. If you have a high efficiency laundry machine you don’t have to worry. MamaSuds is perfect to use in your HE machine as well as regular machines. If you have an HE machine you only have to use one ounce of the Mama Suds laundry soap per load. You’ll be surprised just how long it lasts too. You get 128 ounces (or 1 gallon) of the MamaSuds and it’s estimated that you’ll get about 64-128 loads of laundry washed with that amount.  

The ingredients are important to those looking for a great all natural detergent for their clothes. MamaSuds soap has Castile Soap, water, sodium carbonate and sodium tetraborate. It’s free of residue, fragrances, enzymes, synthetic surfactants, detergents, optical brighteners, chlorine, parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulfates and SLS.  


The directions for normal loads of laundry are to use two ounces of the MamaSuds Laundry Soap per load. For cleaning cloth diapers, use two to four ounces of MamaSuds Laundry Soap per load.  

We’ve been using the MamaSuds soap on our diapers and our regular laundry. I’ve really been loving it for regular laundry especially, because it not only gets our laundry clean, but it leaves it feeling soft as well. We also don’t have to worry about added fragrances, which we always try to avoid because my kiddos have sensitive skin. My older son has eczema and it will flare up with too much extra junk added to our detergents. So we like to use gentle detergents without any kinds of scents. If you’re the kind of person who likes their detergent to smell nice, MamaSuds soap comes in different scents as well as unscented. Another great note to mention is that MamaSuds is cruelty free and vegan! It’s also hand bottled.  
MamaSuds not only has laundry soap and their Boo Boo stick, they also have tons of great eco-friendly household cleaners, dishwasher detergent, pet shampoo, wool dryer balls, toilet bombs, non-toxic skin care and some aromatherapy as well. I’m actually looking at the Germs Away Roller right now because both of my boys are sick. So I’m thinking that will absolutely come in handy!

Check out all of their products at and “like” MamaSuds on Facebook.

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