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Celebrating 6 Years With a Huge Cloth Diaper Giveaway

@Chgdiapers anniversary #clothdiapers #giveaway

Post contains affiliate links. 6 years ago I sat down and pecked out the first few posts on Change-Diapers (then hosted on Blogspot). I had switched my middle child to cloth diapers and was having a hard time finding all of the information. Bits here, pieces there and lots of contradictions. I was far from an expert but hoped that sharing my journey would help others in the same position. I jokingly say that you can find a “cloth diaper blogger” on every street corner now days but that wasn’t the case in 2009!

Here I am 6 years later, still blogging and having cloth diapered two children during that time. Earlier this year I bid on a package Cottonbabies contributed to a charity auction and won. I tucked away the solid colors to use as prizes and saved the Jules print for this! I’m not sure if Jules is still anyone’s unicorn but one of you will win a Bumgenuis 4.0 in Jules print from me and lots of great sponsors are offering prizes as well!

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Cloth Diapers

New Softbums Diapers are “Out of this World”

Softbums Nebula, Solar Flare & Close Encounters

Softbums just released three great new diapers. Close Encounters is an alien print, Nebula (my favorite) is a gorgeous, colorful galaxy, and Solar Flare is a vibrant yellow. Shop for the all-in-two Echo or the Omni, which you can use as an AI2 or a pocket.

Read my Softbums Echo review and my Softbums Omni review if you’re new to Softbums. Also take a look at how well the Softbums fit my newborn.

Which new diaper is your favorite?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Softbums Omni Winner

softbums winner

475 people entered this giveaway, with 863 entries in all. The winning entry is #785, which is Jennifer. Congratulations Jennifer, I’m sending you an email so you can claim your prize!

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Softbums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

softbums omni 0

I posted my Softbums Echo review way back in July 2010! I just washed the wipe they sent along with that diaper; we’re still using it. Although an all-in-two isn’t my favorite (I prefer pockets) the Softbums Echo was one of very few diapers that worked for us when my 3 month old was a newborn. It gets sooo tiny that it fit him well (not true about most o/s diapers) and the insert was actually absorbent enough for him (not true for most newborn diapers!) It was a dream come true for our tiny super soaker!

softbums omni 1 softbums omni 2

Now, Softbums makes the Omni as well. It’s everything you love about the Echo, but it also has a pocket opening, so you have the option of using it as an AI2 or a pocket diaper. I received a solo pack with a super dry touch pod (retails for $24.95) plus a dry touch mini pod. The mini pods retail for $2.95 and can be used in the smaller size settings, or as a doubler.

softbums omni 5 pocket and snap softbums omni 6 insert snapped in
softbums omni 7 folded insert softbums omni 8 elastic & insert

The super dry touch pod (“dry touch” because it is topped with soft, stay dry fabric) is 3 layers of microfiber (6 when you fold it over), so you’re unlikely to need the mini pod too! A smaller, 4 layer dry touch pod retails for $4.95, and additional super dry touch pods sell for $5.95. You can also purchase organic bamboo pods for $9.25 and organic bamboo mini pods for $3.95. Whichever “pods” (soakers) you use, this can be an affordable all-in-two system.

softbums omni 9 snaps

You can choose hook & loop closures or snaps. The snaps are easy to use, so they are Daddy friendly, even when said Daddy prefers Velcro.

softbums omni 3 large opening to adjust softbums omni 4 adjustments

The size adjusts via a toggle on each leg’s elastic. On the one hand, this is a little intimidating, but it also allows you to get exactly the fit you need. I held the diaper up to a diaper that fit each boy and adjusted. The opening is in the front, and was large enough for me to do additional tweaking as I put it on each child. This type of adjustment means it won’t be as easy for babies of different sizes to share diapers, but that’s not an issue for me. Each of my boys has their own diapers, so I don’t have to fool with size adjustments at every diaper change. (I have all of my “diaper bag” diapers snapped down to small, so if my older son needs one, we just unsnap it!)

The diaper fits thighs from 4-14″ and there is a formula to figure out where to set the elastic, though I haven’t tried it!

The size adjustment means that I really can’t measure every size for you like I usually do. Instead, I adjusted the diaper as large as I could, while still leaving the elastic with some stretch…

softbums omni 11 elastic as large as I can with some give

Then measured the diaper folded & stretched. (This is about as inexact as you can get!)

softbums omni 12 largest folded softbums omni 13 largest stretched

softbums omni 14 large softbums omni 15 side
softbums omni 16 back

Here it is next to a Bumgenius 4.0 on the large setting:

softbums omni 10 largest setting vs bg 4.0

Here’s that setting on my 2 year, 10 month old, 29ish pound son (the legs could be a bit tighter on him):

softbums omni 23 front softbums omni 24 side on 2 12 yo
softbums omni 25 back on 29 lb baby

Next, I set the diaper really small. Sorry, there’s no “really small” setting, LOL. I just tried to make it tiny, but not crazy tiny!

softbums omni 17 elastic on tiny setting

Then I measured it folded and stretched:

softbums omni 18 tiny setting folded softbums omni 19 tiny setting stretched

softbums omni 20 tiny setting softbums omni 21 side
softbums omni 22 back

I adjusted it similar to a small one-size diaper, then put it on my 3 month old son, who is around 11 or so pounds (that’s a guess; he was 10 lbs at 2 months.) Once I put it on him, I just fished the toggles out & adjusted it further.

softbums omni 26 on 3 month old softbums omni 27 leg on 11ish lb baby

That’s with the super dry touch pod in the pocket, so it’s a little bit bulky, but what do you expect with 6 layers of absorbency in such a small diaper? I know the mini pod isn’t absorbent enough for my son, but it would be nice & trim on a small baby that isn’t such a heavy wetter. The regular (non-super) dry touch pods are 4 layers of microfiber topped with microfleece, so they would be another good choice!

The Softbums Omni is versatile and quite cost effective when used as an AI2. They are also made in the U.S.A.!

Shop Softbums or find a retailer, “like” Softbums on Facebook, follow Softbums on Twitter and follow the Softbums blog.

Giveaway: One winner will receive a Softbums Omni solo pack with super dry touch pod in his/her choice of color & closure, subject to availability (ARV $24.95.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FTC compliance: I received product samples for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Newborn Cloth Diapers – My Opinions After a Month


Post and linked posts may contain affiliate links. There’s a picture of my real model next to my previous model. 🙂 You have probably seen my reviews of newborn diapers that I did without a baby while I was expecting my son (and I think maybe even a few before!) If you’re ever looking for one, don’t forget about my review archive.

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