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Cloth Diapering Cloth Wipes Made in the USA Review Wet Bags & Pail Liners

Planet Wise New Style Cloth Wipes & Wipe Pouch Review

planet wise 1

We love Planet Wise products, including the wipes & wipe pouch. I’ve been using a wet/dry bag and the wipes pouch (with a travel size spray bottle of wipes solution) as my “diaper bag” for about 2 years. We’ve been talking about getting a second wet/dry bag and wipes pouch for a while since we have 2 in diapers and go opposite directions sometimes. When I took my baby to his 1 month checkup and hubby took the other kids to a play, we realized we really needed to get another set!

When I bought my original wipes pouch, it came as a set of the pouch & 10 wipes for $18.99, available in pink or blue. Now they are sold separately with the pouches in 12 prints for $10.99 each, and wipes in 8 color combos for $12.99 per 10 pack. This increases the price for a set to $23.98; a $4.99 increase. I was curious what the extra $5 got you aside from new colors/prints.

planet wise 2 tag abt snap planet wise 3 snap

The new wipe pouch is slightly longer, and has a snap. It seems that this is to keep wet wipes away from the zipper to prevent leaking or wicking. This isn’t a useful feature for me since I don’t pre-moisten my wipes. I prefer not to since I don’t use my travel wipes that often and don’t want them to get musty (or have to figure out how many I need & moisten them before we go out every time, then wash everything when we get home.)

This is the third thing I’ve chosen in an owl print lately. It’s weird. It seems like owls are a “thing” now days, and while I’m not particularly into owls, the colors have been most appealing to me over other new/available prints. I’d choose the lime cocoa bean print in a hot second if it was available, but it’s not.

planet wise 4 snapped planet wise 6 old and new

planet wise 5 inner planet wise 7 wipes

The pouches have the same PUL inner, though the new PUL is a bright color vs. brown. Wipes are exactly the same size after washing. They are the same, simple, single ply flannel. They feel pretty soft at first, but don’t stay that way.

planet wise 8 wipes and bag

I’d prefer to have the wipes in all one color or print, but they are only available in color combinations intended to match the pouch prints.

planet wise 9 wipes in bag planet wise 10 closed
planet wise wipes

I think $1.29 is very expensive for a single layer, flannel wipe. However, the thin wipes mean you can fit a stack of 10 in the pouch easily. If you made your own wipes, it would be much more affordable since you can buy the pouches separately. $10.99 is pretty expensive for a little wet bag as well, but it’s more compact and waterproof than a plastic travel case, and my travel spray bottle fits inside perfectly too!

What do you use when you’re cloth diapering on the go?

FTC compliance: I purchased these items at normal retail prices. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Cloth Diapering Cloth Wipes Diaper Rash Mailbox Mondays Wipes Solution

Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays 1/23/12 – Cloth Wipes Irritating Bottom

Irritated bottom from #clothdiapers wipes via @chgdiapers

Help me give cloth diaper advice! If I’ve received a question, I will answer it on Monday and ask all of you to help too..

Questions don’t have to be cloth diaper related, just email maria at with “Mailbox Mondays” in the subject, or fill out my contact form for readers, which you will always be able to find on my Contact Page.

Jessica says:

Hello. Sorry to bother you; I’m just not sure where to turn for information about this and was hoping you might be able to help. I use cloth diapers with my daughter and am attempting to use cloth wipes as well. Initially, I cut up some old receiving blankets and used a solution of water, tea tree oil, and baby shampoo. Very shortly after switching to this, my daughter developed a very red and irritated bottom. I switched back to disposable wipes, and the rash quickly cleared up. I thought perhaps the receiving blankets were too rough because of how old they were, so I bought some cotton flannel fabric and sewed up some new wipes. This time I used only water on the wipes in case the solution was irritating her bottom. Sure enough, after a few changes with the cloth wipes, her bottom is red and irritated again. She cries whenever I wipe her with them, and I am at a loss as to why this is happening. I don’t really want to continue using disposable wipes forever. Have you ever experienced this or heard of this, or is there a cloth wipe you might recommend? I understand if you do not have time to answer this, but I would appreciate it if you do and if you have any ideas.

Thank you,


Hi Jessica,
My initial thought was that the TTO or shampoo was irritating her bottom, so I was surprised to hear you say that water irritates her bottom but disposable wipes don’t!

First I’d say make sure they are totally saturated so you can get all residue off her bottom without scrubbing. Have you tried anything but flannel? I’m wondering if perhaps she is sensitive to that.

