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Designer disposables (and the time I wore a diaper-on my leg)


I had heard of the new “designer” Cynthia Rowley Pampers, but just noticed them in the Target Ad today.  $14.99 for 23 size 4 diapers?!  *gulp*

I’ll say, I’m not a “sposie hater.”  I used them for my daughter for 2+ years and on my son for 4+ months.  My daughter never had issues with diaper rash, though my son did (which is really what made me finally make the switch.)

Do I regret it?  Yes!  Mostly because I could have an  awesome stash of cloth diapers (or a diamond ring for that matter!) for the money I threw away on disposable diapers.

I’m cheap frugal, so I stockpile; diapers were no exception.  I worked sales, coupons, special offers etc. to get diapers from 8 cents each (name brand.)  I would buy them if I needed them if they were under 22 cents each.  For wipes my price was around 2.5 cents per wipe.  Now, that led to the problem of how many to stockpile.  I’m a worrier, so it stressed me out.  I was often left with too-small diapers to get rid of.

Speaking of too small diapers, it wasn’t just that they were too small, they had blowouts all the time.  I joke that I’m hardly doing more laundry now with cloth since we had so many wardrobe changes with sposies.

Then, there was the trash.  The pails were stinky, I had to keep on top of emptying them, then smell them again on trash day.  I’ll admit that at the time, I was more concerned with my convenience than the environment, but now the thought of all those diapers in a landfill sickens me.

When you get down to it, the reason I didn’t cloth diaper my daughter was ignorance.  If it weren’t for the cost, I would have been interested in the new Pampers.  I’m not into “character” stuff, it’s just not my thing.  So I hated seeing purple stripes through her clothes and Sesame Street characters peeking out of her pants.  Now I know that cloth diapers are easy, fun and addictive.  That they pay for themselves in no time, and even the plainest cloth diaper is cuter than the cutest disposable!!

Speaking again of money, I love being able to change my son whenever, without worrying about the cost.  You figure even at a good price, a diaper change costs you a quarter or more for a diaper and wipe or two. 
Even though disposable diaper manufacturers try to say you should change after every “use,” really, how many people do that?  I know some kids are just super soakers, but I was able to get a diaper to hold 5 cups of water in my little experiment.  Really?  I think they are more absorbent so you don’t have to change after every pee.  Even my doctor would say oh, I think you can get a little more use out of that, and close the diaper back up after checking her.  Sometimes we’d change 3 diapers just in the doctor’s office!
At 65 cents per diaper, do you really want to change it after an hour or two? 
So, about my wearing a diaper.  I received samples of the new, ultra-thin (and somewhat controversial) disposable diaper in the mail.  So, I decided one evening to wrap one around my leg and see what happened.  I’ll be honest, I was hoping it would give me some awful rash, ’cause that would make for some good blogging.
Alas, it did not, and while I took pictures, I won’t even bother posting them.  OK a few pics, LOL.  They’re not very exciting, I took them myself.
I started with a dry diaper and it instantly felt itchy and scratchy, especially at the leg openings.  No way would I want  to wear one of these on my bottom!

After an hour, I poured some water in and put it back on.  Each hour, I took a pic of my leg, added more water and put it back on.  Now, granted this was water and not urine.  I will do a lot in the name of my blog, but I have to draw the line somewhere!

After a while, the diaper warmed up to my body temp and felt squishy.  I actually forgot I had it on until I stood up from the couch!

I haven’t done this with a cloth diaper, so I really can’t guess what this means for potty training.  I’ve heard that cloth diapered kids tend to train (learn) sooner, but I don’t know if the soft, stay dry and comfy fabrics of today’s diapers make a difference.

