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The One-Size Cloth Diaper Unlike Any Other – Tidy Tots


Change-Diapers received a product sample at the ABC Show. If you click & buy, we may receive a small commission, thank you. Tidy Tots diapers are a one-size diaper that fits babies from about 10-36 pounds without having to adjust the size, but that’s not the only thing that makes them unique. Tidy Tots diapers are manufactured in partnership with Herkimer Industries, which is a certified ARC facility that hires and trains individuals with disabilities, supported by non-disabled employees. Tidy Tots diapers are Made in the USA using high-grade materials to make them both durable and comfortable.

Tidy Tots Diaper Review

Before she was the founder of Tidy Tots, Sandra Beck owned and operated a software company, but she decided to change gears and take on a new challenge. She dedicated her endeavors to changing the environment for children to live in and make it safer, cleaner and healthier. Over 100 families helped over the course of 6 years to test and re-test Tidy Tots which helped Sandra perfect the diapers.

We were given a cover with a no fold diaper, a booster and some flushies to review. I’ve never used anything like the no fold diaper before, so it was pretty interesting to me. It’s an organic hemp blend with four layers of absorbency. If you look at it from the top, it looks like a prefold that was trifolded and sewn together. When you flip it over, it has a slit in it where you can put your booster. The booster is also made from organic hemp and has four layers of absorbency. The design of the no fold diaper is pretty genius. You’re getting all the absorbency you need but with a smart design that reduces drying time. The diaper material is naturally antimicrobial and resists odors and bacteria. The no fold diaper is pre-washed and ready to use! All you have to do is snap it into a Tidy Tots cover. Isn’t that awesome?! You don’t have to prep it at all, you can use it instantly. The no fold diapers are sewn folded and snap into the cover to prevent bunching, even for your most active toddler. The no fold diaper is also designed to help your booster agitate out during the wash cycle.

Tidy Tots Diaper Review Tidy Tots Diaper Review

Once you have your booster in your no fold diaper, you can wrap one of your Flushies diaper liners around it. Then you snap it into your Tidy Tots cover and it’s ready to go. The Flushies are incredibly soft and comfortable and are made of cornstarch. Unlike other diaper liners, Flushies snap right into the cover with your no fold diaper, so they’re pretty secure once you put it on your little one. You don’t have to worry about them coming undone and shifting around inside the diaper cover.

Tidy Tots Diaper Review Tidy Tots Diaper Review

Tidy Tots diaper covers come in either snaps or velcro, and have what they call a smart rise. It’s a self-fitting rise and is the only diaper cover with this feature. The self-fitting rise adjusts its size and fit to hug your baby for the perfect leak free fit. The diaper grows with your baby and if you have two in diapers, you don’t have to worry about adjusting rise snap settings or buying two different sized diapers! The cover has double gussets that give you a nice secure fit and keeps your diaper leak free. The covers are super trim and come in some really adorable prints. They also have the flaps in the front and the back where the no fold diaper gets tucked into, creating a pocket of protection around the waist. The TruFit snaps will hug your baby’s waist for a perfect natural embrace.

Tidy Tots Diaper Review Tidy Tots Diaper Review
Tidy Tots Diaper Review Tidy Tots Diaper Review

We typically don’t use liners: if we get any, we usually pass them along to someone who will use them and need them more than we do. But I have to tell you, when I felt the Flushies, I was so impressed and was excited to try them out. My kiddo is at the point where it’s mostly easy to plop in the toilet, but sometimes we still deal with messy diapers. The very first time he wore the Tidy Tots, was one of those messy diaper days. It’s like he knew we needed to test out all the benefits of this diaper. I didn’t want to unsnap the diaper from the cover to take the Flushies off, so I just kind of ripped the liner off and it came off really easily. I tossed it in the toilet and flushed it with no issues. My kiddo is 2 so he’s a pretty active little guy. The diaper and the liner have stayed put in the cover without shifting around. When I put the Tidy Tots diaper on him for the first time, I actually didn’t notice right away that there weren’t any rise snaps on it, but I knew something was different about the diaper. This is such a neat feature because we still get a really great fit with the diaper.

I’d definitely be interested in trying it on a smaller baby, to see if the fit is just as great. I’ve been using both the no fold diaper along with the booster because my little guy is such a heavy wetter, but with all those layers of organic hemp absorbency, we’ve had no leaking issues! We were given the super cute Elephants cover for the review. My kiddo loves it because it has a lot of blue on it, which is his favorite color. I’ll be honest though, the Lisa Frank lover in me really wants to get the Cheeky Cheetah cover because it’s really adorable!

Check out all the great prints, and if you’re just starting out cloth diapering and want to get all your diapers in one fell swoop, check out their great bundles! If you’re not sure if you want to jump in with just one diaper style, try their 2-diaper trial set, which comes with one cover, two no-fold diapers and two boosters. Visit Tidy Tots Diapers to learn more.

Have you tried Tidy Tots Diapers? What do you think of the no rise snap, one-size concept?

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