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Lil Helper Diapers – Awesome, Dad Run Company with a Mission

lil helper cloth diapers

How many aerospace engineers does it take to design a cloth diaper? Uhh…well…two! Mohammed Gandhi (yes, that’s his real name, I asked so you didn’t have to, hee-hee.) and Nader Abu El Samid were college buddies, who both have a bachelors and a masters in Aerospace Engineering and have full-time jobs in the industry. When Mohammed & his wife Sophia went out looking for cloth diapers for their daughter, Zara, they were shocked by their cost and lack of functionality. It took two years for the company to take shape after Mohammed ensnared his equally geeky friend in his plans.

Lil Helpers has a Baby Do Good program where they donate one brand new PUL cloth diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers they sell. Their Do Good Page answers all the FAQs about the program, and they hold themselves accountable for the donations on the Lil Helper blog.

Their website has an awesome page comparing cloth vs. disposable diapers, and being aware of their geeky tendencies, I’m not surprised that the cost comparison even includes water & electricity cost! 😉

I’m not saying much about their diapers today because I haven’t tried them…yet. I will be reviewing all 3 types of their cloth diapers and inserts (they also have wipes and wet bags.) Oh yeah, there will be an awesome giveaway too! They call their diapers “all-in-ones” since they do not need a separate cover, but they are what I consider an “all-in-two” since they consist of a reusable, waterproof “shell” and interchangable inserts.

The Lil Helper (affiliate link) owners live and work in Canada, so as they say, don’t worry that they’ve outsourced to India if you call and hear an accent! Lil Helpers has put a lot of thought & research into balancing value and workmanship. They originally wanted to make the diapers in Canada (and their first few hundred diapers were made in Toronto) but the cost of production was just too high. Generally, materials come from overseas anyway…even if fabric is made in Canada, the yarn would still be coming from Asia. That said, they really would prefer to make the diapers in Canada, but just couldn’t do it while still maintaining affordable prices, and continuing their Baby Do Good sell 3/donate one mission.

While the diapers are made in China now, I wanted to share what Mohammed had to say about it. I love that Lil Helper is up front, honest and transparent.

“I went to China and stayed there for a month to find a workshop that will let me view its facilities to ascertain that my products are being made in a healthy environment. After vetting 6 workshops, we finally arrived to the workshop that is currently fulfilling our orders. That was last October; it took us a year for them to get the materials, workmanship and quality up to a high standard where we would be comfortable to put our name against it. Every step of the way we also sampled the products on my daughter and a bunch of other CD babes, incorporating their suggestions into our design.

At the end of the day, we believe that there is a right way of doing business with China and then there is the fast and easy way. The right way is to go vet several workshops and be comfortable with the way your products are being made- knowing well that my own daughter would be using the diaper along with every parents’ most prized possession. The fast and easy way is to look up a company in China on the net that can make your product for the least amount of money in the fastest time without caring how and where its made. Frankly, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if that option was exercised.

I will be traveling to India in December and will try and find even better ways to get products made in India under more supervision.”

My absolute favorite thing about this company is the humor. Take some time to look around the Lil Helper website, and I promise you will find something to make you chuckle on every page. From their why buy from us page (“Do not be fooled by our movie star looks and redundant education- we are just like you.”) to their cloth diaper descriptions (“Your baby has had a bad case of the “disposable rash” and these are your options: #1: You let precious move around in her birthday suit and risk the defilement of the Persian rug that grandma left you in her will. #2: You cover your baby’s tush in a lil helper. Lil helper cloth diapers come closest to replicating the convenience of disposables without the overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame and financial recklessness. Thank you for choosing the second option. You got us worried for a moment.”) to their mission (check out the list of what Lil Helper was not established to do.) and FAQs, there is humor everywhere.

You can buy Lil Helpers diapers from Diaper-eez in Toronto or directly from Lil Helper. Be sure to “like” Lil Helper on Facebook, follow Lil Helper on Twitter and check out the Lil Helper blog.

So, what do you think of this company? Are you excited for the review/giveaway? Take a look around their site and tell me what made you laugh the most. I promise, there are hidden gems everywhere. Read every page. 🙂

FTC compliance: I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Cloth Diapers Inserts Microfiber Pocket Diapers Review Side Snapping Sized Diapers Snap Closure Wool

Ecobubs Wool Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

Ecobubs 0 side

Ecobubs are wool blend diapers from New Zealand that mom & daughter run company Grin Unlimited, has brought to the U.S.! Grin Unlimited gives back with 1% For the Planet, uses 100% recycled paper products, LED lighting and even recycled office furniture! They work with local vendors whenever possible, and the inserts for the diapers they sell are sewn at a local factory.

Ecobubs 1 packaging

I was intrigued by the idea of a wool blend pocket since I love pocket diapers and I love wool! I wondered how it would work in a pocket diaper, since you don’t typically machine wash wool, but can reuse wool covers. The Ecobubs wool pocket is a little bit different. Think of the wool blend outer replacing the outer most layer of any pocket diaper. The wool blend outer is durable, doesn’t need to be lanolized, and can be washed like any other diaper. There is a thin layer of PUL in between the wool blend outer and the soft microfleece inner. The big benefit of wool is that it is natural, breathable and keeps skin cool in summer and warm in winter. Since there is still a layer of PUL in the diaper (and a microfleece inner) this isn’t the diaper for someone looking for a 100% natural diaper.

