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BabyKicks NEW Basic Pocket Diaper Review / Comparison to 3G Bumboo

babykicks basic 1

Even though I really don’t need any more diapers, I was really excited when I heard about the new Babykicks diapers. I managed to resist an unexplainable urge to buy a Basic and a premium each in hook & look and snaps, but I did snag a basic in H&L.

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Cloth Diapers Giveaway Microfiber One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Review Snap Closure

Baby Babu Pocket Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 5/17) 2 Winners

baby babu 1

Baby Babu is a new line of affordable, imported cloth diapers, covers, inserts and wet bags.

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Cloth Diapers Giveaway Made in the USA Microfiber Natural Fiber One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Side Snapping Snap Closure

Giveaway – Knickernappies One Size Cloth Diaper w/Loopydo Inserts (CLOSED 3/8) U.S./Canada

Knickernappies 1

Last year, I reviewed the Knickernappies one-size cloth diaper. My son was 23 months old and about 22 pounds when I posted my Knickernappies one-size cloth diaper review, wearing the medium rise setting and next to smallest snap setting. Be sure to check out that review for all the nitty gritty details, measurements, and photos of my son at that size!

Prices have gone up a little bit since I posted my original review, but you can get the diaper with small and large microfiber inserts for $21.95, or with small and large loopydo inserts for $26.95. Loopydo inserts sell for $7.49 each separately (worth every penny BTW) so $5 extra for two is a great deal!

Knickernappies 4 side Knickernappies 5 back
Knickernappies 6 inner

I received a diaper in Knickernappies’ very first print, Ooga Booga! It’s adorable of course (I do love Ooga monsters!) and I love the matching inner.

Knickernappies 7 sml Knickernappies 8 sml

While the diaper comes with small and large inserts, they are available in small, medium & large. I’ve been using Superdo inserts at night for two years, and I continue to sing their praises! The small inserts fit in my mini one-size diapers that are a bit wider through the crotch, the mediums fit in most small one-size diapers, and the larges are what I’ve been using since my older son was in mediums (he’s still using them now in the large setting.)

Knickernappies 9 superdo loopydo inside

Both the loopydo and superdo inserts are hemp (6 layers for the superdo, 2 for the loopydo) sandwiched between 2 layers of microfiber.

Knickernappies 10 loopydo micro Knickernappies 11 superdo
Knickernappies 12 superdo loopydo micro

The loopydo is barely thicker than a microfiber insert alone, but far more absorbent. The superdo was a lifesaver at night for us, getting through every night dry. I had tried two microfiber inserts with a hemp doubler, but they were so thick, we ended up with leg gap. Thick insert + 12 hours of use=a little stinky, so I used to bleach my inserts once per month (I don’t need to anymore since adding Oxiclean to every load.) Bleach isn’t good for natural fibers, so after two years, there is some wear on the hemp of my superdos, but they still work fantastically!

Knickernappies 12-2 superdo micro Knickernappies 14 micro duperdo in diaper
Knickernappies 13 micro superdo in diaper

Of course, all that absorbency makes the diaper a little bit fluffier! Above is a diaper with a microfiber insert and one with a superdo.

Knickernappies 16 leg 10 lb 10 wk old w fs micro insert Knickernappies 17 ooga

Above is my son at 10 weeks old and around 10 pounds. It fits him with no leg gap, and is quite trim for a o/s diaper on such a small baby. He’s wearing the blue with a large microfiber insert & the ooga with a small loopydo.

Knickernappies 19 on 29 lb 2 yr 9 mo old
Knickernappies 20 back Knickernappies 21 side

My older son is now 2 years & 9 months old, and about 29 pounds. He’s wearing the largest rise setting, but it hits him quite high, and he has two snap settings to go. He has tons of room to grow!

