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Favorite things “mini stash” giveaway – 3 diapers CLOSED


I’ve said before how I wish I were wealthy, so I could send each of my readers a package with one of each of my favorite diapers.  Unfortunately for all of you (and me too), I’m not.  I have however, gotten lots of great stuff because of this blog, and I just earned my first little bit of money.  None of that would be possible without you.
So, I decided to pay it forward and offer one blog reader a “mini stash” of three of my favorite diapers.  Here’s the deal: This is just three of the diapers I like a lot.  I have other favorites too.  I don’t want my other diapers to be sad that these three were getting special attention! 
You’ll notice they are all snap closure diapers.  That may seem strange since you probably know that I prefer aplix/Velcro for ease of use and adjustability. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single Velcro diaper that hasn’t given me some kind of trouble, usually from the aplix itself.  It either immediately won’t stick to the laundry tabs, sticks too much and is difficult to remove, or is good initially but poops out over time.  Also, my son has discovered the Velcro, so now as soon as I close a diaper, I hear “rrriiiipppppp.”  Hee hee.
Here’s how it’s going to work: Follow the “rules” at the bottom of the post as usual to get your entries.  I’ve taken photos of my own diapers for this post, but the winner will choose their own.  I buy them and have them shipped to you.  The winner will give me a first and second color choice for each item!
As of now, I’m planning to buy from Diaper Junction, but I reserve the right to change my place of purchase based on availability, price, or my whim.  🙂  Diaper Junction is one of a few online stores I like to buy from; they’re usually the second place I look, if my first choice is out of stock or doesn’t sell the item I’m looking for.  They have a good selection and are usually well stocked.  You have to spend $75 to get free shipping, but their shipping rates are very reasonable.  You don’t have to pay $5 or $10 flat rate shipping charges for one item. 


