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Heartland Dreams One Size Pocket Diaper (Tester) Review!


heartland dreams pocket diaper 

I’ve had my Heartland Dreams Fitted for about 10 months.  Fitteds aren’t my favorite, but Heartland Dreams (HD from here on out for lazy me) were recommended to me as an very absorbent fitted, and I turned to fitteds and wool when my son was a night time super soaker!
As it turns out, HD aren’t just absorbent, they are incredibly well made as well.  I love a lot of work at home mom (WAHM) made diapers, but HD are amazing.

Heartland Dreams One Size Pocket Diaper

I found out that Heartland Dreams was working on a one-size pocket diaper (my favorite!), and I got a little excited.  I put myself in the running to be a tester, and crossed my fingers and toes.  For those who aren’t familiar with “testers,” usually a diaper maker will try their diapers on their own children, and babies that belong to their friends and family, then make tweaks to their pattern.  Prior to selling for the first time, trying a new pattern, style or making tweaks to an existing one, they usually want them tested on lots of different age, size and shape babies.
If someone is brand new to making diapers, they may offer the tester diapers free for the cost of shipping, or the cost of shipping + materials.  Prices vary based on where they are in the testing phase, and typically when a known diaper maker is just tweaking a product they’ve been selling, testers may just receive a small discount, or coupon for their next order, in exchange for their feedback.

WAHM pocket diaper

I was excited when I found out I was one of 6 randomly chosen testers!  We didn’t get to choose our colors, but I actually received the diaper that I liked best out of the pre-made tester diapers.

rear of cloth diaper

Heartland Dreams is great to test for because she is truly looking for feedback, including constructive criticism.  She’s not just looking for pats on the back about how great her diapers are (even though they are.)

4 rise settings

The pocket diapers are one-size via a snap down rise, and have a 4th setting to fit extra-small babies.  I do not know the estimated weight range for these diapers.  Rather than just arbitrarily say they fit 8-35 lbs (or whatever) Tina will probably compile tester feedback to set the estimated weight range.

1 row snap closures, 2 ea wing w/overlap

The diaper has snap closures, one row of snaps with 2 snaps on each wing, and two snap overlaps.

buttery soft stay dry inner

The stay dry inner is buttery soft, and has stayed soft after several washes.

front pocket opening w/flap

The pocket opening is in the front of the diaper, and there is a flap to completely cover the insert, and prevent wicking.
organic pocket diaper insertfolded insert

I received both an organic insert and a microfiber insert (which are both made by HD).  The organic insert is super soft, and is pre-washed three times, so you can use it right away (it will continue to gain absorbency as you wash it.)
microfiber pocket diaper insert wahm insert w/snap down for size

The microfiber insert has snaps to adjust the size and keep it secure.  I love this!  Not many diapers have this feature, which makes it much easier to stuff the diaper.

When I was taking pictures of this diaper, my husband said “someone MADE that?!”  OK, I’m quoting, but paraphrasing a little.  He might have said “THAT’s homeMADE?”  In any case, it was said in an incredulous tone!

impeccable stitching at leg elastic even stitching at rear elastic

perfectly even stitching

I’m pretty sure Tina isn’t a robot or a machine (LOL) but her stitching is so even and neat, it puts most commercially made diapers to shame. The first two pictures are of stitching along elastic, so any unevenness is because the elastic is gathered. I couldn’t keep it stretched and take a picture at the same time. A third hand would come in very handy at times like these. Har har.

Here’s the diaper on the smallest (extra-small) setting both folded and stretched:

extra small foldedextra small stretched

extra small setting on one size pocket diaper


small setting foldedsmall setting stretched

small pocket diaper


medium setting folded medium setting stretched

medium setting


large setting folded IMG_6755

large setting

My son is around 21 pounds, and wears the medium setting of most one-size diapers, so that’s what I put on him.  I tried it with the microfiber insert first. 

heartland dreams diaper leg openings are snug but not tight
heartland dreams one size pocket diaper side/rear w/ microfiber insert
heartland dreams diaperrear w/microfiber insert

The diaper is cut with an intentionally narrow crotch, so it’s very trim.  This is of course one reason Tina was testing the diaper, to make sure it still provided enough coverage for larger babies.

side w/organic insertrear w/organic insert

Even with the organic insert, it was still very trim, and also very absorbent.  Some people say they don’t have to unstuff their pocket diapers before washing.  For me, they just end up bunched up at the bottom of the diaper, unless they have openings on both ends.  So, when Tina asked testers to indicate if the insert would agitate out in the wash, either as is, or with the flap flipped up, I tried it just to humor her.  To my surprise, both inserts agitated out completely without unstuffing!

