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PLUMP Diapers AI2 Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 10/28)


Plump O/S AI2

PLUMP Diapers are made by WAHM Kassi.  Now that I’ve gotten my hands on a PLUMP, you’re going to have to listen to me gush about another amazing WAHM.

plump mailplump packaging

we love it already

My son has never shown interest in a diaper before.  He snatched this from me as soon as I got it out of the package!

ooga booga snaps ooga booga cotton velour

I know Ooga Booga fabric seems to be “love it” or “hate it.  I love the monsters, but I’ve never cared for any of the fabrics.  When they were supposed to be printing a turquoise on brown ooga fabric, I was poised to buy some from a fabric co-op so I could have a custom diaper made.  Unfortunately, they didn’t end up printing the brown.  When Kassi agreed to allow me to review for her, I was just happy to get to try a PLUMP.  I was really excited when she said she wanted to make me a custom!  So, I chose the Turquoise ooga Cotton Velour (CV) with a minky inner.  I asked for gender neutral snaps and I was so surprised to see adorable OOGA snaps!!


The craftsmanship is just incredible.

snapswing snaps

PLUMPs do have 10 jillion snaps (OK so 4 on each wing) which makes me feel a little short of breath (LOL).  In the end, I cheated and only closed the outer and inner most snaps on each wing and it worked just fine.  The good thing about having so many snaps, is that it gives you so many options; you’ll never find yourself needing a snap where there isn’t one.  Kassi will include hip snap covers upon request (50 cents per pair), so soft fabric (rather than a snap) will touch your baby’s skin once the outer most snaps (hip snaps) are no longer needed.

snap down rise

This PLUMP all-in two (AI2) is one-size via a “fold down” rise.  What makes it unique is that it actually snaps into place.  So, you don’t have to try to hold it down on a wiggly baby while simultaneously trying to snap the wings.

Here it is on the small setting:

small settingsmall setting front

small setting rear

Here is the small setting, measured folded and stretched:

small folded small stretched

Large folded and stretched:

large folded large stretched

My diaper has a minky inner, and petal style soakers that snap together.  The layers are (deep breath!): Minky/Organic Bamboo Fleece (OBF)/ZORB/OBF and OBF/ZORB/OBF/Cotton Velour (CV).  Minky touches baby’s skin, with 8 layers of absorbency in the soakers!

bubble minky inner 

minky and cv soakerssoakers snap together

It also has this spiffy laundry snap, which allows you to hang the diaper with no clothes pins!

laundry snaplaundry snap closed

laundry snap in use

If you’re new around these-here parts, you don’t already know that my son is a little peanut.  He’s 17 months old (or he will be on Saturday) and he’s about 18.5 pounds and 30 inches.  Here he is wearing the large (unfolded rise) setting:

large on baby-rear large on baby side

side of large on seated babylarge on baby front seated

large on baby front

 I was able to put the diaper on him, on the small setting, while he was wiggling around on my lap, upside down.  So much for my fear of all the snaps, huh?  I win, snaps, I win!

putting the small setting on

One thing that I love about this diaper is that I don’t have to fold the soakers!  Even on the small setting, just pull them up over baby, close the diaper, and you’re done.  They don’t hang out of the diaper!  When I was looking over the diaper when I first got it, the soakers seemed thick, and I wondered how it would work.  It wasn’t until I put it on him that I realized they are sized such that they don’t need to be folded.  So, you get all the absorbency without all the folding, and the diaper is no more “plump” (hee hee) than others!

small setting 18.5 lb baby small setting rear

small setting side small setting front

We have used this diaper several times and we’ve never had a leak, including fruit/fruit juice induced (and gag-inducing) messes.  The one-size diapers are estimated to fit 10-35 pounds.

small frontsmall back

All-in-twos retail for about $18-$21; fitteds about $16-$19.  You can find PLUMP Diapers on Hyenacart, as well as the Cuties With Cloth Booties Congo and the Bliss Congo.  Kassi also makes incredible, one-of-a-kind diapers like this Sun/moon Minky AI2 and this Oh Christmas Tree Diaper (which kind of makes me want M&Ms).  She also makes embellished diapers, like this Bat AI2, this blue snowflake diaper and this red snowflake diaper.

Giveaway: PLUMP Diapers is offering some lucky stiff a custom PLUMP. You can choose an AI2, Fitted or Pocket tester in your choice of fabric.  (Does not include pieced or one of a kind diapers, hard to find or premium fabric.)  Please notice PLUMP’s note: “Ours is a non-smoking home.  We do have pets.  They don’t smoke either.”

