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Itti Bitti’s Limited Edition Carnivale Print Cloth Diaper / Great Customer Service

itti bitti 1

In March, I posted my Itti Bitti Tutto review. If you’re curious about Itti Bitti Diapers, take a look at that review. I have tons of pictures, plus a video showing how to use the soakers. Anyway, I went to use the diaper a few months ago, and one of the snaps was missing.

itti bitti 2 snap itti bitti 3 snap

I was so confused by what I was seeing. I felt for the snaps a few times before I even actually looked at it, LOL. It looks like what happened was the “cap” part of the snap came off, and the other side then stayed snapped into the front panel of the diaper.

I was definitely not expecting a new diaper (I mean, I didn’t pay for the diaper in the first place!), but I did contact Itti Bitti to let them know what happened. After all, a company can’t address a problem if they don’t know anyone is having it.

itti bitti 4 replacement diaper

I received a response to my email, followed by a new diaper in my mailbox lickety split!

itti bitti 5 side itti bitti 6 back

Itti Bitti sent me one of their limited edition print diapers in the Carnivale print. They have a zebra print too (so cute) and all are the same super soft minky we love. They also have two new products, the minkee blankees and luxury change mats, to match the new diaper prints. The limited edition products will only be available until stock is exhausted, so if there’s one you like, grab it now!

FTC compliance: I received the pictured item as a warranty replacement for an item I originally received at no cost for review purposes (whew, that was a mouthful!) I was not compensated for, or asked to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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Cloth Diapers Giveaway One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Snap Closure Velcro/Aplix Closure Virtual Baby Shower Event Warranties

3 Bumgenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers Giveaway (CLOSED 10/17) US/Canada

Bumgenius Cloth Diapers

The Virtual Baby Shower Event is here! If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that October 2011 also marks two years of cloth diapering for me! Yep. In October 2009, my stash started with just three Bumgenius 3.0 cloth diapers (shortly followed by three more.) I washed those suckers twice a day, then every day for a long time! Three of those were replaced under the awesome Cottonbabies warranty, two are in need of Velcro replacement and one is still going strong!

I’ve had a great experience with their products and their customer service, and I have a lot of respect for Cottonbabies owner Jennifer Labit. Not just as a business owner, but as a human being.

I thought it was only fitting to kick off the Virtual Baby Shower event with a giveaway for three Bumgenius 4.0 cloth diapers (4.0s are even better than the 3.0s I started with) in your choice of solid color and closure. I will purchase the diapers from my choice of reputable online retailer, including any of my affiliates, or another of my choice.

Giveaway: Three Bumgenius 4.0 cloth diapers in winner’s choice of solid color and closure (ARV $53.85.) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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Cloth Diapers Diaper Covers Giveaway Prefolds PUL Review Sized Diapers Velcro/Aplix Closure Warranties

Real Nappies Cloth Diapers & Covers/Wraps Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 5/26)

real nappies 1

Real Nappies makes quality cloth diapers and covers, swim diapers, training pants and accessories at affordable prices.

real nappies 2 top up pack

I received the Real Nappies “Top up Pack” to review. The top up pack retails for $39 and contains 6 cloth diapers (100% Indian cotton prefolds, 6 diapers retail for $19.99-$29.99 separately, depending on size) and 2 snug wraps. The wraps in the packages are available in white only, but sold separately for $12 each, you can get them in red, blue or pink!

real nappies 3 6 prefolds

The diapers and covers come in 4 sizes. Newborn (6-13 lb), Infant (11-20 lb), Crawler (17-30 lb) and Toddler (29-40+ lb.) Even though my son is almost two, I chose the crawler size based on weight.

real nappies 4 before preppingreal nappies 5 after prepping

As I expected, the prefolds shrunk a good bit in length after washing & drying (before on left, after on right.)

real nappies 5 before prepping

They did not shrink noticeably in width.

real nappies 6 prefolds stacked

Cloth diapers (no matter what kind) look so pretty stacked up after washing!

real nappies 7 snug wrap cover crawler

The snug wraps are high quality PUL, and you can reuse them for several diaper changes.

real nappies 8 laundry tabs

They do have laundry tabs for the Velcro closures, but I do wish they were a little bit bigger!

real nappies 9 rear elasticreal nappies 10 leg elastic

The covers have gentle (but effective) elastic at the rear and legs.