Prices haven’t been set for the diapers and inserts yet, that’s another reason for diaper testing, so the testers can give feedback on what they think a fair price would be.

FTC compliance: I paid the normal tester price for this diaper, I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 12/6/10 Fitted diapers

fitted #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

It’s Monday again (How does that keep happening?  Where does the weekend go?) so it’s Mailbox Mondays time!  If you’d like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an email to maria at change-diapers.com with “Mailbox Mondays” in your subject.
Courtney says:
Hi Maria,

What are your favorite fitted diapers? We only have 2 (a Thirsties Fab Fitted and a Muttaqin Baby) so far. If my Thirsties is clean, it is the first diaper I grab for! I love fitteds and covers! I am looking at buying more to replace some pockets I recently sold. I would love to have your opinion because I also have a very small 1 year old who is only 18 lbs!


Hi Courtney!  I’ll be honest, fitteds aren’t my favorite.  Mostly because I’m lazy and I might die if I have to snap 4 extra snaps (kidding).  That being said, fitteds are awesome for their absorbency.  Plus, the elastic of the fitted combined with the elastic of the cover is fantastic for containing messy uhhh…messes.

A super absorbent fitted with a wool cover is a lifesaver for a heavy wetter at night.  It’s finally what got me through the nights sane, and with my son dry!  I love my Guerilla Fluff Utilitarian.  It has two soakers with 3 layers of bamboo fleece each, with optional zorb added as well, plus a doubler with 2 layers of bamboo fleece and a layer of wool!  It doesn’t have snap closures, so I just use it at night.

My Heartland Dreams Fitted is also amazing.  It’s incredibly well made, super absorbent, and not really as gigantic as you’d think a diaper that absorbent would be.  Plus, it came with hip snap covers!

My Ellabella Bottoms Fitted is work-at-home-mom made, just like the other two.  The Ellabella Bottoms review actually has a photo of all three of these diapers stacked on top to compare thickness.  This one is also very, very absorbent, though a little bulky for daytime.

Lastly, the Little Beetle Little to Big Fitted and Wool Cover are quite different than the others, but also great.  It is hands down, the trimmest diaper I have.  Yet, very absorbent!  I wouldn’t use it at night, but it’s excellent during the day, and very cute!  The elastic is drawn a bit tighter, and I think it would fit most small babies well.  My son was 20 pounds at his 18 month checkup, but he’s also proportionately short, so he’s not super skinny like my long & lean daughter was!

I’ve only used maybe 10 fitted diapers, as opposed to nearly 50 Pockets/AIO/AI2 diapers!  I definitely need to review more fitteds, but like anyone, I tend to spend my fluff funds on my favorites.  😉  Thirsties Fab Fitteds are definitely on my “to-try” list for newborns, if I ever get to diaper one!

How about you gals?  Do you have a favorite fitted?  Are they WAHM made?

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Cloth Diapers Fitted Diapers Made in the USA One Size Diapers Review WAHM made

