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>I try to keep posts interesting and on topic, without a bunch of junk posts, so I’m putting lots of info here!

First, I now have a blogroll page.  I just added it, so it’s definitely under construction!  If you would like to be listed, please give me a link to your blog, the title of your blog, and what category you’d like to be listed in (humor, parenting, thrifty, green etc.)  I’d love to be listed on your blogroll as well, or you could grab my button and put it in your sidebar.  That’s not required though.

Second, Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! is going to be featured on Simply Stacie on July 9th.  I’m excited about that, her blog is a great resource for new bloggers.

Next, I wrote a series of guest posts for Village of Moms that are basically cloth diapering 101.  We all know I’m no expert, but I wrote basic cloth diaper info with FAQs and photos, from the viewpoint of someone who was a cloth diaper noob not long ago!  My posts will start June 5th

You might want to hang around her blog during June, after her “Green Baby” segment, she’ll be doing “all things baby and toddler” followed by “Journey to Healthy Living.”  Here are some of the giveaways she will be doing: HappyBaby and YoBaby, GroBaby cloth diapers, Rethink Crafts cloth diaper cover, BabyLegs, Posh Little Tutus, Seventh Generation Kit, Fresh Organics, BioKleen and more.

Here are my current giveaways:

June will have more giveaways, including several cloth diapers, a swim diaper, cleaning products and a new Planetwise product! has a Sleepy Wrap and Boba Carrier up for grabs, but it ends May 31st.  I see about 280 entries right now, that’s not many for such an awesome prize!  Go here to enter.

The Etheron’s Blog has a Ergo giveaway!  It ends 6/25.  Go here to enter.

Little Yaya’s Blog also has an Ergo giveaway.  Ends 6/3.  Enter here

Enter your own giveaways in the linky, or enter other good giveaways you’ve found.  Have a relaxing, long weekend!

You can copy & paste this code into your own blog post to have all of these links show on your blog as well.

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Baby Food Giveaway Natural and Organic Food Review

Happy Baby Review & Giveaway CLOSED


HappyBaby products are all organic and 100% natural with no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modification, and no preservatives.  All of their packaging is BPA free and phthalate-free, recyclable and earth-friendly!  HappyBaby works with Project Peanut Butter, and every package purchased contributes to the effort.I’ve talked about Happy Baby Food’s puffs and yogurt melts before, but they have a lot more than that!  HappyBaby sent me coupons for the HappyPuffs, HappyMelts, HappyBellies cereal, HappyBites, HappyBaby Frozen and HappyTot pouches.

The puffs, cereal and yogurt melts are available to me locally at Target, my grocery store, ToysRUs and my local organic market.  To find the other items, I made my first trip to Whole Foods (2 1/2 hours round trip), but I still couldn’t find the pouches!
The other day, we all taste tested the HappyBites chicken bites, salmon stix and mac + cheese.
I do wish the bags were recloseable.
The chicken bites and fish bites said to bake at 400 for 8 minutes; the mac + cheese take 15 minutes.
I popped all 3 in the oven and planned to take the chicken and fish out, and leave the mac + cheese in for another 7 minutes, but when I took them out, they were still frozen almost completely solid!  After a total of nearly 20 minutes, they were heated through.
The HappyBites have “hidden” vegetables like chick peas, cauliflower, butternut squash and potato (varies based on the product.)
The mac + cheese was like baked shells and cheese in patty form.
My son absolutely inhaled the chicken bites; I couldn’t break them into bite size pieces fast enough.  They had a crispy exterior and a creamy interior the consistency of stiff mashed potatoes.
The salmon stix were my husband’s favorite.  I thought they smelled like crab cakes as they were baking, and he commented that with a firmer interior, they would taste like it too.  He thought they were a little bland, but this is coming from “Mr. Hot Sauce.”  I thought they were mild tasting enough that kids would like them, but had enough flavor to exercise their little palates.  I reminded him that he wasn’t their target audience!
My 5-year old daughter was being a brat acting like a 5-year old and claimed not to like any of it.  She was just angling to get dinner over with so she could go camping. 
Prices seem to vary a bit depending on where you go.  Where we live, the yogurt melts are $3.29-$3.69, puffs $2.79-$3.29, cereal around $3.79.  The HappyBaby frozen were $4.69 and the HappyBites were $4.99-$5.99. 
I haven’t been able to find the pouches.  Whole Foods is supposed to have the best selection of HappyBaby, but they only had other brands of pouch baby food.  I could have sworn I saw them at ToysRUs, but they were another brand as well.
I’ll continue to choose HappyBaby food for their “no junk” promise, tasty organic products, BPA free packaging and social responsibility.  I’m hoping that more stores will carry their products so it will be easier to find!
Want to try some?  HappyFamily is sending an awesome package to one lucky blog reader.  (Value is well over $40, depends on your store’s prices of course!)  It includes:

