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BabyKicks NEW Basic Pocket Diaper Review / Comparison to 3G Bumboo

babykicks basic 1

Even though I really don’t need any more diapers, I was really excited when I heard about the new Babykicks diapers. I managed to resist an unexplainable urge to buy a Basic and a premium each in hook & look and snaps, but I did snag a basic in H&L.

2 pkg front

Two years ago, I reviewed the discontinued Bumboo pocket diaper, and a little over a year ago, I reviewed the 3G pocket diaper that replaced it. That review includes photo and video demos of the newborn snap as well.

The premium pocket diaper replaces the 3G and has just a few changes. The inner is now bamboo velour (30% certified organic cotton and 70% rayon made from bamboo) instead of bamboo fleece and the diaper comes with a stay dry liner. It still has fleece gussets, a front pocket and a one-size joey bunz insert. You can still get the diaper with side snaps (including the newborn snap) or with hook & loop. The H&L version has a more generous pocket opening and may fit a wider size range since you have much more precise fit options.

When I reviewed the 3G and bumboo, they retailed for $18.50. Since then, the price increased to $20.50, and that’s where the premium pocket will be priced. Although 90% of BabyKicks’ products are made in the USA, both the premium & basic pocket diapers are made in China.

babykicks basic 3 pkg back babykicks basic 4 pkg
babykicks basic 5 pkg

The basic pocket diaper is designed to be a more affordable option for parents who aren’t as concerned about the natural fibers. It retails for just $15.99.

babykicks basic 6 velcro tabs babykicks basic 7 overall front
babykicks basic 9 velcro strip

You can get the basic in side snaps or hook & loop. I chose the H&L not only to see what it’s like, but because it is my husband’s favorite. He can do snaps, but prefers velcro, and side snaps are confusing to him. He doesn’t know our stash inside out like I do, so he’s never sure if he’s putting a dipe on backwards! The BabyKicks H&L is much like GroVia’s, with the smooth plastic-y teeth and soft, fuzzy “loop” on the front of the diaper. However, I find Grovia’s very grippy (I have a hard time unsticking it from the laundry tabs at times!) but my BabyKicks was not. Each time I washed it, the closure tabs unstuck from the laundry tabs, and while it sticks to the diaper, it’s not as sticky as I’d like it to be.

babykicks basic 8 rise snaps
babykicks basic 10 inner and rear elastic babykicks basic 11 inner and leg elastic

The diaper is estimated to fit 7-40 pounds, and it has the same elastic at the waist & legs (no fleece gussets.) The 3G was one of my favorites on my newborn. It fit him far sooner than most one-size diapers (I didn’t need to use the newborn fold/snap), and this was a huge blessing since he was far too heavy a wetter for newborn diapers.

babykicks basic 12 front pocket

Front pockets aren’t my favorite since I have boys and the front of the insert is always wet. However, the pocket is definitely wider & easier to stuff than the 3G, and I just slide the insert in, then fold the excess down in front.

babykicks basic 13 insert babykicks basic 14 vs 3g

The 3G (pictured in blue) came with a 6 layer hemp/cotton Joey Bunz, and the Basic has an insert that is 2 layers of hemp terry and 2 layers of microfiber. It’s not as absorbent as the Joey Bunz, but it is more absorbent than your typical microfiber insert, and if you like, you can place the insert hemp side up directly against baby’s skin.

babykicks basic 17 inserts babykicks basic 18 inserts reverse

The basic insert did not shrink much, so there is quite a bit more to fold down on smaller settings.

babykicks basic 46 small stuffed babykicks basic 47 smalls

Although this makes it a little bulkier, 4 layers of hemp and 4 layers of microfiber through the wet zone are worth it!

babykicks basic 43 insert length after wash babykicks basic 44 insert width after wash
babykicks basic 45 insert width

The inner of the basic is soft microfleece (bonus for those w/suedecloth sensitivities) vs the 3G’s bamboo fleece. The premium does provide the best of both worlds with the included liner, but that is an extra step & an extra thing to wash. No fleece gussets on the basic as I mentioned earlier.

babykicks basic 15 inners babykicks basic 16 leg gussets

Although this isn’t an exact science, here is the XS setting measured folded and stretched (appears to be the same sizing.)

babykicks basic 19 xs folded babykicks basic 20 xs stretched

babykicks basic 21 xs babykicks basic 22 xs side
babykicks basic 23 xs back babykicks basic 24 vs 3g xs


< babykicks basic 25 small folded babykicks basic 26 small stretched

babykicks basic 27 small babykicks basic 28 small side
babykicks basic 29 back babykicks basic 30 vs 3g small


babykicks basic 31 medium folded babykicks basic 32 medium stretched

babykicks basic 33 medium babykicks basic 34 medium side
babykicks basic 35 medium back babykicks basic 36 vs 3g medium


babykicks basic 37 large folded babykicks basic 38 large stretched

babykicks basic 39 large babykicks basic 40 large side
babykicks basic 41 large back babykicks basic 42 large vs 3g

My son was able to wear the 3G and Bumboo on the XS setting at about 7.5ish pounds and 3 weeks old. He can still wear it now (one larger waist setting) at 5 months old and 13-14ish pounds!

babykicks basic 48 bumboo
babykicks basic 49 3g babykicks basic 50 3g

You can see that the basic fits him the same way, only it was easier & faster than the side snaps!

babykicks basic 51basic babykicks basic 52 basic

I love the look of the all black diaper, and if the laundry tabs/H&L were a little different this diaper would definitely be near the top of my favorites list!

You can find the BabyKicks Basic and Premium pocket diapers at my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet. Kelly’s Closet also has a limited number of the discontinued 3G pocket diapers as well as exclusive colors at great prices.

FTC compliance: This post contains affiliate links. Pictured diaper was purchased by me at normal retail price. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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  • jay
    September 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Does the h&l catch on other items in the laundry once it detaches from the laundry tab?

    • September 19, 2012 at 10:24 am

      For me it mostly sticks to itself or microfiber inserts. The hook is filled with white threads! I’ve heard that the white H&L is better.

      • jay
        September 20, 2012 at 10:51 am

        Thanks! Do you know whether they all come with white h&l now, or if it’s only certain colors that have the white? I hate it when the “hook” snags on my other laundry items.

        • September 20, 2012 at 10:53 am

          It’s only the all black diaper that has the black H&L. The rest have white!

  • May 10, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    wish they were made in the USA 🙁 love your blog by the way!!

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