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Cloth Diapering Inserts Stink Stripping Washing

Not that kind of stripping

>Well. I’d hoped that since I’ve been using Lil Outlaws detergent and cloth safe diaper cream, I wouldn’t have to strip my diapers.  I’ve finally succumbed to the microfiber stink!  They weren’t particularly offensive, just rather musty smelling.  This particular smell appears to be very common with BumGenius diapers.

To strip diapers, you use the classic blue dawn, or plain ivory dish soap, suds the diapers up, then rinse until there are no more suds.  This can be a lot of rinsing, so I did only 5-7 at a time, since I only have 15.

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Cloth Diapering Diaper Sprayers

Foray into Solids


My son has started a little bit of solid food so far.  I bid a fond farewell to exclusively breastfed poop, which washes right out and does not need to be rinsed.
When babies are older, you can just flip solids into the potty and wash the diaper as usual.
However, if you have been through solids, whether your baby was cloth or disposable diapered, you will feel my pain here.  Sweet potatoes go in and, well, sweet potatoes come out.  Only with an even less pleasant consistency.
So what the heck do you do in that gross, in between stage?  Well, I’ve heard of quite a few methods.  Some people keep a scraper handy and scrape solids into the toilet and/or “dunk and swish” the diaper in the toilet.  This makes me shudder for many reasons.  One is because of the tablets I use in our toilet tanks to prevent the lovely stain at the water line that reappears hours after I’ve scrubbed the toilet.  I don’t want that junk on my toilet!  Not to mention putting my hand and his diaper in a cesspool of germs.  YUCK!  No offense to those who use this method, it’s not for me.
Some people use a diaper sprayer.  It’s like a hand held bidet, looks like a hand held shower head kind of.  You have to have a flexible hose on your toilet’s water line to attach it.  You then hold the diaper in/over the toilet bowl and use the sprayer to blast the poo off.
This works for lots of people.  They’re a little spendy, but if you google you can find instructions to make one with parts from a hardware store for about half as much.
I have a lot of concerns about this though.  I believe it takes some practice to be able to spray without making a big mess.  There is an interesting invention to get around this, but it wouldn’t fit in our tiny half bath.
Which brings me to my next concern.  Whatever solution I use, it needs to be on the first floor, since that’s where I change most of my diapers.  Our half bath is the bathroom we (including my 4-year old) use most, and the bathroom our guests use.  So I am concerned about there being anything smelly, weird looking, or too tempting in there.  By that I mean, I don’t want a curious preschool-age guest flooding my house in a “what’s this do” moment.  Then there’s always the concern of it failing, since sprayers we have in sinks are not usually under constant pressure.
Which now leads me to my current arrangement.  I have a utility sink in my laundry room.
The sink has a pull out sprayer.
It has normal water flow
That turns into a spray when you push the button on top.
We have kind of lame water pressure overall, but it seems to do OK.
Is spraying my dirties off in here gross?  It’s not like we’ll be preparing food in here or anything, and doesn’t it all end up in the same place?  *shrug* For now, It’s working!  Of course this is with my son eating a tablespoon or two of food, when it gets even grosser, I’m sure I’ll have to do some pre-scraping, even if I continue to spray in here!
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Grandma El’s + Happy Heiny’s=Happy Heiny

>My kiddo usually ends up in sposies in the evenings & overnight, but I had a clean one at bedtime last night & put him in it.

Before I did, I used a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of the cloth safe diaper cream I’d bought.  It had a very mild but pleasant scent that reminded me of something I couldn’t put my finger on.  It warmed up and spread very easily and didn’t leave a disgusting, gloppy mess on my hands.  In fact, my hands felt soft after.


grandma els

Usually my son is very red in the morning.  This morning was the first time in a long time I have seen him look completely normal.  Not a trace of redness.  I am sure part of that was from being in a cloth diaper all night, but that cream is a miracle!  Huge, huge difference.  I’m planning to keep it right by the diapers & just put a tiny bit on at each change.

His second diaper of the day was the Happy Heiny’s.  I did look on their site and the 4th snap is a newborn/extra small setting.  However, the medium setting seemed much larger than the medium setting on the bumgenius.  Even my daughter commented that the diaper looked big.  Not a problem, it still fit him great.  I imagine that it would fit him longer than the BGs if it is a bit bigger.


happy heinys

The diaper is soft, flexible and really easy to put on.  It has large, overlapping velcro tabs.  The insert was really easy to put in, though I had to be sure not to put it too close to the front or back of the diaper so it wouldn’t wick onto his clothing.


Overall it is trimmer than the BG.  The print is flipping adorable!


When it was time to change it, we had no poop blowout and no leaks.  Usually after a poopy diaper, even if I change it within seconds of the poop actually occurring, he has redness where it touched his skin.  The breathable barrier of the diaper cream certainly works because there was no redness at all.

Edit August 2010: We still love Grandma El’s but I’m just not able to get a good fit with my Happy Heiny’s.  They always end up leaking, so they’ve been relegated to the “laundry day” drawer.  I’m hoping they might work in the future when my son is older.

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I’ve got the Magic Stick

>So diaper rash with disposables is a vicious cycle.  At least for us.  The sposies cause it but we use them in order to slather diaper cream on him to clear it up.  I’m well aware that most diaper creams cause repelling and staining and generally ruin cloth diapers.

I’ll tell you from experience that tissues do not work as an effective cloth diaper liner and that diaper creams do in fact stain cloth.

I tried cutting up an old flannel receiving blanket to use as liners and cloth wipes when using diaper cream (also so I easily knew which items to wash separately) but even that wasn’t 100% effective.

I also read that the zinc in these creams was drying & probably not the best thing for me to be using.

What I needed was a cloth safe diaper cream.  While I got the low down I found several contenders.  A few had similarly chuckle inducing names, reminiscent of butt baste.  These were rump rub and magic stick.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought more lil kim than lil bums.

I decided on the breathable barrier Grandma El’s and added it to the trusty wish list.  I’m writing out of order, so if you’ve read in order, you already know that I ordered it.

I did receive it, and while I will write my full review later, it rocks.

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Cloth Diapers Diaper Rash

Chugging along

>We’ve been using 6 bumgenius per day, which means we have to use 2-4 disposables per day.  Sometimes more.

I’ve got a good system & washing routine down and I’m loving them.  I do wish I had enough for at least a day and a half though.  I end up having to stay up late waiting for the washing machine so i can hang them to dry in order to be able to use them in the morning.

It’s very apparent that the cloth is helping his rash, though he is always red after a night in sposies, even when slathered with diaper cream.

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