My hubby didn’t blink when I put a diaper on my leg, but he sure looked at me funny when he caught me in the kitchen with a diaper, measuring cup & scale.  That diaper is a good 3 inches thick I think!
5 cups of water!  Won’t someone please change my diaper?!
Anyway, if you can afford to spend 15 bucks on 3 days worth of diapers, consider cloth!  In a month’s time, you could have a day’s worth of Smartipants diapers or a great stash of a hybrid/all-in-two system or prefolds & covers.  If nothing else, you could use them until they had paid for themselves (saving the money you had not spent on disposables) then sell them and buy something even cuter and nicer! 
Use them for another child, sell them…heck you could  donate them and still be way ahead of where you’d be had you used disposables!
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Friday Giveaway Linky Giveaways Linky

Weekly Friday Giveaway Roundup for July 23rd, 2010


Just a question: Is the list below of any help to anyone, or should I just stick with the linky?  I really haven’t been getting any submissions to be featured, so I’ve been adding the giveaways to the post myself.  It’s fine if it’s helpful, I will continue to do it.  However, it’s a lot of work, and I don’t want to do it if no one is using it.  Just wondering!
Each Friday, I will post cloth diaper, babywearing and “green” giveaways that I’ve found, or that readers have submitted. The post will be accompanied by a linky where you may enter any family friendly (no “adult” products please!) giveaways, they do not need to be diaper related.

If you have a cloth diaper/accessory/babywearing/green giveaway you would like to be listed in the next giveaway roundup post, please email a link, blog name, giveaway title, end date and photo (if applicable) to at gmail dot com.

My giveaway for two Bumgenius 4.0 diapers ends 7/28

This week’s giveaway finds:
$25 Gift Certificate to KAM Snaps from My Life as a Married Girl, plus a great BG snap conversion tutorial (ends 7/31)

Bambino Mio swim nappies/swimsuit from Two of a Kind Working on a Full House (ends 8/2)

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag from Hot Tips 4 U (ends 8/9)

Best Bottoms Diaper from Dirty Diaper Laundry (ends 8/2)

Inspired by Finn Amber Teething Necklace from Mommy is Green (ends 8/3)

Ergo doll carrier from Mommy of 1 and Counting (ends 7/24)

Babykicks Pocket Diaper from Mama to 3 Blessings (ends 7/28)

Bummas Wipes from The Thrifty Things (ends 8/3)

Knickernappies Diaper from Wee Little Changes (ends 8/22)

Lil Joeys Newborn Diapers from Giggle Britches and The Cloth Diaper Retailer Cooperative (ends 8/10)

Giveaways still running from last week:

Nicki’s Best Bottom Diaper from The Crafty Nest (ends 7/30)

Kissaluvs Newborn Fitted Diaper from The Crafty Nest (ends 7/27)

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag from The Crafty Nest (ends 7/28)

Sweet Pea AI3 Diaper (two winners) from The Nappy Shoppe (ends 7/25)

Katydid Cloth Diaper from The Review Stew (ends 7/26)

Katydid Cloth Diaper from Liz Has a Life (ends 7/31)

Enivbum Cloth Diaper or Mom4Mom cover and liner from Two of a Kind Working on a Full House (ends 8/2)

Sprout Change Diaper from Mommy is Green and The Willow Store (ends 8/2) Open to the U.S. and Canada

Bummas Wipes from Mom to bed by 8 (ends 7/29)

Sleepy Wrap from Mama B (ends 7/29)

Organic Sleepy Wrap from Go Green Street (ends 7/31)

Organic Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier from My 365 to a size 5 (ends 7/29)

Ergo Baby Carrier from One Savvy Mom (ends 7/26)

Preston’s Pants Diaper ($20 gift certificate) from Organic Girl Open to the U.S. and Canada! (ends 8/4)

Thirsties Duo Diaper from The Crafty Nest (ends 7/29)

Bumma’s Cloth Wipes from The Crafty Nest (ends 7/26)

$20 Abby’s Lane Gift Certificate from Show Your Amor (ends 7/27)

You may enter any family friendly giveaway in the linky below, and you can use the code to paste it into your own blog as well. The format Blog name – Giveaway Item – Ending date works well. At a minimum, please include the item and end date, and link directly to the giveaway.

