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AppleCheeks Little Bundle Review

Katie received a free diaper to review. AppleCheeks is based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where all of their products are designed and manufactured. Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu, owners of AppleCheeks, won the W100 Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs of 2016. AppleCheeks has a variety of products including washable nursing pads, wipes, training pants, their new one-size diaper and of course their three size envelope cover. Size one fits babies from about 7-20 pounds, size two fits from around 16-35 pounds and size three fits from 30-65 pounds! A portion of the proceeds from all of the size 3 covers will go to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society


We were sent the Little Bundle which included a size 2 cover in their new (and super cute) Coolio print along with a 2-ply bamboo insert. The Coolio print is a nice light shade of blue as the base color with pineapples and the AppleCheeks logo printed on top. My boys really love this print and it’s probably the most adorable thing to hear my two year old say, “Pine-APPLE dider”.


On the outside you get two rows of snaps to create the perfect fit along with wide tabs to prevent the wings from drooping. There is super stretchy elastic on both the front and the back of the diaper. This helps contain even the messiest, massive blowouts. On the inside of the diaper you get a really nice, super soft microfleece lining. There is also an extra wide envelope style opening making stuffing the pocket easier. Another bonus of the wide envelope style opening is that you don’t need to unstuff the diaper, it will agitate out in the wash. While the size one cover goes up to 20 pounds, the size two cover starts at 16. So if your kiddo is already at 15 pounds, they recommend just going straight into the size 2 cover.

DSCN0951 DSCN0950

Along with the cover options, you have some great options for the insert you can use. You can choose between the one-size stay-dry micro-terry inserts or the one-size rayon from bamboo insert. They also have two choices for boosters as well. With our little bundle, AppleCheeks sent us the Rayon from Bamboo insert. It is incredibly soft and has two layers of 70% Rayon from Bamboo and 30% organic cotton fleece. Not only does this mean ultimate comfort and absorbency, but it doesn’t give much bulk. A couple great reasons to choose the rayon from bamboo is because it can retain twice as much moisture as cotton alone for its weight, which is really amazing if you have really heavy wetters.


We’ve been using the AppleCheeks Coolio diaper for a while now and we’re really liking it. My boys are both obsessed with the print, but the function is really where it’s at. Pockets and I do not get along at all. I despise them, honestly. I mean, with two kiddos keeping me busy, I don’t really have much time to stuff pockets. However, the AppleCheeks cover is really easy to stuff. The wonderful thing is that I don’t have to stuff it if I don’t want to. I can put the 2-ply insert on top and use it as a regular cover. I actually haven’t done that since using the diaper though, because the inside is so incredibly soft and my two year old really likes having that soft microfleece right against his skin. And since he’s the one wearing it, who am I to say no?

II was worried that the ruffled leg elastic may wick and leave him with wet pants, but we ended up using it for naptime one day and had no issues with wicking like I assumed. The front and back stretchy elastic is one of my favorite features on this diaper. While we don’t have many messy *ahem* poopy diapers anymore, we do occasionally have those that are dangerously close to a blowout. (This normally happens when he nurses more than eating solid foods. Which tends to be when he’s having a rough day.) So whenever he wears his AppleCheeks diaper, I never have to worry about a blowout happening. It also makes me wish I had some of these when my boys were newbies and having the messiest diapers, ever! The front elastic is great for tummy sleepers and boys. Since boys tend to pee more towards the front (and especially if you don’t point them down) if you have a gap in the front, you’ll end up with pee everywhere. Not with this diaper though. The stretchy elastic give you a nice tight fit so you won’t have any gaps in the front.

DSCN0962 DSCN0966

The rayon from bamboo insert was extremely absorbent for my heavy wetter. He used it for a little longer than he should have since nap time fell at a weird time and it was hard to get him to sleep, I didn’t want to chance waking him up for a diaper change. He made it through his entire nap without leaking. The insert absorbed every last bit of liquid and boy was that thing soaked when my son woke up. I decided to try it out overnight with the AppleCheeks insert along with two small boosters of my own. My little guy went to sleep early that night and slept a good 10-12 hours. He made it through the night without leaking. He did, however, leak a little when he woke up immediately after nursing. But that is still extremely impressive for the amount of time he spent in that diaper. The cover is also roomy enough that I can use some of my other nighttime solutions inside of it as well.


If you’re already an AppleCheeks fan, you know how adorable their prints are. I mean, I think we all can  agree that Irrelephant and Parade are pretty darn adorable. Then, of course, their newest prints Coolio, Lola, Iridescence and Tiffany. Such cute prints, you guys! I also found a pretty purple Halloween diaper called Wicked while browsing their site and I’m fairly certain I need it because, purple. You can browse all of their super cute diapers and other awesome products by heading to the AppleCheeks website. Don’t forget to keep up with all their releases- which are amazing. If you haven’t watched one yet, do it! You can see all that and more on the AppleCheeks Facebook page or the AppleCheeks Facebook group.

Have you used AppleCheeks? What’s your favorite way to use them? Which color or print do you love?

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