Here is the crawler size measured both folded and stretched. The elastic isn’t super tight, so it doesn’t have tons of stretch.

real nappies 11 crawler cover measured foldedreal nappies 12 crawler cover measured stretched

There is a flap of PUL at the front of the diaper:

real nappies 13 flap covering aplix

Though it seems to be calling out to have the prefold tucked under it, don’t do it! The flap is there to prevent any wicking through where the Velcro strip is sewn on.

real nappies 14 fold prefoldreal nappies 15 place in cover

To use the system, simply fold the prefold and place it in the cover. The guide included with the pack includes tips on how to best fold for boys, girls etc. I was thinking it was going to look really bulky the way I folded it, but it didn’t!

Here’s the crawler size on my 22ish pound almost 2-year old:

real nappies 16 crawler size on 22 lb babyreal nappies 18 crawler cover side

I think it fit him quite well, and the prefold was very absorbent! (They also sell boosters to make them work better at night!)
real nappies 19 crawler cover frontreal nappies 20 crawler cover rear

Real Nappies has tons of packages available, from a $15 intro pack (1 cover & 1 prefold) to a $499 birth to potty pack. For $69, you can get 12 diapers, 3 covers and 100 liners in the Essentials Pack. That would get you in cloth full time (though you would be washing a lot!) for about the same cost as a month of disposables!

Definitely note that even though these are affordable, Real Nappies has a Two-Child Guarantee. They guarantee that you’ll be able to use Real Nappies Cloth Diapers and Snug Wraps for at least two children, and will repair or replace a diaper or cover that fails before your second child outgrows it! Now of course, there are caveats (click the link to read all the details) and in order for the guarantee to apply, you have to wash them no more often than every two days, using at least the minimum recommended # of diapers. So, you can’t wash them 2 times a day (like I did with my first 6 diapers) and have them replaced.

Giveaway: Real Nappies is offering one reader an intro pack in his/her choice of size (ARV $15.00.)

Here’s how to enter: All entries go in the form below. I love comments (great way to remind yourself you entered) but comments do not count as entries.

Mandatory entries include your name, email address and what size Real Nappies you would need. You may receive a bonus entry if you “like” The Real Nappies USA page . They are giving away a $150 prize pack when they reach 1,000 fans!

I will accept entries until Thursday, May 26th, 2011 at 9:00 P.M. Eastern. I will select a winner using’s true random number generator and notify him/her by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen. View my giveaway rules page for complete details. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S.

# of entries received as of giveaway close: 302

FTC compliance: I received the pictured items at no cost in order to review them. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

Disclosure: This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, nor associated with Facebook. By entering, you release Facebook from any responsibility and understand that the information entered on this form will not be disclosed to Facebook.

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Cloth Diapering How To/Demo Velcro/Aplix Closure Warranties

Replacing Bumgenius 3.0 Aplix or Velcro & Laundry Tabs Without a Sewing Machine (Bumgenius Refresher Tutorial)

bumgenius aplix replacement without a sewing machine

Yes, it can be done; I did it.  I have lots of pictures for you!
My cloth diaper stash started with 6 Bumgenius 3.0 pocket diapers.  I bought three in October 2009 to try, followed by 3 more about a week later.  Those 6 got a ton of use as I slowly built up my stash.  As I expected, after nearly constant use, the aplix started to curl, and the laundry tabs started to shrink.  Three of the six were replaced under the Bumgenius warranty, (Cottonbabies’ warranty and customer service are superb by the way) however, the other three really weren’t bad enough to be replaced before the 1-year warranty ended.
worn out bumgenius velcroworn out bumgenius aplix
worn out bumgenius laundry tabsshrunken bumgenius laundry tabs