Please view my post on where I list my giveaways to find more great places to link up!

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All In One Diapers Cloth Diapers Made in Canada Review Sized Diapers

Mother-ease AIO diaper review


Mother-ease Cloth Diapers generously sent me an all in one cloth diaper to review.  Mother-ease is a Canadian company, and they have been making cloth diapers since 1991.  They actually have the term “one-size” trademarked and make all of their diapers from start to finish in their Ontario factory.
The side snapping AIO diaper has a knit cotton terry inner and a waterproof outer.
The elastic reminds me of the Kushies diapers.  I don’t know how well it would hold up against breastfed baby messes.
The diapers come in small (10-20 lb), large (20-35 lb) and extra large (35-45 lb).
It came with a brochure with information about the products they carry and materials used, as well as a care & washing guide.
I chose the large, since my son is about 17.5 pounds.  The first thing I thought when I took the diaper out of the package was that I had made a mistake!  It seemed huge!
That is the large Mother-ease diaper underneath a Bumgenius 3.0 on the large setting.  For the record, the large Bumgenius is supposed to fit to 30 or 35 lbs as well.  (4.0s say 35 lbs, large AIOs say 30.)
It seemed really wide as well.  You can see from this photo that it definitely is wider than the Bumgenius.
Folded, it’s nearly an inch longer than the BG on the large setting.
Stretching it gets you about an extra inch as well.
I was worried that when I put it on him, it would be falling off of him, or super bulky.
It’s definitely pretty basic in the way of looks.  It comes in white only.
I got a good fit around his waist on the snuggest snap setting.
No gapping at the leg either!
I was chasing him around…
Trying to get a good “action” shot…
But I got more pictures of a blurry leg or the empty carpet as he zipped away before the camera took the picture!
I was actually surprised that it fit him so well (he is in mediums in everything else) and wasn’t bulky at all.
It’s an all in one, so of course it takes a bit longer to dry than other diapers.  It may look basic, but it didn’t leak and it washed up very well after he “christened” it as he always has to do with new, pristine white diapers.  No stains!
If you have a bigger child and need something to take you through potty training, this is a great choice.  The side snaps would make it easier to pull up and down (instead of unsnapping) and if the extra large is sized as generously as the large is, I imagine it would fit some very large kiddos!
You can shop online whether you are in the U.S., Canada or International.  The all-in-one diaper retails for $15.95-$17.95 in the U.S. depending on size.  They also sell one size and sized fitted diapers, covers, wraps, swim diapers and other accessories.
Another product worth noting is their bedwetter pants which come in sizes fitting up to 65 pounds and absorbing 21 ounces!
Thank you to Mother-Ease for sending me the review diaper at no charge.  I was not requested or required to write a positive review, I was not otherwise compensated and the opinions are mine. 
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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 7/19/10


This is the new weekly feature where I will answer reader submitted questions. They can be about cloth diapers or accessories, babywearing etc., but they don’t need to be within the scope of this blog. I’ll answer questions about blogging, myself, whatever.

Send any questions you have to at gmail dot com. I will always answer any questions you have, but if you would like it to be answered in the Mailbox Mondays Post, please indicate Mailbox Mondays in your email subject.

If you missed my Bumgenius 4.0 review and giveaway post this weekend, be sure to check it out!

Here are the first few questions from Valerie:

How often do you wash the planet wise bag?  (She’s asking about the Planet Wise Large (hanging) wet bag that I use as a pail.)

I used to wash it every time but that seemed silly. Now I wash it every 2nd or 3rd time I wash dipes. Gross maybe, but when it’s empty, I give it a quick whiff. If I fall over, I wash it. Otherwise, I just leave it unzipped to air out until I put the next diaper in it.

Do you really need to use microfiber {inserts} or can you have all hemp and bamboo?

There are lots of diapers with just hemp or just bamboo and that’s totally fine. What I like about the microfiber/hemp combo is that the microfiber gets the moisture away from their bottom quickly, and the hemp really locks the moisture in. Hemp is really thirsty!

