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Sprout Change Cloth Diaper Review

sprout change cloth diaper

The Willow Store sent me a Sprout Change cloth diapering system to try. I’ve heard quite a bit about them, and was very intrigued by their one-size, reversible all-in-two system, with a unique size adjustment.

sprout change cloth diapersprout change packaging

I received a “string bean” shell, which is an adorable bright blue on one side, and bright green on the other. Sprout Change has tons of options for the absorbent inserts.

sprout change organic cotton inserts

I received two of the organic inserts, but they also have stay dry inserts, organic hemp prefolds, even organic or microfleece “soft sleeves,” so you can use extra microfiber inserts you have!

size adjustment for sprout changesuggested sizing for sprout change

I love that the packaging includes the sizing instructions and guidelines!

sprout change use instructions

side snapping

The diaper is side snapping, but all of the size adjustments are made through hidden elastic inside the diaper.
sprout change front opening for leg elasticleg elastic on sprout change

The leg elastic is adjusted through a small opening located on the front of the diaper.

pocket for waist elasticwaist elastic

The waist elastic is adjusted through a snapped opening at the wing. This means that not only is the front of the diaper less bulky, but this is a very Daddy or babysitter friendly diaper, even for those who prefer Velcro. One you’ve adjusted the size, you’re set. There’s no figuring out which snap to use!

The 5 sizes are newborn (5-10 lbs), infant (10-18 lbs), crawler (15-22 lbs), walker (22-34 lbs) & potty (34+ lbs). I think you could also call these XS, S, M, L & XL. The packaging has recommended settings for each size. To keep things simple, I’ve taken photos of each size measured folded and stretched, set on the same setting for waist & legs (4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and 0.)

Here is the Newborn/XS setting, 4th button hole for each leg, 4th on one side of the waist and 3rd on the other (couldn’t quite get it tight enough to do on both sides!)

newborn/XS/4 sprout change setting4 folded
4 stretchedsprout change newborn

Infant/Small/Setting 3 on Waist & Legs:

infant/small/3 sizeinfant sprout change folded
size 3 stretchedinfant sprout change cloth diaper

Crawler/Medium/Setting 2 on Waist & Legs:

crawler/medium/2 setting2 setting folded
medium setting stretchedcrawler sprout change cloth diaper

Walker/Large/Setting 1 on Waist & Legs:

1/walker/large settingsize 1 folded
large stretchedwalker setting sprout change cloth diaper

Potty/XL/Setting 0 on Waist & Legs:

0/xl/potty settingsize 0 setting folded
XL stretchedpotty setting sprout change cloth diaper

When the diaper is “right side out,” the front of the diaper snaps to the wings, like a traditional side snapping diaper. When you reverse it, it still snaps on the side (vs the front) but the back of the diaper comes around to snap on the front panel of the diaper. It sounds complex, but it’s really quite simple. I was wondering how it would work!

side snaps front snaps to wingsreversed side snaps wings snap to front

I figured my 22 ish pound, 22 month old son would fit well in the walker setting. I knew the organic inserts would shrink when I prepped them. Initially, they were quite large!

walker settingwalker setting before prepping inserts

Here is the insert measured before prepping (washing & drying 3+ times.)

sprout change organic insert length before preppinginsert width before prepping

After prepping:

sprout change insert length after preppinginsert width after prepping

After prepping, the inserts fit wonderfully in the walker size, without needing to fold them.

insert in walker size after preppingwalker size with prepped insert

I probably could adjust the size even a little bit more; the beauty is that just taking a few minutes to get just the right fit, makes diaper changes super easy until you need to size up!

walker size on 21 lb babyrear

The diaper looked adorable, but also performed very well. The inserts are super absorbent, fit well with no shifting or leaking, and are very easy to use.


It was very easy to remove the wet insert, and reuse the shell, reversed for a change of pace!

reversible sprout change cloth diaperside

Now I understand why people like Sprout Change so much! Shells retail for $16.95 separately, Stay Dry inserts are $4.75 and organic inserts are $5.75. You can save more by buying insert 6-packs or diaper packages/bundles!

FTC compliance: I received the above item at no charge in order to review it. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.
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