2 free trial coupons for each of their products: HAPPYBABY, HAPPYBELLES, HAPPYBABYPUFFS, HAPPYMELTS, HAPPYBITES

1 FAQ on Probiotics & DHA
1 Nutrition Guide, co-authored by Dr. Sears
Here’s how to enter: (entries 2-8 are optional and you may do as few or as many as you like.)
1. Visit HappyBabyFood and have a look around.  Leave me a comment with what product looks tastiest to you.
2. Follow my blog publicly.  Comment saying you do to get your entry.
3. Fan me on Facebook.  Comment saying you’re a fan to get your entry.
4. Fan HappyFamily on Facebook.  Comment saying you’re a fan to get your entry.  I would appreciate it if you left a comment on their wall telling them you’re visiting from my blog, but it’s not required.
5. Follow me on Twitter.  Comment saying you follow to get your entry.
6. Follow HappyBabyFood on Twitter.  Comment saying you follow to get your entry.
7. Tweet about this giveaway.  Be sure to include @chgdiapers and @happybabyfood in your tweet.  One tweet per day.  Comment with a link to your tweet to get your entry. You may use this tweet if you like: @chgdiapers has a @happybabyfood #giveaway until 6/9 #organic #babyfood
8. Blog about this giveaway and be sure to link back here.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog post to get your entry.
Open to residents of the U.S. only, I’ll accept entries until Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 at 9:00 P.M., EST. 
I’ll select a winner using’s true random number generator and contact the winner by email.  Please leave your email address in a comment if it isn’t in your profile.  If I can’t contact you I will choose another winner.
Thank you to HappyFamily for providing the free product coupons for the review and giveaway.  The freebies in no way affected my review.

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All In One Diapers Cloth Diapers Made in the USA Review Sized Diapers Velcro/Aplix Closure WAHM made