The winner will get one Kissaluvs Marvels AIO, one Flip Diaper with stay dry insert, and one Smartipants diaper (insert included).
My Kissaluvs diaper was one I was blessed to receive as a review diaper.  Click that link to read my full review.  I haven’t quite been using my diaper for two months, but it quickly became a favorite.
It’s an all in one diaper, but the insert is only sewn at one end.  When I wash it, it turns completely inside out for thorough washing and faster drying.  I haven’t had any stink issues, but the design would make it easy to remove the insert if you had to, and use it as a pocket diaper, or replace the insert.
The Marvels AIO is one size by way of a snap down rise (my favorite) has the microfleece inner I prefer and has an easy snap setup.  It fits wonderfully and doesn’t leak.  It’s one of a few that I would grab if we were going out or if my son was getting ready to nap.  It’s a little pricier than some others, but definitely not the most expensive.
I bought my Flip when the Bumgenius spend $10 get a free AIO coupon was out.  Again, you can click that link to read my full review. 
The flip is a hybrid or an all-in-two, depending on who you talk to.  You can get stay dry, organic, or disposable inserts for it.  Pairing the flip with inserts (changing the cover only when soiled, wiping between uses) or prefolds can be a very affordable way to get started in cloth.
Again, it has a snap down rise to make it one size, and an easy snap closure.  I only have the one insert, so after I’ve used it, I use the cover with my fitteds.  It’s trimmer than a true cover would be, but it still works fine.  It fits great, doesn’t leak and again, it’s one I reach for if my son may be in it for a while.
I’ve been using my Smartipants diaper for over six months now.  Initially, I wasn’t that impressed.  It’s not that I didn’t like it, I just thought that it wasn’t that great.  It didn’t seem like anything special, and it was only $3 cheaper than the Bumgenius 3.0, but didn’t include a doubler.
The Smartipants is the perfect example of why I give things a good use, trying not to make a judgment based on initial impressions.  I also think it’s smart to try different things, rather than put all your “eggs” in one basket.  You never really know what you will like, or how your feelings will change over time!
The common theme here of course is that it’s one size via a snap down rise, has a simple snap layout, fits well and seems to be leak proof.  In fact, I keep this diaper upstairs, and if it’s clean, it’s the first one I put on my son in the morning.
I just took this photo, so this is what it looks like after 6 months of nearly daily use!  What’s unique about this diaper is that the insert goes under more of a patch of fabric than a pocket.  It has openings at the front and back, and the insert agitates out in the wash.  With my other pocket diapers, I pull the inserts out before I put them in my wet bag, so I can just dump it in the washer on wash day (don’t want to touch them again, ick!)  This one, I can put directly in the wet bag.
So, there you have it.  A few of the diapers I reach for first, just don’t tell the others they’re my “favorites!”
Here’s how to enter to win one of each, in your choice of color (subject to availability, I reserve the right to make substitutions):
Do any or all of the below.  Leave a comment for each entry.  Be sure to leave your email address in at least one of your comments, if it isn’t visible in your profile.  This giveaway may seem swayed toward my followers since I’m offering some extra entries for using my button, adding me to your blogroll etc.  That’s because it is.  I want everyone to enter (hence the easy peasy entry as always) but hey, I want to encourage people to keep coming back and give my loyal readers a good chance to win!
1. Leave me a comment.  Anything you’d like to say.  What’s your favorite diaper?  What’s the first cloth diaper you used?  Have your likes changed over time?  What would you like to see me review or give away?  Do you like how I run my giveaways?  Any other entry options you’d like to see?  Are there too many? You don’t have to answer all that, just some ideas of what to talk to me about!
2. Follow my blog.  Your choice of Google friend connect, RSS feed or email.
5. Tweet about this giveaway and include a link.  One tweet per day please.  I go back and forth on whether to allow tweeting more often, but I don’t want people to associate my “name” with annoying giveaway tweets, nor do I want to make it too confusing!  You may use this tweet if you like: kissaluvs, flip and smartipants #clothdiaper #giveaway from @chgdiapers. Build your stash! Ends 7/8 http://bit.ly/aC6UYz
6. Blog about this giveaway and link back here.
7. Grab my button and tell me where to find it.  (Put it in a highly visible area somewhere on the main page of your blog for this entry.  Sidebar etc.  If it’s on a harder to find page, you qualify for the blog roll entry only.)
8. List me on your blog roll, leave me a link to it.
I will accept entries until Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 9 P.M., Eastern.  I’ll select a winner with random.org’s true random number generator and notify the winner by email.  The winner has 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen.
Please note that this giveaway is not approved by, endorsed by or affiliated with the above diaper companies, or any diaper retailer.
Quick reminders to please send me a message if you’d like to be listed on my blogroll or if you have a link that should be included on my link page, or if you know of an affiliate program you think I may like to add to the bottom of that link page.  Also if you have any questions or have suggestions for reviews or giveaways!
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All In One Diapers Giveaway Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Kissaluvs Marvels AIO Diaper Winner!


We have a winner!
I wish I could give all of you one of these, it rocks!
Alas, there’s only one winner…Kay!
Congrats Kay, I’ve emailed you!
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All In One Diapers Giveaway Made in the USA One Size Diapers Review

Kissaluvs Marvels AIO Diaper Review & giveaway CLOSED

>kissaluvs marvels aio

We love our Kissaluvs Wool Lover diaper cover, so when some readers told me they’d like to see me review wipes and wipe solution, I immediately thought of Kissaluvs.  I had looked at their diaper lotion potion and premium wipes several times, but hadn’t tried either.

I was hoping to review the wipes and lotion potion, but then I saw the Marvels one size all-in-one diaper.  Kissaluvs sent me one for free to try and review, and one reader gets one (their choice of color!) as well!  The colors are: Butter (with yellow inner), Raspberry (with Pink), Kelly Green (with Yellow) and Summer Sky (with White).  They retail for $22.95, which is the middle of the road price wise.

You’ll have to forgive me for some of these pictures.  It was really sunny and I was having a hard time getting enough light but not too much!  I know I could edit them but I think you’d rather read a review with a couple of washed out pictures than read nothing because I’m busy trying to edit the pictures.  Tee hee.

Generally speaking, an all-in-one diaper (AIO) will look pretty much the same as a pocket diaper except the soaker is sewn into the diaper.  The Goodmama One is an exception to that, it has a snap-in soaker.  Like a pocket diaper, an AIO has a waterproof outer or hidden layer, usually PUL.  They also usually have a stay-dry inner made of microfleece or suedecloth.  I like AIO diapers for their ease of use, but they take longer to dry and are harder to get clean.  So why was I so interested in the Marvels?