Giveaway: One winner will receive a Knickernappies one-size diaper in their choice of color (subject to availability), with Loopydo inserts. The retail value of this prize is $26.95. Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FTC compliance: I received the pictured diaper at no cost. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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All In One Diapers Cloth Diapers Made in the USA Microfiber Review Snap Closure Two Size/Staged Diapers Velcro/Aplix Closure

Thirsties NEW Duo AIO Cloth Diaper Review

thirsties duo aio 1

The Duo AIO cloth diaper is a brand new, U.S.A. made item from Thirsties.

thirsties duo aio 1-2 tag thirsties duo aio 1-3 back of tag

Like the duo wrap, duo diaper and duo fitted, the duo AIO comes in size 1 (6-18 lbs/0-9 months) and size 2 (18-40 lbs/9-36 months) so you can truly take your child from birth to potty training with 2 sizes.

thirsties duo aio 2 closures thirsties duo aio 3 rise snaps

You can choose snap or hook & loop closures, and each size has a snap down rise to get a custom fit with 3 sizes within each size.

thirsties duo aio 4 leg elastic

The duo AIO has leg & waist elastic like the fitteds rather than the double gussets of the wraps & pockets.

thirsties duo aio 5 tunnel soaker thirsties duo aio 6 gets clean add absorbency
with addl insert under

It also has a tunnel soaker (3 layers of microfiber) like the duo fab fitted. It doesn’t have the hemp that makes me love the duo pocket, but the tunnel design allows you to add absorbency, as well as allowing for more thorough cleaning and faster drying. The inner of the diaper is soft, stay-dry microfleece.

Here you can see that the duo AIO is much more similar to the duo fab fitted

thirsties duo aio 7 duo fitted vs aio thirsties duo aio 8 duo fitted vs aio 2

Than the duo pocket (accidentally had the duo pocket on the small setting vs the AIO’s large in this photo):

thirsties duo aio 9 duo fitted vs pocket thirsties duo aio 10 duo fitted vs pocket 2

The sizing is also more similar to the fitteds.

Here is the size 1/small setting measured folded and stretched:

thirsties duo aio 11 small folded thirsties duo aio 12 small stretched

thirsties duo aio 13 small thirsties duo aio 14 small back
thirsties duo aio 15 small side


thirsties duo aio 15 medium folded thirsties duo aio 16 medium stretched

thirsties duo aio 17 medium thirsties duo aio 18 medium back
thirsties duo aio 19 medium side


thirsties duo aio 20 large folded thirsties duo aio 21 large stretched

thirsties duo aio 22 large thirsties duo aio 23 large back
thirsties duo aio 24 large side

Here’s the Thirsties Duo AIO size 1/small setting on my 6 week old, 8.5ish lb son:

thirsties duo aio on 8.5 lb baby

To compare, here he is the same day in a Duo Pocket (print), duo fab fitted (honeydew) and wrap (honeydew also.)

thirsties duo pocket on 8.5 lb 6 wk old thirsties duo fab fitted on 8.5 lb 6 wk old
thirsties duo wrap on 8.5 lb 6 wk old

I have pictures of the fab fitted on my son at days old and 6 lbs 5 oz in my newborn cloth diaper post if you’re curious about fit on a smaller baby!

This diaper is designed to be both easy to use, and affordable. 8 solid colors (plus white) retail for just $15.75, and prints are $1 more. This is $3 less than the duo pocket diaper however, hemp inserts retail for $9.00/2 pack. So, if you need the extra absorbency of hemp all the time, in every diaper, you’re not really saving over the pocket since it includes the 2 piece insert.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to someone new to cloth, who wants something affordable, that’s also super easy to use and wash!

FTC compliance: I purchased these items at normal retail prices. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Cloth Diapers Made in the USA Microfiber Natural Fiber Newborn Diapers Pocket Diapers Review Snap Closure Two Size/Staged Diapers Velcro/Aplix Closure

Thirsties Duo Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

Thirsties duo diaper 1

In nearly 2 1/2 years of cloth diapering, I have purchased and reviewed lots of Thirsties products including a size 2 duo diaper I bought about 20 months ago. However, as I was getting ready to post my Thirsties Duo AIO review, I realized I’ve never really done a proper duo diaper review. My June 2010 review was really before I did my reviews the way I do now, and while I photographed and mentioned the size 1 in my newborn cloth diaper post, I didn’t go into a ton of detail, and I’ve never compared size 1 to size 2. Not even in my duo wrap review or my duo fitted review!

So the overview is that the duo sizing is size 1 for 6-18 lbs (0-9 months) and size 2 for 18-40 lbs (9-36 months.) This means that two sizes will fit newborn-potty vs needing newborn, one size, and potentially larger sizes once the o/s are outgrown. Both sizes of the duo diaper retail for $18.50 for solids and $19.50 for prints. There are 8 colors plus white, 5 prints, and the family tree print available exclusively at my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet. Thirsties products are made in the U.S.A., and the PUL is free of VOC’s, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex.