Ecobubs 3 front Ecobubs 4 back
Ecobubs 5 side

Ecobubs are sized diapers. I received a large, which is estimated to fit 24+ pounds. Small fits 7-16 pounds and medium fits 11-26 pounds.

Ecobubs 6 snaps Ecobubs 9 leg elastic Ecobubs 7 pocket Ecobubs 8 inside pocket

The diaper is side snapping and has a front pocket opening.

Ecobubs 10 inserts
Ecobubs 11 thick inserts 2 layersEcobubs 12 2 layer inserts

I received a microfiber insert for daytime use, as well as 2-layer inserts for nap/night time. The 2-layer inserts snap together rather than being sewn together, which makes them easier to clean and dry. I haven’t used the inserts at night since I know from experience that only a microfiber/hemp combo works for my son at night. Even when the inserts were pretty soaked, I didn’t experience any leaks.

Edit: The single insert I received is exactly the same size, shape and thickness as a typical pocket diaper’s full size insert. However, I’ve been advised that this is in fact EcoBubs’ booster, and is not intended to be used by itself. The snap together insert is the standard insert.

2 years of cloth diapering and nearly 100 diapers used, and I have never seen a booster/doubler this size. They are typically considerably narrower, shorter and/or thinner. So, when EcoBubs said they were sending me two inserts (one for daytime & one for night time) as well as a booster, I assumed they made an error & sent me 1 daytime insert and two night time inserts. I do apologize for my error.

Even though the booster is not intended to be used alone, if you typically do not have trouble with leaks when you change pockets diapers every 2-3 hours and use just one insert, the booster alone would likely work just fine.

Here is the size large measured folded and stretched:

Ecobubs 13 folded Ecobubs 14 stretched

Here’s my son in the size large, I think he is somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 pounds (?) at almost 2 1/2 years old.

Ecobubs 15 Ecobubs 16

Ecobubs 17 side Ecobubs 18 back

He still has plenty of snap settings to go!

Ecobubs 19 with thick insert

Naturally, the diaper is quite a bit fluffier with the 2-layer insert, but not unreasonably so.

Ecobubs 20 front with thick insert Ecobubs 21 side with thick insert
Ecobubs 22 back with thick insert

The Ecobubs Wool pockets come in the navy/cream stripe I received, plus chocolate/petal pink, ruby/cream, red/chocolate and chocolate/sky blue. Each diaper comes with one microfiber insert, retails for $32.95 and comes with a 12 month workmanship warranty. Though a bit pricey, they perform well and are adorable. I want to see a small pink/chocolate on someone’s newborn baby girl! I think these would make great “special occasion” diapers for photos too. How cute would the ruby/cream diaper be in holiday photos?

Right now you can only buy directly from If you use coupon code “Change” you will receive free shipping on your order. (Offer ends 11/15/11.)

Be sure to “like” Ecobubs on Facebook so you don’t miss promotions and chances to win diapers! “Like” the page to be entered to win a wool pocket (EcoBubs will draw a winner on 12/1.)

FTC compliance: While I did receive a product at no charge for review purposes, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. Although a shopping link is available on my affiliates page, links within this post are not affiliate links.

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Bumgenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers in the NEW Colors Mirror, Dazzle & Sassy!

Bumgenius Mirror Dazzle Sassy

When Cottonbabies announced the new Flip Trainers and Freetime AIO cloth diapers, I was excited for the new products, but I was especially excited for the new colors Mirror, Dazzle & Sassy, and the new prints, Albert & Lovelace. Somehow, I was under the impression that the existing Bumgenius (4.0, Elemental, Newborn AIO) and Flip products would be available in the colors/prints after the new products came out. In hindsight, I remember hearing “Fall 2011” as well as “early 2012” thrown around so who knows. I blame pregnancy brain.

Anyhoo, a week or two ago I started hearing things about “new colors shipping soon” so I was thinking that maybe the new products were releasing earlier than expected. Then I got with the program and realized that some retailers were receiving 4.0s and Elementals in the new colors already!! As of the time I’m writing this, Kelly’s Closet (affiliate link) has the new colors in stock, in snap-closure 4.0s!

Bumgenius Mirror Dazzle Sassy Bumgenius Mirror Dazzle Sassy

I knew that having two in diapers (at least for a while) soon would mean that I’d need a few more diapers, if I didn’t want to start having to wash more often (I don’t.) I had wished I could take advantage of the buy 5 get 1 free sale that is ending this week, but since I don’t know if I need pink or blue, I didn’t want to end up with a whole mess of yellow diapers. Well shiver me timbers when I found out the new colors were available and part of the buy 5 get 1 sale!! $14.48 per diaper and new colors? Yes, please!