The soaker is only sewn into the diaper on the end, so it’s almost like a pre-stuffed pocket diaper.  The insert can agitate out of the diaper in the wash and turn the diaper inside out (it did in mine), which reminds me of the Smartipants diapers.  Very nice not to have to pull a yucky insert out! 

The pocket also allows you to add additional inserts if needed.  The opening is wide enough for easy use, but not gaping open.

The Marvels have the snap down rise adjustment, which is my preference for a one-size diaper.  They aren’t too difficult to undo, but I didn’t have any trouble accidentally popping them open either.

The wing snaps are easy-peasy too.  There are just two snaps on each wing, I prefer it, and I get a lot less complaining from my hubby.

There are two overlap snaps for smaller babies.  The guidelines for this diaper are 7-35 pounds (varies by baby as always of course!) and I do think this is likely to fit smaller babies better than other one-size diapers.

The large setting is about the same size as the medium on the Flip.  No fear though, it’s really just because the leg elastic is drawn a bit tighter.

When I fully stretched them, they were about the same size.

The small setting is pretty small though!

It doesn’t seem bulky, even on the small setting.

I can’t get over how soft the diaper is.  Not just the inner, but the PUL too!

I didn’t have any issues with marks from the leg elastic, but we also had no leaks.

After washing, it was less work than a pocket diaper, since I didn’t have to find the matching soaker, then make sure I had it in far enough (but not too far!) and laid flat.  However, I did have to flip the diaper right side out and then smooth the insert flat.  So, it’s not quite as easy as a sewn in soaker.

I really ended up liking this more than I thought I would.  It looks so basic, but it’s so soft and easy to use!

I didn’t get to try the premium or hemp wipes, but Kissaluvs did send me some of their “awesome knit terry wipes.”

At $1.25 each, they are more affordable than other wipes, but they are really, very basic wipes.  They are single thickness and feel like thin washcloths.  They are a bit larger than baby washcloths (8 x 8), but they curl up after washing just like our cheap Target brand baby washcloths do.  Maybe I’m spoiled by other wipes now, but I don’t think I would buy these, I’d save my money for nicer ones, like their premium wipes (those are $2.00 each.)  I will certainly use them though, they do the job!

Now, want to win a Kissaluvs Marvels one size all-in-one diaper?  Kissaluvs is sending one to a lucky blog reader, in the winner’s choice of color! 

Here’s how to enter:

Be sure to leave your email address in a comment if it isn’t in your profile.

1. Visit Kissaluvs and tell me either what product you’d like to try or what product you wish Kissaluvs made.
2. Follow my blog, current followers count.  Comment saying you’re a follower to get your entry.
3. Like me on Facebook, current likers count.  Comment saying you’re a fan/liker (can’t get used to that!) to get your entry.
4. Follow me on Twitter, current followers count.  Comment saying you’re a follower to get your entry.
5. Tweet about this giveaway.  Be sure to include @kissaluvs and @chgdiapers.  You can use this example “If you love #clothdiapers enter this #giveaway from @chgdiapers for a @kissaluvs Marvels AIO before 5/19 http://bit.ly/d9OqVB”
6. Like Kissaluvs on Facebook.  Comment saying you’re a fan/liker to get your entry.
7. Follow Kissaluvs on Twitter.  Comment saying you’re a follower to get your entry.
8. Blog about Kissaluvs and/or this blog or giveaway.  Just spread the fluffy love, you don’t have to be all like “Golly gee wilikers mister, I sure would like this diaper!”  Hee hee.
9. Bonus Entries Review a Kissaluvs product you’ve tried and liked on Amazon, on diaperpin or on the review tab of Kissaluvs Facebook page.  One entry per review, leave a link to your review in a comment to get your entry. 

I will accept entries until Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 9:00 P.M. EST.  I’ll use random.org’s true random number generator and will email the winner.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim his/her prize.

Thank you to Kissaluvs for sending me a Marvels diaper and terry wipes at no charge.  I’ve reviewed them both the same way I would have if I had paid for them.  Thank you also for agreeing to send a blog reader a Marvels AIO as well.

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