Here’s how to enter: All entries go in the form.  Feel free to express your fluff envy in the comments, but comments don’t count as entries.  Mandatory entries include name, email address and your favorite PLUMP item (available or sold) from the PLUMP store, the Cuties With Cloth Booties Congo or the Bliss Congo.  You may take advantage of the bonus entry for “liking” PLUMP on Facebook.  I highly recommend it, especially since she has a 10% discount code just for Facebook fans right now, and offers discounts to her fans from time to time!

I will accept entries until Thursday, October 28th 2010 at 9 P.M. Eastern.  I will select a winner using random.org’s true random number generator and notify him/her by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen.  View my giveaway rules page for complete details.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Entries as of October 28th, 2010 at 9:00 P.M.: 284


FTC Compliance: I received the pictured diaper at no charge, in order to write this review.  I was not compensated for this post, I was not requested or required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

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A Year of Fluff All In Two Diapers Cloth Diapers Giveaway Hybrid Diapers Inserts Made in Canada Natural Fiber Natural Fiber Diapers One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Review Snap Closure

AMP Duo Diaper Review & Giveaway (10/12)


amp duo diaper
My first sponsored review/giveaway for my “A Year of Fluff” Event is the AMP duo Pocket DiaperAMP Diapers is a Canadian company that makes sized pocket, AIO and AI2 diapers, inserts, boosters and the great one-size duo diaper I reviewed.
amp duo diaper
The Duo Diaper is a one-size diaper (via a snap down rise).  It has a PUL outer and stay dry fleece inner.
amp duo diaper inserts
The inserts come in two layer hemp, three layer hemp (for naps and bedtime), as well as bamboo and cotton fleece.
amp duo diaper pocket
The Duo Diaper has a nice, wide, easy to stuff pocket.
amp dup diaper snapsamp duo diaper snap closure
and snap closure.
amp diaperamp diaper leg opening
amp diaper labelamp diaper back
The One-Size diaper is estimated to fit babies from 7-35 pounds.
Here it is on the small setting, as well as stretched:
amp diaper smallamp diaper small stretched
Medium and stretched:
amp diaper medium amp diaper medium stretched
Large and stretched:
amp diaper large amp diaper large stretched
amp diaper insertsamp diaper inserts color code
I received a bamboo insert, and a two layer hemp insert.  The inserts are color coded by their stitching so it’s easy to remember which is which.
amp diaper as an all in two amp diaper as a pocket diaper
What makes this a “Duo Diaper” is that you can use it with the insert stuffed inside the pocket, or lay it on top and use it as an all-in-two.  As long as the fleece isn’t damp or soiled, re-use the shell with a fresh insert.
amp diaper on babyamp diaper leg on baby
amp diaper front on babyamp diaper back on baby
It’s no secret that pocket diapers with a stay dry inner are my favorite, so that’s how I used it.  I prepped the inserts just a few times before the first use, and they have continued to gain absorbency as I use them.  The AMP is neither the trimmest nor the bulkiest diaper I have, but the diaper fits well and absorbs like crazy; no leaks!  The diaper retails for $18.95 from Snooty Booty Diapers.  A 2-layer hemp insert in lieu of microfiber adds about $4.50 to the cost, $5.95 if purchased separately.
Giveaway: Amp diapers is sending a Duo Diaper and hemp insert to one lucky blog reader!

Here’s how to enter: All entries go in the form below.  Feel free to leave a comment about the post, or simply to remind yourself that you entered however, comments will not be counted as entries Mandatory entries include name, email address and your favorite AMP Diaper color (there are tons!)  You may “like” AMP Diapers on Facebook and/or follow AMP Diapers on Twitter for bonus entries.  This post will be updated daily (or so) with the # of entries received, for those of you who like to know your odds.

I will accept entries until Tuesday, October 12th 2010 at 9 P.M. Eastern.  I will select a winner using random.org’s true random number generator and notify him/her by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen.  View my giveaway rules page for complete details.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
Entries as of October 12th, 2010 at 9:00 P.M.: 315


FTC Compliance: I was provided with a review product at no charge; I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 10/4/10


email me
Make sure you check out the “Year of Fluff” post for all of the upcoming giveaways.  There are two active giveaways right now, and three more coming this week!

Every Monday I will answer user submitted questions. They don’t have to be about cloth diapering! I’ll always answer questions via email, but if you would like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an email with the subject “Mailbox Mondays” to Maria at change-diapers dot com.

I am looking for submissions for late October and beyond!

Heidi says:

What’s the best natural fiber doubler that is inexpensive and effective?

