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Heartland Dreams One Size Pocket Diaper (Tester) Review!


heartland dreams pocket diaper 

I’ve had my Heartland Dreams Fitted for about 10 months.  Fitteds aren’t my favorite, but Heartland Dreams (HD from here on out for lazy me) were recommended to me as an very absorbent fitted, and I turned to fitteds and wool when my son was a night time super soaker!
As it turns out, HD aren’t just absorbent, they are incredibly well made as well.  I love a lot of work at home mom (WAHM) made diapers, but HD are amazing.

Heartland Dreams One Size Pocket Diaper

I found out that Heartland Dreams was working on a one-size pocket diaper (my favorite!), and I got a little excited.  I put myself in the running to be a tester, and crossed my fingers and toes.  For those who aren’t familiar with “testers,” usually a diaper maker will try their diapers on their own children, and babies that belong to their friends and family, then make tweaks to their pattern.  Prior to selling for the first time, trying a new pattern, style or making tweaks to an existing one, they usually want them tested on lots of different age, size and shape babies.
If someone is brand new to making diapers, they may offer the tester diapers free for the cost of shipping, or the cost of shipping + materials.  Prices vary based on where they are in the testing phase, and typically when a known diaper maker is just tweaking a product they’ve been selling, testers may just receive a small discount, or coupon for their next order, in exchange for their feedback.

WAHM pocket diaper

I was excited when I found out I was one of 6 randomly chosen testers!  We didn’t get to choose our colors, but I actually received the diaper that I liked best out of the pre-made tester diapers.

rear of cloth diaper

Heartland Dreams is great to test for because she is truly looking for feedback, including constructive criticism.  She’s not just looking for pats on the back about how great her diapers are (even though they are.)

4 rise settings

The pocket diapers are one-size via a snap down rise, and have a 4th setting to fit extra-small babies.  I do not know the estimated weight range for these diapers.  Rather than just arbitrarily say they fit 8-35 lbs (or whatever) Tina will probably compile tester feedback to set the estimated weight range.

1 row snap closures, 2 ea wing w/overlap

The diaper has snap closures, one row of snaps with 2 snaps on each wing, and two snap overlaps.

buttery soft stay dry inner

The stay dry inner is buttery soft, and has stayed soft after several washes.

front pocket opening w/flap

The pocket opening is in the front of the diaper, and there is a flap to completely cover the insert, and prevent wicking.
organic pocket diaper insertfolded insert

I received both an organic insert and a microfiber insert (which are both made by HD).  The organic insert is super soft, and is pre-washed three times, so you can use it right away (it will continue to gain absorbency as you wash it.)
microfiber pocket diaper insert wahm insert w/snap down for size

The microfiber insert has snaps to adjust the size and keep it secure.  I love this!  Not many diapers have this feature, which makes it much easier to stuff the diaper.

When I was taking pictures of this diaper, my husband said “someone MADE that?!”  OK, I’m quoting, but paraphrasing a little.  He might have said “THAT’s homeMADE?”  In any case, it was said in an incredulous tone!

impeccable stitching at leg elastic even stitching at rear elastic

perfectly even stitching

I’m pretty sure Tina isn’t a robot or a machine (LOL) but her stitching is so even and neat, it puts most commercially made diapers to shame. The first two pictures are of stitching along elastic, so any unevenness is because the elastic is gathered. I couldn’t keep it stretched and take a picture at the same time. A third hand would come in very handy at times like these. Har har.

Here’s the diaper on the smallest (extra-small) setting both folded and stretched:

extra small foldedextra small stretched

extra small setting on one size pocket diaper


small setting foldedsmall setting stretched

small pocket diaper


medium setting folded medium setting stretched

medium setting


large setting folded IMG_6755

large setting

My son is around 21 pounds, and wears the medium setting of most one-size diapers, so that’s what I put on him.  I tried it with the microfiber insert first. 

heartland dreams diaper leg openings are snug but not tight
heartland dreams one size pocket diaper side/rear w/ microfiber insert
heartland dreams diaperrear w/microfiber insert

The diaper is cut with an intentionally narrow crotch, so it’s very trim.  This is of course one reason Tina was testing the diaper, to make sure it still provided enough coverage for larger babies.

side w/organic insertrear w/organic insert

Even with the organic insert, it was still very trim, and also very absorbent.  Some people say they don’t have to unstuff their pocket diapers before washing.  For me, they just end up bunched up at the bottom of the diaper, unless they have openings on both ends.  So, when Tina asked testers to indicate if the insert would agitate out in the wash, either as is, or with the flap flipped up, I tried it just to humor her.  To my surprise, both inserts agitated out completely without unstuffing!

Prices haven’t been set for the diapers and inserts yet, that’s another reason for diaper testing, so the testers can give feedback on what they think a fair price would be.

FTC compliance: I paid the normal tester price for this diaper, I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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  • tanisha
    May 1, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    heartland dreams are one of my favorites. i wish i had more of her diapers.

  • January 31, 2011 at 1:59 am

    >I would try one!

  • January 27, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    >This seems like a really nice diaper! It appears to fit well on your little guy too. 🙂

  • January 27, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    >I think it fits really well!!

  • January 27, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    >Wow, I like how the snaps (fastening and rise adjustment) don't look all tight and gapey.

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