Bumgenius Mirror Dazzle Sassy Bumgenius Mirror Dazzle Sassy

All 3 are really gorgeous, vivid, bright colors. Mirror (blue-ish), dazzle (orchid purple) and sassy (red-orange.) Dazzle is maybe a little more pink than I expected, and sassy was a bit more orange, but I’d still put either on a boy or a girl.

I didn’t have any of the artist series prints since I wasn’t exactly wild about them, but I did love the solid blue in the retail therapy print. I wondered how close the mirror color was to that blue, so I chose that as my free diaper.

Bumgenius Mirror Retail Therapy Bumgenius Mirror Retail Therapy

I actually like the mirror better than the blue in the retail therapy print. It’s gorgeous. Just a hint of green to the blue and such a beautiful, gender neutral color.

Some people say they think Bumgenius are kind of boring because they don’t have the prints that other brands do, but my hubby and I both think that Bumgenius are some of the cutest diapers we have, despite being so simple. The solid colors contrasting with the white aplix and a hint of the white inner at the waist & legs make them classically cute in my opinion! My favorites are Twilight, Moonbeam & Ribbit, along with Blossom & Zinnia if I had a girl, and now Mirror as well!

I hope Bumgenius continues to come out with more solid colors. On the other hand, maybe not…how many more diapers can I justify buying? Tee-hee!

Looking at the Bumgenius site it appears that the new colors and prints will eventually be available in the newborn AIO diapers as well!

FTC compliance: I purchased the pictured items at normal retail prices. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. This post contains a single, labeled affiliate link.

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Cloth Diapers Diaper Accessories Giveaway Microfiber One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Snap Closure Virtual Baby Shower Event

GoGreen Champ Cloth Diapers & Adapt-a-Snaps Giveaway (CLOSED 10/25)

champ diaper

GoGreen Diapers sells affordable pocket cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories

I first posted my GoGreen Champ Diaper Review in January followed by a GoGreen standard diaper review and a comparison of the GoGreen standard diaper to the Champ diaper the following month. Check out those posts if you want all the details on each type of diaper, along with measurements and lots of photos!

The GoGreen Champ diaper has snap closures, 4 rise settings, a front and rear pocket opening (the inserts agitate out!) and double gussets. They have both hip and crossover snaps, to fit small babies with no wing droop. The Champs are estimated to fit 7-40 pounds, come with a 3-layer microfiber insert, and retail for $15.95 each.

adapt a snap

I also was one of the first to try the adapt-a snap, which allows you to turn a snap diaper into a Velcro diaper! View my GoGreen adapt-a-snap review for detailed photos, plus demos of the adapt-a-snap on several diapers!

adapt a snap

The adapt-a-snaps are available in 3-packs for $16.99 (white) or $17.49 (black.)

Giveaway: GoGreen is offering one of my readers two Champ pocket diapers and two adapt-a-snaps in his/her choice of color. (ARV $43.56) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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Cloth Diapers Giveaway Inserts Made in the USA Microfiber Natural Fiber Pocket Diapers Snap Closure Two Size/Staged Diapers Velcro/Aplix Closure Virtual Baby Shower Event

Thirsties Duo Cloth Diaper Giveaway (CLOSED 10/13) US/Canada

Thirsties Duo Diaper

I bought my Thirsties Duo Diaper and published my Thirsties Duo Diaper review about 16 months ago. Take a look at it for all the detailed photos, info and measurements! (It is one that migrated from blogger to WordPress, so the text is a little squished, sorry! Manually fixing the spacing on all those posts is on my to-do list!)

16 months later and I still love this diaper. I bought the size two, which fit my son at a year old, and still fits him at 28 months old, with lots of room to grow. I haven’t had any of the longevity issues with the Velcro that I’ve had with some other diapers.

Thirsties duo diapers

The Duo Diapers are “one-size style” with 3 snap down rise settings, but they come in two sizes. Size 1 is estimated to fit 6-18 lbs and size 2 fits 18-40 lbs. This means that two sizes of diapers should get you all the way through potty training.

I love this diaper not only because the open-on-both-ends pocket actually does allow the insert to agitate out in the wash, but for the insert itself. It’s actually two inserts that snap together: a 2-layer microfiber insert and a 5 layer 55% hemp, 45% cotton insert. You don’t need to unsnap them to wash, and not being sewn together means they are easier to get clean. I did notice that over time, they shrunk a little unevenly so they don’t lay exactly flat against each other, but once they’re in the diaper, you can’t tell. The microfiber/hemp combo is a favorite of mine. Put the microfiber side closest to baby so the moisture is wicked away quickly, then the hemp layer underneath locks it away. This is definitely a reliable “car ride” diaper!

The Duo Diaper retails for $18.50 in solid colors, and Thirsties just added “mud” (brown) to the lineup! The prints, including the adorable owl print, retail for $19.50. Thirsties also just announced that the Duo Diapers are now available with snap closures!!

Be sure to request a Thirsties print catalog and “like” Thirsties on Facebook!

Giveaway: Thirsties is offering one winner a duo diaper in his/her choice of size (one: 6-18 lb or two: 18-40 lb), solid color and closure (subject to availability!) ARV $18.50. Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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