For natural fibers, I like hemp. Very absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial. Bamboo/cotton blends are also great!
Unfortunately, natural fiber products are also more expensive than their microfiber counterparts, and natural fiber doublers aren’t as easy to find as full-size natural fiber inserts..
A small Baby Kicks Joey Bunz Hemparoo (13.5″ long and 6″ wide at it’s widest) retails for about $5.00. I really like the organic cotton/bamboo doubler that came with my Blueberry Bamboo diaper, but I don’t think the doubler is sold separately. The one size insert and doubler sell for $8.00.
Bethany says:

How many scoops of Tiny bubbles do you have to literally use on dirty diapers with an older washing machine?


Tiny Bubbles is designed for cloth diapers, so I would suggest using the recommended amount (not 1/4 or 1/2 like you would with a standard detergent.) I believe that would be two scoops in a top load washer with normal water (use less if you have soft water.) If you don’t already, I’d suggest doing a cold wash (without detergent) first to rinse the diapers, then a hot wash with the detergent.

So how about you guys?  Have you used Tiny Bubbles?  How much do you use?  Do you have a favorite natural fiber doubler?

My post on The Village of Moms today is about my experience with baby wearing.  I’d love for you to check it out!

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All In One Diapers All In Two Diapers Giveaway Made in the USA One Size Diapers Review WAHM made

Bagshot Row Bamboo Hybrid AIO Review & Giveaway! CLOSED


Bagshot Row Bamboo were the first bamboo snappiable/pinnable fitted diapers on the market.  They’re very popular, quickly selling out after each store stocking.

Like most other cloth diapers, Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB) diapers were created when Joyce wasn’t able to get quite the right fit with the snapping bamboo diapers she was using.  Her two-part soaker was also unique at the time, though many imitations have followed.  She made them extra long to allow for folding to gain more absorbency, and they were sewn in two parts for faster drying.

For those of us that prefer a waterproof diaper, Joyce created the Bagshot Row Bamboo Hybrid All In One.
This is a great example of why I think diaper names are confusing
The BSRB Hybrid AIO has two full layers of non-pill fleece, and a decorative layer of cotton knit in the outer shell of the diaper.  Note that there is no PUL, so it’s a great alternative for Mamas who want a waterproof diaper, but have babies with PUL sensitivities.

There is no absorbent material sewn into the shell.  The diaper comes with a two part soaker made with bamboo/organic cotton fleece which snaps into the shell.  This is what I would call an all in two.  However, as I’ve discussed before, some people feel that only hybrid systems like the flip, where the shell can be wiped and reused for multiple changes, are all in twos.  Anything that can only be used once before laundering (in the opinion of some) is an all in one, despite being made up of two pieces.
I had no issues with wicking on this diaper, and I think that’s because the decorative cotton outer is sewn toward the back of the diaper, and not in the wet zone, where the legs would be prone to wicking.
The soaker is purposely made extra-long, to allow for double, or even triple folding.  If you double both soakers over, you will have 12 layers of absorbency.
This diaper is closure-less, meaning it does not have snaps, Velcro or another closure method built in.  You have to use pins or a snappi to secure it.  The benefit is that you’re not constrained by rise or snap settings; the fit is infinitely adjustable.  I only have one other closure-less diaper, so I’m really not the best at using snappis.  I am sure if you use them more regularly, they will be easier to use.  I’m getting better at it already. 
Even so, I still prefer snaps, and Joyce offers snaps as an option.  However, they are done by another WAHM, so you would need to contact her for a quote, pay, and wait for Joyce to send your diapers to her for the addition of snaps.
Not too bad for my first attempt!  My subsequent attempts were better, I swear!
Even though these diapers are waterproof, you should not let your baby wear them alone (no clothes) and also follow Snappi Baby’s safety instructions to NOT use a Snappi fastener on toddlers who have the ability to undo their cover and take off their diaper and/or clothes.  Snappi fasteners do have somewhat sharp grippers, and the plastic tabs could potentially be chewed/choked on.
The first time I used my BSRB AIO, the soakers were hardly wet when I changed it.  The second time, he pooped in it immediately (soakers didn’t stain at all by the way.)  So, the third time, I purposely left it on him longer than usual, so I could really test the absorbency.  I was quite surprised when I realized I could have left it on him even longer still!  There was no leaking, no wicking, and the soakers had tons of absorbency left.  They weren’t even fully saturated.
If you want your own Bagshot Row Bamboo Hybrid AIO, you’ll have to stalk her Hyenacart store.  She stocks each Friday at 4 and 6 P.M. central time.  Her diapers sell for $20-$25 depending on style. 
Or, you can win one!  Joyce will make one lucky blog reader a BSRB diaper in their choice of style and print!

Here’s how to enter:  The first entry is mandatory, the rest are optional.  You may do as few or as many as you like.  Leave a separate comment for each entry.  Please make sure to include your email address in at least one comment, if it isn’t viewable in your profile.  Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only.