Thirsties duo diaper 2 closures

Now the diapers are available in both snap and hook & loop closures.

Thirsties duo diaper 3 rise Thirsties duo diaper 4 double gussets

Whether you choose size 1 or size 2, you still have 3 sizes to choose from via a snap down rise, as you often see on a one-size diaper. The overall fit is much like the duo wrap, and the duo diaper has the same double gussets.

Thirsties duo diaper 5 pocket Thirsties duo diaper 7 insert

The diaper has a microfleece, stay-dry inner, front and back pocket, and the insert agitates out without unstuffing. The insert is really two inserts that snap together; a 2-layer microfiber insert and a 5 layer hemp/cotton insert. I find that this combo is the 1-2 punch necessary for leak-free extended wear (car rides, naps etc.)

Here’s the smallest setting of the size 1 measured folded and stretched (you’ll find small/large size 2 measurements in my size 2 review):

Thirsties duo diaper 8 small folded Thirsties duo diaper 9 small stretched

Thirsties duo diaper 10 small Thirsties duo diaper 11 small back
Thirsties duo diaper 12 small side

Medium size 1 folded & stretched:

Thirsties duo diaper 13 medium folded Thirsties duo diaper 14 medium stretched

Thirsties duo diaper 15 medium Thirsties duo diaper 16 medium back
Thirsties duo diaper 17 medium side

Large size 1 folded & stretched:

Thirsties duo diaper 18 large folded Thirsties duo diaper 19 large stretched

Thirsties duo diaper 20 large Thirsties duo diaper 21 large back
Thirsties duo diaper 22 large side

Now here is the size 1 vs the size 2 (in blue):

Thirsties duo diaper 22-2 width of 1 vs 2

Here I have both the size 1 and the size 2 on their smallest settings:

Thirsties duo diaper 23 small 1 vs small 2 Thirsties duo diaper 24 small 1 small 2
Thirsties duo diaper 25 small vs small Thirsties duo diaper 26 small vs small

Both on the large setting:

Thirsties duo diaper 27 large vs large Thirsties duo diaper 28 large vs large
Thirsties duo diaper 29 large vs large Thirsties duo diaper 30 large vs large

Finally, here is the largest setting of the size 1 compared to the smallest setting of the size 2:

Thirsties duo diaper 31 large 1 vs small 2 Thirsties duo diaper 32 large 1 small 2
Thirsties duo diaper 33 large 1 small 2 Thirsties duo diaper 34 large 1 small 2

Each comes with an insert sized to fit the diaper:

Thirsties duo diaper 35 inserts Thirsties duo diaper 36 inserts

Here’s my 2 1/2 year old (ok, he’s “32 months” old if you want an exact #!) and about 29 pounds, in the largest setting of the size 2 (the small setting of the size 2 hit him around his belly button at a year old/17 lbs):

Thirsties duo diaper 37 2 large on 29 lb 2.5 yo

The small setting of the size 1 fit my little guy perfectly as soon as his cord stump fell off. It fit him with the stump too, but having diapers over it kept it from drying out. Here he is at 6 lb 5 oz and just a few days old:

thirsties duo 1 65 thirsties duo 1 65-2

Now at 6 weeks and about 8 1/2 lbs:

Thirsties duo diaper 38 1 small on 8.5 lb 6 wk old

I generally avoid photographing old, well loved diapers because it’s kinda gross. However, I thought it was interesting to see how this diaper has held up. Keep in mind that I had a very tiny stash for more than a year, so this was washed a lot!

Thirsties duo diaper 39 velcro after 20 mos Thirsties duo diaper 40 laundry tabs after 20 mos
Thirsties duo diaper 41 velcro strip after 20 mos

The inner and the exposed part of the elastic are pretty dingy, but most of the wear is in the velcro. Some choose snaps to avoid this, but I think it’s really held up pretty well for as old as the diaper is, and as much use as it’s received. My husband really prefers velcro, so that’s what I choose most of the time!

So there you have it! The Thirsties Duo Pocket diaper!

FTC compliance: I purchased these items at normal retail prices. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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