I have quite a stash of diapers in rotation now; I wash every other day, and diapers are used just a few times a week.  However, two of my Bumgenius 3.0s are still my primary night time diapers (I rotate 4, including a fitted/wool, but the BG are my favorites) so they are still used a lot.  You can see above that the laundry tabs are shrunken and the closure tabs are starting to curl.  They still stick fine to the front of the diaper, but they don’t stick to the laundry tabs anymore.
16 month old bumgenius 3.016 month old bumgenius laundry tabs

laundry tabback of laundry tab

On the other hand, one 3.0 that has been in my regular rotation still looks fine after 16 months.

bumgenius refresher kit

Cottonbabies sells Bumgenius refresher kits for $1.00 each.  They include 3 pieces of elastic, two closure tabs, two laundry tabs, and ship for free.

The kits also include instructions for doing the repairs with a sewing machine.  I’ve adapted them to do it by hand!  Luckily, I didn’t need to replace any elastic, so I’ve just done the closure and laundry tabs.  I decided to try this on a Bumgenius 3.0 AIO I got for free with a coupon code.  That way if I really screwed it up, I wouldn’t be heartbroken!

removing tabscutting tabs

cut tab

First, I very carefully cut the ends of the closure tabs.  The instructions say to remove them with a seam ripper, but I found it much easier to cut the tabs first.  Of course, you want to be very careful not to cut the diaper!

opening tabremoving old tab

seam ripping tabremoving tab

After cutting the ends of the tabs off, it was easy to use a seam ripper to loosen the tabs and remove them.

tab almost offtabs off
tabs offtabs off

bumgenius refresher instructions

The refresher kit included instructions on how to attach the new tabs of course.

new tabssecuring new tabs

new closure tabs

Once I had placed the new tabs, I decided to put a couple stitches to hold the tabs together.  This way it was a little bit easier to keep the tabs in the right place against the diaper, and against each other.

stitches to hold together

As instructed, I started on the flat side and went around the tab twice.

sewing new bumgenius tabsbumgenius velcro replacement by hand

bumgenius aplix replacement

When I finished, I realized the tab had slipped a bit as I was sewing, and ended up a little crooked.  It really doesn’t matter, since the laundry tabs and front strip are quite large and forgiving!

finished tabgrippy side

fuzzy side

The awesome thing about these refresher kits, is that they include the new, “4.0 style” laundry tabs, which (so far) seem to function and hold up far better than the 3.0 style.  Of course, if you are buying these kits from your favorite retailer, check with them first to see which style kit they have.

The instructions say to sew right over the old laundry tabs, but I decided to remove them.

removing old laundry tabsseam ripping old laundry tabs

It took a little longer to remove these than the closure tabs, but it was still pretty quick work.

removed laundry tab

I sewed around the edge of each laundry tab, then in an x through the middle, like the original tabs.

sewing new bumgenius laundry tabreplacing bumgenius laundry tabs by hand

I didn’t really worry too much about making my stitching perfectly even and straight, and I don’t think it was noticeable on the finished tabs.

new bumgenius laundry tabsback

I am pretty happy that $1.00 and some time gave my diapers new life!

bumgenius refresher

I’m not going to lie, this was definitely a little time consuming and tedious to do by hand!

new laundry and closure tabsbumgenius refresher without a sewing machine

The hardest part was going through the thickest portion of the tab where the diaper’s stretchy tab was seamed.  I probably wouldn’t sit down and try to refresh a whole stack of diapers by hand in one sitting, but I will do the others one at a time eventually!

I’m not sure exactly how long it took me; it definitely took me a bit longer since I was taking pictures as I went.  I’m sure the next diapers will go more quickly since I know what I’m doing now!  I want to order an extra kit to replace the horrid laundry tabs on my Blueberry diaper too!