1. Visit Bagshot Row Bamboo’s Store and tell me what style and print you would choose if you won.  If there isn’t much in the store, you can see the items that will be stocked shortly here.
2. Follow my blog.
5. Tweet about this giveaway.  One tweet per day.  Please be sure to link to this post.  You may use this tweet if you like: @chgdiapers has a #giveaway for a Bagshot Row Bamboo Hybrid All In One #clothdiaper http://bit.ly/cNuQcV ends 6/24

I will accept entries until Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 9 P.M., Eastern.  I’ll select a winner using random.org’s true random number generator, and notify him/her by email.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and another winner is chosen.
Bagshot Row Bamboo provided a diaper to me at no charge, for the purpose of reviewing it.  No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are honest and my own.  BSRB also will provide a diaper to one blog reader at no charge.  Thank you BSRB!
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Cloth Diapers Fitted Diapers Made in the USA One Size Diapers Review Snap Closure WAHM made

EllaBella Bottoms Fitted Diaper


A while ago, when I was looking for a night time diapering solution, I was asking people what brand their most absorbent fitted was; I heard EllaBella Bottoms a lot.
I sat back patiently and waited for her to stock her store, then realized she was stocking in a congo and not her own store (she stocks here too).  Oopsie.  Once I figured out where I should be looking, I couldn’t coordinate her stocking dates with my wallet stocking dates.  i.e. I was broke.  Finally I was all set to buy a custom slot and I almost missed out!  EBBs are very popular.  I looked a few minutes before the stocking at 8 P.M. then forgot until after 10 and I barely snagged the last one!
Turnaround was pretty quick for a custom.  I paid for the slot ($10 deposit that went towards the final price) on 3/28 (late at night) and she contacted me the next morning to get started.  I received the invoice for the balance when the diaper was complete on 4/8 and I got the fluffy goodness in my mailbox 4/15.
I didn’t give Mandy a whole lot to go on.  I chose the outer cotton knit fabric, and told her to pick the inside for me.  I also asked her to include a booster/doubler. 
Her listing stated that the price of the diaper was $18 and shipping was $3.50.  She normally charges $3.00 for a doubler.  My total cost including shipping was $23.50.  My invoice said she didn’t charge me for the doubler because she wasn’t totally happy with her stitching, but by my math, she just gave me a $1.00 discount.  No matter.

She included a sample packet of Lil’ Outlaws pail pardner.  I didn’t realize it was in the bag until I went to throw it away, I just noticed that the diaper was smelly (not bad smelly).  I always wash my diapers before the first wear, and I know that some people store their supplies near other things, so it really didn’t matter to me. 

I do suggest that WAHMs be cautious with the use of scent because some people are much more sensitive than I am.  I always forget to ask sellers if they are smoke free but I need to start doing that before I get a yucky surprise in my mailbox!

Before anyone thinks I’m picking on Mandy, back to the fluff!

So cute!

I love this fabric.  Mandy told me it was quite stretchy, and I’d heard other people say that as well.  I’m sure that makes it more difficult to sew perfectly straight.  I tried zigzagging some old stretchy burp cloths to use as wipes and it was not pretty folks!  Again, not trying to pick on Mandy but I like to be very thorough in my reviews!  🙂

It has the cut/shape and fold down rise with snaps that are pretty standard for a one size fitted it seems.

It of course has the cotton knit outer, and has a hidden layer of bamboo fleece and a polyester minky inner.

The two snap-in soakers have layers of bamboo and cotton terry, topped with the polyester minky.  The booster is bamboo fleece topped with the minky.

The layers are quite thick.  For comparison, here it is on the bottom, another O/S fitted on top of it and my Guerilla Fluff on top of that.
Just the two.
Finally, just the EBB with the utilitarian.
Just a single soaker from each.
The first time I put the EllaBella Bottoms diaper on my son, I tried to fold the soakers and doubler over; I’m used to doing this since my son can be quite a heavy soaker.
It was way too bulky like this and I didn’t feel like I could get a good fit without leg gap.  As it turns out, it was totally unnecessary.  The next time, I didn’t fold anything (except the rise) and he had it on with the flip cover for about 2 1/2 hours with no leaks, and the outside of the diaper was hardly damp (and in the wet zone only at that!)  I am definitely going to try this dipe at night!
Here are some photos of it in action. I wish I could remember what diaper he had on before this that left all those red marks. Yikes!
The red marks on his leg here are from razor sharp baby fingernails combined with his love of grabbing mounds of flesh (his favorite pastime while nursing!)
If you’re looking for a super absorbent fitted, EllaBella Bottoms should definitely be on your short list!
Edit August 2010: This diaper is adorable and very absorbent, but it’s not in our regular rotation right now simply because I prefer pockets to fitteds.  It has held up quite well, though the doubler shrunk oddly/unevenly and has curled up.
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