Heartland Dreams Fitted


I’m really not a huge fan of fitteds because they aren’t waterproof, but the prints are just so cute, they keep sucking me in.  I had heard good things about Heartland Dreams, and I wanted one even more after I got the doll diapers her daughter made.
I saw a few prints I liked in her store, but I wasn’t quick enough to snap them up.  When I saw this fitted, I grabbed it!
Something unique I didn’t even notice until the third or so wash, is that Tina seams her fabric in the middle.  This way, the print is right side up in both the front and the back.  Just another little touch, but it does bug me when the print is upside down!
The shape of the diaper and soakers, as well as the fold down rise, remind me of Goodmamas.  She also sells one size snappiable/pinnable fitteds, All-in-twos and a 2 stage fitted diapers.  I’m currently drooling over this one and this one.  Well, the second one is sold but I’m still drooling over it!  She also stocks on several congos.  She regularly posts when and where she is stocking on the Facebook fan page for Heartland Dreams.  In the past, she has also stocked sized pockets (I’d love to try one of those since pockets are my favorite!), sized fitteds, and other things I’m sure I’m neglecting to mention!
This diaper is the first HD I fell in love with but didn’t pounce on.  I love that print.  *sigh*  Poor me.
I received my order really quickly after buying.  It was packaged really nicely.  I always think it’s a nice touch!
She included a card with care instructions.
And business card…
with a hand written thank you on the reverse.
It’s a small thing, but it’s nice.
She also included a free wipe!
Very cute!
Heartland Dreams diapers are incredibly well made.  They simply don’t look like a diaper that a Mom made on her sewing machine at home.  I didn’t go over it with a magnifying glass or anything, but wow.  The stitching…everything is very professional.
The legs are turned & top stitched to avoid chafing baby’s legs, and the front and wings are serged for less bulk.
The outside of the diaper is cotton knit, there is a hidden layer of OBF (rayon from organic bamboo fleece)and the inner and soakers are topped with OBV (rayon from organic bamboo velour).  They are so soft, and there is a signature heart on the reverse of the soaker that is so cute.
Each of the two petals of the snap in soaker has 2 layers of OBF topped with the OBV.  Also included is a booster made of two layers of OBF.
I think you can see how well made the diaper in in this photo.
She includes a set of hip snap covers for when you no longer need the wing cross over, and the third snap is no longer snapped into the diaper.
The first time I used the diaper, I just pulled the soakers up, I didn’t fold them at all.  All the red spots on my son’s tummy are from the snaps inside our Goodmama One, which he was wearing before this HD.  I really do prefer hidden snaps on the inside.
The rise folds down, my son is in that in between height and weight where he can really wear it either way.
All done!
Right side up on the booty too!
Too cute.
He had it on (coverless) for about an hour and a half before I noticed any dampness on the outside.  On subsequent uses, I folded the soakers and tri-folded the doubler, to get more coverage in the wet zone.  Doing that, I was able to use it coverless for 2+ hours.
I would definitely use a cover for any situation where there might be compression of course!
All in all, I love this diaper.  I am really anxious to try one of her all-in-two diapers, since I really prefer diapers that don’t require a cover.  (I’m lazy, what can I say?)  Heartland Dreams are by far, my favorite WAHM diapers to date.  The diaper has been in my rotation for a month now and I’ve had no issues at all!
Edit August 2010: This diaper is adorable, incredibly absorbent and very well made.  It’s not in my regular daytime rotation anymore just because I  don’t love fitteds in general.  I really want to try a HD AI2!
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Handmade Items Made in the USA Toys WAHM made

A cloth booty for Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo!

>As I said in my previous post, my daughter wanted a Baby Alive doll for her 5th Birthday.  Since her Birthday was today (Happy Birthday!), I can finally post some good photos of the diapers I bought for her doll!  She was so thrilled with her gift, I couldn’t really pry it out of her hot little hands in order to take “good” photos.

I bought 4 diapers from Heartland Dreams.  Her daughter actually made them; they are flipping amazing!  I paid $4 for each and they are well worth it.  The normal price is $3 each, but I asked for an extra layer in the middle since these need to absorb a bit too!  I think the Baby Alive brand sposies go for around a buck a piece, and even preemie size disposables are horrendously expensive, as well as wasteful.

baby alive

You can see the Baby Alive diaper on the right side of the photo.  The HD diapers are quite a bit larger, but work just fine.  I almost forgot that she included a cloth wipe for free!  You can see it on top of the diaper in the front.  It is soft, double sided and very well made.  I’d love some for my son!

The diapers (and wipe) are amazingly well made.  I would be thrilled to receive a “real” diaper made as well as these.  They are very easy for a child to use, the stitching is perfect, the prints are adorable…I could go on and on. 

My daughter was so happy to get these, and was very excited that she could “feed” her baby water, then just let them dry and reuse them!  She loved the prints (I didn’t ask for specific ones).

