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How to fold cloth wipes to pop up via @chgdiapers #clothdiapers

I made a video in 2010 demonstrating how to fold cloth wipes to pop up in a wipes container. For whatever reason, it appears I didn’t actually post it here on the blog? [click to continue reading & see the short demo video]


5 ways to fake it til you make it with #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

No, I don’t mean hiding those Huggies under the potato chips in your grocery cart so no one knows you’re not a 100% cloth diaper user. There are things you can do to make cloth diapering a little easier and avoid being overwhelmed. [click to continue reading]


DIY #clothdiapers tutorials via @chgdiapers

Cloth Diaper DIY Tutorials

I’ve rounded up some of the best cloth diaper DIY tutorials for you, from detergent, to snap conversion, elastic replacement and no sew solutions. [click to continue reading]


Affordable #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

Post contains affiliate links I’ve talked many times about how I started my stash with 3 Bumgenius pocket diapers, followed by 3 more. I washed those 6 diapers twice per day (3 at a time) in order to keep my son in cloth full time, as we added diapers one by one as we could afford them. I never even considered using prefolds & covers because they seemed scary, confusing & complicated to me. [click to continue reading]


Easily clean your Velcro #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers 1

I purchased this item myself. Post contains affiliate links. Hook & loop closure diapers need occasional “cleaning out” to keep them in tip top shape. Whether you just want to help them stick better, avoid diaper chains in the wash, or if you’re getting ready to sell your used cloth diapers, you probably do this (or need to.) You can sit picking fuzz out with your fingers, use a Snappi (which I’ve done) or get it done quickly with this handy tool. [click to continue reading]