The Eli Monster AIO Diaper Review


I spotted this diaper on The Eli Monster’s Hyenacart store a few months ago.  I was surprised to see that it was still “in stock” at the beginning of April when I had some money burning a hole in my paypal account.  I bought right before the owner was due to deliver her daughter, and the item’s page said shipping would be delayed by about a week.  I wasn’t worried since it was in stock, and I knew she hadn’t had the baby yet (I’m a “fan” on Facebook and was watching for updates!)
What I didn’t know is that the “in stock” items are simply items available for purchase, but they are made to order.  I hadn’t thought to check her about me page, where I would have seen the estimated 2-3 week turnaround.  I learned my lesson there and will always read “about me” pages before I buy!
It ended up being about 6 1/2 weeks before it arrived, but it was totally worth the wait, honestly!  I contacted Steph to check in a few times and she was absolutely wonderful.  I’m always leery of “complaining” because I never know how the seller will respond, or if they will think I’m going to be a cranky customer.  She was apologetic, understanding, and acknowledged that it had been a long wait!  She asked that I tell her if there was something she could do to make this a positive experience.  Considering that she birthed a 10 lb, 5 oz baby and still managed to make my diaper, and respond to my emails the same day I sent them, I’m giving her a pass.  😉
If you purchase a diaper from The Eli Monster, you can expect better quality than you’d get from the “big name” mass produced diapers.  I don’t think I found a single stitch out of place.  I’ve only seen one other “work at home Mom” diaper with the impeccable quality of The Eli Monster.  Very, very hard to believe that she made this!
I chose a size medium, which is estimated to fit 10-22 pounds.  I love that the size is on the label, and the dual sided brand label is very neat!  As you see, she sells on etsy as well.  When I took it out of the package my first thought was “oh no!  This will never fit, it’s so tiny!” 
I measured it stretched…
As it turns out, it’s almost exactly the same size as a Bumgenius 3.0 on the medium setting.
I think it looks smaller because it is so trim.  The microcloth internal soaker is extremely thin, and is sewn just through the middle of the diaper.  I have to say that I prefer the elastic style of the bumgenius (I guess “cased” elastic is the right term?)  Hard to explain, but it seems to be more secure and doesn’t dig in.
The inner of the diaper is soft suedecloth to keep baby’s bottom dry.  There is a hidden layer of PUL, so no cover is needed.
The outer looks like a woven cotton in the pictures, but it’s actually a very soft, nylon feeling material.
This diaper is called the “SpeedyPants” and has racing stripes and an applique (hand silkscreened) patch.  My husband loved the diaper, he said it looked like a race car.
I love this diaper!!  It is totally my style; those who know me know I’m not a huge fan of most “baby stuff.”  I’ve found solid, stripes and dot patterns that I like OK, but I love, love, love the diapers The Eli Monster makes.  At under $20 for an AIO diaper, I think it’s a pretty good deal.  I love how trim it is, but it is a sized diaper, so it won’t fit forever.  Oops, almost forgot, I was so hung up on how awesome it looks, it performs  well too!
The problem is now I want one of her camera wrist straps, newborn diapers (and a newborn to go with it!) and this diaper (buy one of those and she will send another to miracle diapers.)  I’ll also take one of these and these and these longies.  Oh heck, I’ll take one of everything.  Hee hee!  She has even made prefolds cool.
I purchased this item myself, I wasn’t given a freebie or discount.  The opinions (and diaper!) are my own.
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Cloth Diapers Giveaway Inserts Made in the USA Natural Fiber Natural Fiber Diapers One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Review Side Snapping Snap Closure

BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway CLOSED

>babykicks BabyKicks has been Family owned and based in my home state of Maryland since 2007.  I was really impressed to see on their history page that some of it’s production is done by local disabled workshops.