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Cloth Diapering Warranties

My Bumgenius Warranty Experience


bumgenius cloth diapers
So, for anyone who inevitably says “tl;dr,” (that is, too long; didn’t read…and I don’t blame you if you do!) here’s the cliff notes version: I big puffy heart Cottonbabies customer service.
curling aplix

My first ever cloth diapers were Bumgenius 3.0s.  I bought three in October 2009, and bought three more maybe a week or so later.  Those 6 diapers have gotten a lot of use, since my strategy was to wash often, saving the money I would have spent on disposables.  I used that money to build my stash gradually, and it was several months before I finally had enough to go to every other day washing!

cloth diapers after washing

I knew from reviews that Bumgenius aplix didn’t last very long, but after a few months, my diapers started looking like this when they came out of the wash!

These two saw the worst of it.  The laundry tabs were pilly, one was rather shrunken, and the closure tabs were curled.
I know that Cottonbabies sells refresher kits, but I don’t have a sewing machine.  My Mom has an older one that she would let me use, but it’s kind of awful (sorry Mom!) and would probably make a mess of it.  I was thinking I could just buy some white thread and try to do them by hand, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check first, to see if this would be covered under the 1 year warranty.
I contacted Cottonbabies customer service on Monday, August 23rd and had a response the same day.  To my surprise, it indeed would be covered under warranty.  On the one hand, a product advertised to take your baby through potty training should last at least a year without needing “refreshing,” but on the other hand, it didn’t seem surprising to have aplix issues after nearly a year of lots of use.  I was pleasantly surprised!
I read on, and the other shoe dropped.  The email said I would need to include info on how I cared for the diapers, including detergent.  Dun dun dunnnnnn!  We went back and forth for a few days, since the insinuation was that my warranty would be voided since I used detergents that were not “5 stars” on the “safe” list.
Finally, on August 27th, I received word that it should be OK, and I could go ahead and send them in.
bumgenius cloth diapers
I filled out an easy form online, received an RMA number, and packed the diapers up with a copy of my receipt, info about what was wrong with them, and included the RMA number inside and on the label.  For the record, the RMA form did not ask me to include any info about how I cared for them.
Cottonbabies requires that diapers sent back be clean and stink free, and I think mine were.  They didn’t say whether or not I need to send along the inserts and doublers, so I went ahead and put them in.  I sent them via USPS priority mail, printed online with delivery confirmation, at a cost of $5.05.
I put them in the mail on Saturday, August 28th.  I actually felt a little sad saying goodbye to these, since they are two of the three diapers that started me on my cloth diapering journey.  Am I weird or what?
On Monday, August 30th, I received an email saying that my exchange was processed, and that I’d be receiving another email when my replacement diapers shipped.  #1, hello, that was fast!  #2 how awesome that I was kept aware of every step!
On Thursday, September 2nd, I received a shipping notice with a tracking number.
bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers
On Tuesday, September 7th, I received two brand new Bumgenius diapers in the mail!! They were in the next town over the weekend, so I know they would have been here even sooner if it weren’t for the holiday.

The surprise was that they are 4.0 diapers! Yay!! So that means I probably won’t have any more problems with the aplix, though I assume replacement diapers don’t come with their own warranty.

I am just beyond thrilled right now. Essentially for $5.05 I have two spanking new diapers, and got 10 1/2 months use out of the original diapers.

Awesome, just awesome! Especially when I think about the trouble I had with my Blueberry aplix after only a month or so, and the “too bad for you” response I received when I contacted them!

I have heard Bumgenius referred to as the “Wal Mart of Cloth Diapers” and while I do think they are a big name in cloth diapering, they didn’t get there with poor business practices. They make an awesome product; I have lots of favorites, but BG are still the ones my husband reaches for (past others) and they have just been all around great for us! This is just icing on the cake for me!

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