My favorite wipes are GroVia wipes because they are soft, stay soft, wash well, and are more affordable than others (under $1 ea, I believe $10.95 for 12.) I like to use Thirsties booty luster and spray right on the bottom. When the bottle is empty, I refill it with dissolved wipes bits like booty cubes.

Have cloth wipes irritated your baby’s bottom? Did you figure out what was causing it?

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Cloth Wipes Diaper Accessories Giveaway Virtual Baby Shower Event Wipes Solution

Thirsties Fab Wipes & Booty Luster Giveaway (CLOSED 10/27)

Thirsties Wipes

Thirsties makes more than just fantastic cloth diapers & covers. They also sell wonderful cloth diaper accessories including the fab wipes and booty luster.

You may have missed my Thirsties Fab Wipes & Booty Luster review, since I posted it a year and a half ago! Those wipes are still in my rotation and holding up wonderfully. They are two-sided; one side is 85% cotton 15% polyester velour, the other side is 100% polyester microfleece. They come in 6-packs of assorted boy or girl colors, for $10.75 per pack. Though cloth wipes seem pricey at first, they pay off in no time. I would stock up on disposable wipes when they were around 2.5 cents per wipe, but I often had to use 3-5 wipes per change! I rarely have to use more than one cloth wipe at a time, and in no time flat, you will recoup your investment.

The wipes are 8″ x 8″, the perfect size to fold to pop up in a wipes case or warmer!

Booty Luster

The Booty Luster is a pre-mixed wipe spray that retails for $6.25 for a 4 ounce bottle, or $11.00 for an 8 ounce bottle. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic and non irritating. A couple squirts on baby’s bottom (or the wipe if you prefer) removes messes without leaving residue. Booty luster does not contain: petroleum, alcohols, animal products, parabens, sulfates, DPGs or dilutants, and isn’t tested on animals.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, water-based Extract of Coconut, Honey, Grapeseed Extract, traces of Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Humectant Moisturizers, and other Organic Ingredients.

The bottles are also well made and sturdy. When I was mixing up my own solution, I bought enough dollar store/travel section bottles to pay for several bottles of booty luster (and I ended up doing just that…buying several bottles of booty luster!) The bottles spray and spray, and continue to work long after the solution is gone. Other spray bottles I bought got stuck or stopped spraying quickly, and couldn’t withstand being dropped (which means you won’t survive long in this household!) A little goes a long way, so a bottle will last you quite a while.

I’m getting ready to buy another bottle or two for the new baby’s stash!

Be sure to request a Thirsties print catalog, “like” Thirsties on Facebook and follow Thirsties on Twitter!

Giveaway: Thirsties is offering one of my readers a 4 oz bottle of Booty Luster (ARV $6.25) and a 6-pack of fab wipes (ARV $10.75) in “boy” or “girl” colors. Combined ARV $17. Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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Cloth Diapering Cloth Wipes Mailbox Mondays Washing

Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays 9/19/11 – Solid Foods & Cloth Wipes

solid food & #clothdiapers wipes via @chgdiapers

Every Monday, I answer a reader question, and ask everyone else to weigh in too!

Questions don’t have to be cloth diaper related, just email maria at with “Mailbox Mondays” in the subject, or fill out my contact form for readers, which you will always be able to find on my Contact Page.

Stephanie says:

My little one is still EBF so the poo is easy to clean up, but when she starts solids in a couple months, what am I supposed to do with the wipes? Do they need to be sprayed off along with the diaper before putting them in the wash or is there another way (or maybe a simpler solution)? I know it’s kind of an odd question, but I am just not sure. Thanks!


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Baby Wearing Cloth Diapering Cloth Wipes How To/Demo is on YouTube

Did you know there is a YouTube channel?

I don’t have a whole lot there yet, but I’d like to add more. Here are some highlights, I hope you will check them out and/or share them. I try to keep my videos brief and to the point as much as possible, to make them easy to watch. If you have ideas for other videos you’d like to see, let me know!

Demo of the Itti Bitti Tutto:

Dunk & swish a diaper without getting your hands dirty:

Comparison of the Babykicks Bumboo to 3G Pocket Diaper:

How to use the Babykicks 3G’s newborn snaps:

How to fold cloth wipes to pop up:

Putting on the Boba Carrier:

How to tie a Sleepy Wrap (not that great since I was wearing a black shirt with a black wrap!):

I know my videos aren’t very good, my lighting is bad, and the videos were shot with my point & shoot camera! Even so, I’d love to know what else you’d like to see me do!

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