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Fix Dropped Calls on iPhone 6 AT&T - settings

I joked on my Facebook page that my phone wants me to become a hermit because anytime I go near my calendar, the call is dropped. Well, I think I fixed the issue (knock on wood!) so I thought I’d share in case anyone else is having this problem. [click to continue reading]


How to fold cloth wipes to pop up via @chgdiapers #clothdiapers

I made a video in 2010 demonstrating how to fold cloth wipes to pop up in a wipes container. For whatever reason, it appears I didn’t actually post it here on the blog? [click to continue reading & see the short demo video]


5 ways to fake it til you make it with #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

No, I don’t mean hiding those Huggies under the potato chips in your grocery cart so no one knows you’re not a 100% cloth diaper user. There are things you can do to make cloth diapering a little easier and avoid being overwhelmed. [click to continue reading]


DIY #clothdiapers tutorials via @chgdiapers

Cloth Diaper DIY Tutorials

I’ve rounded up some of the best cloth diaper DIY tutorials for you, from detergent, to snap conversion, elastic replacement and no sew solutions. [click to continue reading]


Affordable #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

Post contains affiliate links I’ve talked many times about how I started my stash with 3 Bumgenius pocket diapers, followed by 3 more. I washed those 6 diapers twice per day (3 at a time) in order to keep my son in cloth full time, as we added diapers one by one as we could afford them. I never even considered using prefolds & covers because they seemed scary, confusing & complicated to me. [click to continue reading]