For peanut buttery poop, do you really need to get rid of it before washing it? Will it not just get washed and go down the drain?
I wouldn’t put a diaper with a big old mess in it, right into the wash. I just shake/scrape off whatever comes off easily, but I don’t spend a lot of time on it. Maybe twice, I’ve had some stuff (yuck, sorry) that didn’t get washed away, and I have to wipe down the inside of the washer. When my son was still mostly breastfed with some solids, I didn’t scrape them at all, but the poop wasn’t that super sticky (yuck, sorry again!) consistency at that time.
What do you use bagwise when on the go?  Do you remove the inserts from the diaper before you toss it in the bag?
I use a planetwise wet/dry bag on the go. I take the inserts out before I put them in the bag. That way I just dump them without having to touch them again.
I hope these were helpful.  How about you guys?  How often do you wash your wet bags?  What’s your favorite insert?  What’s your poop situation?  What do you use on the go?
Remember to send me any questions you’d like answered!

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Cloth Diapers Giveaway One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Review Snap Closure Velcro/Aplix Closure

Bumgenius 4.0 Review, Comparison to 3.0

bumgenius 4.0

I don’t usually post giveaways on the weekends, since the internet is closed on weekends and all.  <—-According to my Aunt Becky.  <—-Not my real Aunt.  I’m going to be a daredevil and do it anyway!

I forewarn you that this post has a lot of yapping and a lot of pictures.
Before I get started – I’m quite happy about the improved Velcro, but we’ll have to see how it pans out in the long run.  I was a little disappointed with all the hype about the “new” product. It had me panicking that my favorite diapers were being discontinued. I’m glad that it was just a 4.0 but mad at myself for getting caught up in all the speculation.

So here’s what was new:

  1. Slightly larger to fit bigger babies.
  2. Improved Velcro and laundry tabs.
  3. Snap closure option.
  4. More easily replaceable elastic.
  5. 3 extremely pale pastels.  Noodle (yellow), sweet (green) and bubble (lavender.)
I bought myself a 4.0 in Velcro in the “sweet” color.  A winner gets the same, plus a snap closure 4.0 in the “noodle” color.  I didn’t buy myself a snap closure diaper, so there’s no detailed review of it.  However, as you can see above, it looks nearly identical to the Flip.
I suspected that the sizing would be very similar to the flip, and it appears I was right.
As you can see in the above pictures, the colors (can’t speak about “bubble” since I didn’t buy one) are extremely light.  They almost look like an item made of two different fabrics that start out the same color, but wear differently over time.  Then after a while, they are slightly off. 
As you can see here, the contrast to something white (white paper, the white Velcro, white inner etc.) is what makes the diaper not look totally white.
The story is that many parents were asking for lighter colors that wouldn’t show through newborn clothing. I remember being annoyed by the characters on disposable diapers showing through pale baby clothing.
I find the color names to be a bit confusing, but that’s true for all brands.  I already had a hard time remembering which blue and green were which. I definitely agree that descriptive color names like chocolate, root beer, platinum, cherry, raspberry, watermelon and the like, are more appealing.  However, it’s also very easy to imagine what color you’re getting based on the name.  In fact, I would expect that root beer and chocolate may be slightly different colors!  Noodle?  Sweet?  Bubble?  What the heck!  I had to check 3 times before I ordered to try to make sure I knew what I was getting.  That was especially difficult since the website was barely working and most of the images weren’t appearing thanks to all the traffic.
OK now I have to apologize in advance for using a 9 month old diaper in my comparison shots, it’s kinda gross.  But, it also lets you see what a Bumgenius 3.0 looks like after 9 months!  Plus, if I had bought a new one just for this comparison, the winner wouldn’t be getting two diapers.
I had a very tough time photographing the change to the elastic.  it’s very hard to see in the photo, but in the 3.0, there is a horizontal line of stitching at the end of the elastic.
Can you see it?  Yeah, me neither.  But it’s there.  I just can’t get a good photo of it.
The 4.0 doesn’t have that additional stitching, which should make elastic replacement easier.
This was the improvement I was happiest about.  The biggest problems I have with the BG are the stinky microfiber, (easily remedied with an occasional dab of bleach with the inserts only-sorry to the bleach haters, but it works) the &^%^* laundry tabs and resulting curling closure tabs, and all the snagging that ends up on the front of the diapers.
A lot of people end up doing a snap conversion when the tabs bite the dust, especially since their little ones are discovering the joy of rrriippppp-ing the Velcro around that time anyway.  You can also buy refresher kits from Cottonbabies and replace them, but I’m no seamstress.  We prefer Velcro at our house because it’s easy and very adjustable.  We just can’t go pants-less with them anymore! 
The closures didn’t stick to the old laundry tabs very well.  The new laundry tabs actually have the Velcro loop for the tabs to stick on to.  They are quite soft, so I really don’t think they would irritate baby’s skin.
Hanging the shells to dry seems to do a lot to preserve the life of both the closures and the elastic.  However, if the tabs don’t stick well, they will still snag other diapers in the washer.
So what about the sizing change?  I think the changes are subtle.  I’m sure there will be a few people that will have problems with the new sizing, but I may not have noticed without a comparison.  The overall length/rise of the diaper is slightly larger, but it seems the front/wings of the diaper saw the biggest change.  I do think the fit seems to be very close to the Flip. 
I wondered what the size change would mean for the small setting, since a 4th/newborn rise snap wasn’t added.  The changes seem slight enough that I don’t think they will make much difference for most people.  We started out at about 14 pounds on the medium setting, and I’ve heard people say they don’t start to fit well until around 10 pounds.  So, most people will need to have some newborn diapers anyway.  *shrug*  edit: It took me a while to notice, but the rise snap was moved down slightly on the 4.0, I suppose to make up for the larger size.
Next I compared each size setting on the 3.0 vs 4.0.  This of course isn’t an exact science, but I measured each diaper folded, then stretched.  This is a little subjective since depending on just how you flatten/stretch it, measurements can vary a bit.  But, it should give you an idea!
3.0, small setting, folded.
4.0, small setting, folded.
3.0, small setting, stretched.
4.0, small setting, stretched.
4.0 small vs. 3.0 small.
3.0, medium, folded.
4.0, medium, folded.
3.0, medium, stretched.
4.0, medium, stretched.
4.0 medium vs. 3.0 medium.
3.0 large, folded.
4.0, large, folded.
3.0, large, stretched.
4.0, large, stretched.
4.0 large vs. 3.0 large.
I’m a big fan of Bumgenius pocket diapers.  They are always the first hubby or I reach for.  They fit well, they are super easy to use and they simply don’t leak.  They have their faults like any other diaper, but nothing that would keep me from using them.
I could have done without the email saying with “heavy hearts” that they are “discontinuing” their “highly acclaimed” diapers.  While that technically was true, (3.0s were discontinued in favor of the 4.0s) it was misleading.  Cottonbabies didn’t reassure people (like me) that the diapers they loved would still be around, reinforcing the fear that the new product was a big change.
4.0, medium setting, ~17.5 lbs
3.0, medium setting, taken the same day as the above
The only appreciable difference to me right now (since only time will tell if the new Velcro is any better) is a slight funky-ness to the elastic placement.  I guess it’s from the wider wings?  I noticed it as I was photographing the diapers, but thought it might just be the way it was sitting.  If you look at the 4.0, the elastic stops much further down on his leg.  I may just need to get used to pulling the new, wider wings more firmly or something, I dunno.  edit: I think the difference might be due to the rise snap being moved down slightly.
Flip, medium setting, taken the same day as the other 2 photos.
This diaper is not white!
Wait for it…
Leaves little to the imagination, LOL

See the 4.0 on my newborn.

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