Their products are primarily natural fiber hemp products.  Here is some great info to answer the question, “why hemp?”
BabyKicks sent me a Bumboo Pocket Diaper, and they are sending one lucky blog reader the same!
The Bumboo Pocket is a one-size pocket diaper with snap down rise adjustment.
Bamboo Fleece stay dry inner.  (Oops, my mistake, bamboo fleece isn’t a stay dry material like microfleece.)
and PUL outer.
Several things make it different than any other diaper I have.
The pocket opening is in the front of the diaper.  When they’re in the back, there’s always that chance that you’ll have to stick your hand in a mess to pull the insert out!
It’s also the only side snapping diaper I have.  Instead of the wings wrapping around and snapping on the front, the front of the diaper wraps around and snaps on the side.
This makes it easier to keep diapers on streaker wannabes, and you can also use the diapers as pull up trainers. 
In the photo above, you can somewhat see that there is fleece around the leg openings, to prevent wicking.
This is also the only diaper I have with a fully hemp insert (no microfiber.)
The multi color snaps are not only cute, but make it easier to remember which snaps fit, saving time on diaper changes.
The one size diapers should fit 7-35 pounds; the small setting is quite small.
The large setting, fully stretched, is in line with other one-size pockets I’ve tried.
I tried it on my son on the next-to-smallest size.
I’ll admit, the side snapping was hard to get used to.  After several years of closing diapers in the front, it’s just different!
We got a great fit, and there were plenty more snaps to get it more snug if needed.
The hemparoo joey bunz insert was very absorbent, and it will continue to become more absorbent as I wash it more.  I just need a little more practice stuffing the diaper to get the best fold/placement of the medium insert on smaller rise settings.  The diaper retails for $18.50 and includes the insert.  I think this is a pretty good price for a one size pocket diaper made with natural fibers.
P.S. Babykicks has a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter Account.  I feel like a real dummy, but I didn’t think they had them since I couldn’t find them.  I think I was typing Baby Kicks instead of BabyKicks on Facebook, and I have an awful time finding people on Twitter.  All that came up was bunches of people who also mistakenly typed BabyKicks instead of BabyKicksUSA.  In any case, I’m not counting those as entries since it wouldn’t be fair to change the rules in the middle of the game.  Sorry folks, I think I need some sleep!
Want one?  BabyKicks is sending a Bumboo Pocket Diaper to one lucky blog reader!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit the BabyKicks store and tell me what other product you’re interested in.
2. Follow my blog publicly.  Comment to get your entry.
3. Fan me on Facebook, comment to get your entry.
4. Follow me on Twitter, comment to get your entry.
5. Tweet about this giveaway.  One tweet per day please.  Be sure to include @chgdiapers in your tweet.  Comment here to get your entry.  You can use this tweet if you like.  @chgdiapers has a BabyKicks pocket diaper up for grabs. #clothdiapers #giveaway ends 6/7
6. Blog about this giveaway and link back to me.  Leave a comment with a link to your post to get your entry.

Open to the U.S. only, I will accept entries until Monday, June 7th, 2010 at 9:00 P.M., EST.

Please be sure to leave your email address in your comment if it isn’t visible in your profile.  If I cannot contact you, I will choose another winner.  Winner will be chosen with’s true random number generator and the winner will be contacted by email.
Thank you to BabyKicks for providing the review and giveaway diapers at no charge.  The freebies in no way affected my review, all opinions are my own.
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Coupon Discount Made in Canada Review Sized Diapers Swim Diapers

Kushies Swim Diaper Review and Discount


Kushies is a Canadian company that is the world’s largest washable diaper leader (didn’t know that until now!)

Kushies sent me a swim diaper to review.  I feel like I’ve had this diaper forever; I’ve been waiting to get some “action shots” but as soon as I got it, our weather turned cold, then rainy!

I received the fishy print, which is adorable!  It’s a size medium, which should fit 14-25 pounds.
Kushies has gender neutral, prints, boyish prints, girly prints, and this adorable girl swimsuit diaper!
I wish they made some that looked like swim trunks!
Just like their disposable counterparts, Kushies swim diapers are not absorbent, they are designed just to catch any solid waste.
The diaper has an easy Velcro closure, but the tie closure prevents little ones from turning the beach into an “au natural” beach!
The middle of the inner is super soft fabric. 
It’s lined with a meshy fabric.
It fit wonderfully. 
I’ve never had to put a swim diaper “to the test” so to speak, even in my disposable days.  I don’t doubt this would do the job!  As with any swim diaper, don’t put it on until you’re ready to swim, since they aren’t absorbent (as evidenced by the wet towel not visible in this picture, LOL!)
Kushies doesn’t just make diapers, they make clothing, accessories, blankets, bedding, toys and more!
They are offering a 10% discount to my readers to use at their store, kushiesonline.  Check out the clearance section for a great deal on the girls swimsuit diapers and some other cute stuff.
Enter code changediapers2010 to receive 10% off your order!
Thank you to Kushies for providing the review diaper, the freebie in no way affected my review.
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