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Why is cloth diaper detergent such a hot button issue for me? Why do I care how you wash your diapers? Why does an internet “fight” about this way vs. that way, and arguments over semantics make me want to tear my hair out? Well, first of all because the detergent rules/fear is what stopped me from cloth diapering earlier, and I was pretty ticked when I found out that what I’d been told through the old game of telephone was simply untrue (yet 4 years later, the same things are repeated daily.) [click to continue reading]


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Many families use Tide on their cloth diapers, and any time the formula is changed, they worry. All Tide has been “ultra” for the past few years, and it is simply a more concentrated formula. Then Actilift crystals appeared, and users started to wonder what they were, and whether they’d damage their diapers. I realize that cloth diaper detergent is a hot button issue, and some people feel strongly that you should never use mainstream detergents. This post is not for those people. If you do use Tide, this post is for you! [click to continue reading]


The Best Detergent for Cloth Diapers

by Maria Moser on December 30, 2013

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1/25/14: I want to add some repetition and explanations to this post. My reason for hesitating (for nearly 4 years) to share my thoughts about detergent was not because I wanted free stuff. I donate my review items anyway. It wasn’t because I wanted to be BFFs with any company owners. It was because I didn’t want to be the black sheep, ruffle feathers, step on toes, rock the boat…insert any other overused phrases here. It was because I have a deep respect for cloth diaper manufacturers, and I do not think the intentions behind the “no enzymes/brighteners or you’ll void your warranty” rules were malicious or solely to sell their detergent brand. These “safe” detergents work swimmingly for many! For others, they don’t. I hate to see people give up (or not try) cloth because of detergent rules. The fact that laundry science has shown that enzymes are not harmful, and that several reputable manufacturers and retailers support the use of mainstream detergents, gave me the courage to speak out. My hope is that further studies will glean more facts about enzymes/brighteners, and the stringent “rules” will be relaxed, making cloth diapers more accessible to more families. I still cringe at the idea of coming face to face with a CEO at a conference or trade show & getting the stink eye (or worse, getting reamed out) for this post (not that they’d have a clue who I was!)

Disclaimer: This post contains my own personal opinions. Carefully follow your manufacturer’s washing instructions to preserve your warranty. What do you use to wash your cloth diapers? What detergent should I use? These questions practically incite riots in the cloth diapering world. There is one way to do it and it’s my way. I have a dream that someday, diapers can be washed without all the drama! If you’re struggling to get your diapers clean, this is for you. [click to continue reading]


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Post contains affiliate links. I received the pictured product at no cost for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I love Eco Nuts’ liquid soap nuts detergent (I used it during the flats/hand washing challenge), and Eco Nuts sent me their newest product, a natural ammonia bouncer. [click to continue reading and enter the giveaway]


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