Baby Alive (named “Sophie,” for today anyway) says “Hooray for cloth booties!”

Slightly related Sidenote:

I am still peeved at myself for not buying this diaper while it was still available, and then missing out on this one too.

Even this one and this one were snapped up before I had a chance! 

I’m such a waffler.  Ugh, I swear.  If I see an AI2 listed that I like, I am stalking that puppy and buying it!  After seeing the doll diapers, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy anything she sells.  In fact, if the doll diapers were bigger and had elastic at the legs (and a few more soaker layers), I’d put them on my son, ha ha!


On a somewhat related topic, my daughter’s preschool allows the parent to bring a snack on their child’s Birthday.  I’m not into excessive sugary “stuff,” and they actually don’t allow it.  My daughter loves fruit, so I bought cherries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, oranges and bananas.

I sliced and pitted the cherries, removed the strawberry stems, sliced the bananas (also also crinkle cut them and soaked them in orange juice), and cut and sectioned the oranges.

I bought some wooden skewers, I think they were 10″.  The store had two lengths and these were the shorter of the two.
I alternated fruits and then topped then off with blueberries to the end of the pointy tip.

They were a huge hit and were gobbled more quickly and enthusiastically then cupcakes!

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Cloth Diapers Fitted Diapers Made in the USA One Size Diapers WAHM made

Fitted Buddy Bear Bottoms (say that 10x fast!)

>Buddy Bear Bottoms are made by a work at home mom, and sold on Hyenacart.  P.S. Read here if you’re curious about the website name.

Sellers do not stock items continuously, and beause of the nature of the items/craft, diapers are often one of a kind or limited.  I hesitated too long on the diaper I really wanted from Heartland Dreams and it sold.  I was really disappointed and kept looking at this one.  I finally told myself that if it was still there when I got home (I was at the grocery store at the time), I was buying it!  It was, and I did!

I love little touches like that adorable piece of yarn tied in a bow, but it scared me for a second.  I thought, oh no!!  I didn’t mean to buy a girly diaper with a bow on it!  Oh well, maybe hubby won’t notice!  Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid, it only took me a second to figure it out.  Hee hee.
This is a fitted diaper, which means it does not have a waterproof layer, and should be used with a cover.  They’re wonderful because they are so breatheable.  You can put your baby in a shirt, diaper and babylegs and just change often, rather than using a cover.  Then you don’t cover the adorable diaper.  Some of the cutest diapers and prints are fitteds.
I don’t know what it is about this kind of diaper, but they speak to me.  I see them in their photos all squishy and trim and they call out “Buy me!  Buy me!”
They look so scrumptious stacked up.
I just fell in love with this print.  I know hearts are a little girly, but I think the colors make it boyish also.  Right?  Right?

The diaper has a thick, squishy snap in soaker.

The soaker is made out of ZORB, the outer of the diaper is cotton knit, and the inner is anti-pill fleece.
It took no time to dry.
This is a one size fitted with a fold down rise.  It has adorable color coordinated snaps.

As well as an extra row of snaps on the inside, for folding down the rise.

If you notice the snap on the right between the orange and green, you’ll see you can overlap the wings to get a snug fit.
The weight guidelines are 10-35 lbs, which can vary baby to baby, as I’ve noted before.  The max rise is 17″ and the max waist is 22″.
It seemed to fit my 15.5-16 pound kiddo fine on the standard (unfolded) rise setting.
However, it didn’t add much bulk to use the smaller setting with the soaker folded down.

He had it on (no cover) for at least an hour and a half, if not more than two hours (I wish I had looked at the clock!) with no leaking and no wicking.  The soaker was fairly soaked (hardy har har) so as I folded it and held it in my hand, I could feel some moisture seeping into the outer layer.

I would probably use a cover in any situation where he’d be susceptible to compression (like in the car), but it’s a darn shame to cover up such a cute diaper at home!  Although, the econobum cover is so thin, you could see the diaper right through it!

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Buddy Bear Bottoms diaper!

Edit August 2010: I ended up selling this.  Fitteds are not my preference for daytime use, and it wasn’t absorbent enough to hold up to my heavy wetter at night.

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