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Cloth Diapering Detergents Repelling Stink Stripping Washing

Cloth Diaper Detergent – My Journey and my Opinion

>This may be long, but it’s very relevant and I want to get my entire story out there.

I’ve mentioned before that detergent is a hot button issue for me because it was the only thing that prevented me from cloth diapering earlier.  So, I’ll start from the beginning.

When I chose the diapers I wanted to try, I knew I wanted to start with just a few to see how it went.  I also knew that I needed a “safe” detergent.  Googling led me to a chart with stars, that rated detergents based on their ingredients.  The one I was looking at rated detergents from 1 to 4 red stars.  None of the “4 star” detergents were available at any of our grocery stores, Target, Wal Mart, or anywhere else I could think to check.

So, I started looking into ordering some.  At the time of my research, there were 4 or 5 detergents that I could order online, that had 4 red stars/thumbs up ratings.  I eliminated the detergents that were reported to give babies burns, as well as those with so-so reviews.

Now, keep in mind that I’m cheap frugal, so my maximum price for detergent was $2.99 for a 32 load bottle, and I’d only pay that much if we desperately needed it.  My “stock up” price was closer to free, or pennies.

A single bottle of the “thumbs up” detergent was about $12, then add shipping.  I could potentially buy a case to bring the price per bottle down a bit, but yikes.  All this for 3 diapers I didn’t even know if I’d like?  So, that’s where it ended.  I gave up on cloth diapering.  I couldn’t make 3 diapers a $75 experiment.

When my son’s rashes (clearly caused by disposable diapers since they disappeared when we switched to cloth) were so bad that it hurt to look at, I decided I was going to do this darn it!  One way or another.

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Cloth Wipes Diaper Accessories Giveaway Review

GroVia Cloth Wipes Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 8/31)


grovia cloth wipes

GroVia cloth wipes come in white only, and a 12-pack sells for $10.95 (MSRP.)  At less than 92 cents per wipe, I figured they were worth a try!  P.S. Stay tuned for another cloth wipe review/giveaway on September 6th, as well as a post on The Village of Moms about using cloth wipes!

cloth wipesfrugal

The wipes are 100% cotton and measure 8×8, which is perfect for folding and putting in a wipes case or warmer.


They are 2 layers thick, soft and squishy.  They have held up to use wonderfully, but I was definitely disappointed initially, after the first washing.

cloth wipescloth diaper accessories

cloth wipes

There are two rows of stitching around the border of the wipes, and the inner row came loose in most of the wipes.  I don’t know if they are purposely designed this way?  I suppose it’s possible.

cloth wipes

It’s very hard to see since they’re white on white, but the stitching seems very sloppy and overlapped.  Really though, at less than a buck a wipe, I didn’t really expect any better.  The ugly stitching doesn’t affect the wipes, they are holding up to use, washing and drying great.  I don’t even notice the stitching as I’m wiping my son’s tush (ha ha.)

cloth wipescloth wipes
cloth wipescloth wipes

 I also ended up with quite a few pulled threads within the wipes, which was entirely my fault.  The tag was sewn into the wipes (can’t stand that on clothing too!) and I yanked it instead of cutting.  Oops!

cloth wipes
The wipes still measure about 8×8 after washing on hot and drying on high.
They’re nice and fluffy stacked up!
cloth wipes
They stack nicely with my other wipes too!  I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and they’ve worked great and washed up nicely with no stains!
I have another set of 12 wipes, new in their package for one winner!

Here’s how to enter: All entries go in the form below.  Entries left in the comments won’t be counted.  This is new and if the majority of users don’t like it, we’ll go back to the old way.  I like the form, because it’s easy and fast, especially with multiple entry methods.  Your email addresses are kept more private, since only I will see them, and I do not share them with anyone.

Mandatory entry: Enter your name and email address in the form and submit!

Bonus entry: Submit a question for “Mailbox Mondays” to maria at change-diapers dot com.  Once you’ve done that, you may check the box for the optional entry on the form.  Stephanie, Kelly, Ash and Pamela have already submitted their question and may check the box! Please note: My intent is to get a queue of questions for the next several months, so it may be some time before your submission is posted.  If you would like me to email my response so you don’t have to wait until your question is posted, let me know!

# of entries received as of August 30th at 10:20 P.M.: 114
Feel free to leave any comments you like on the blog post, just remember they won’t be counted as entries!  Leaving a comment can also serve as a reminder to yourself that you’ve already entered.  If you’re ever not sure if you entered, just shoot me an email and I’ll check for you.

I will also be updating this post regularly with the  # of entries received for those of you who like to know your odds!

I’ll accept entries until Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.  I’ll select a winner with’s true random number generator and notify him/her by email.  The winner has 48 hours to claim his/her prize before it is forfeited and a new winner chosen. 

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only.  View my giveaway rules page for all details.

I did not receive any compensation for this post, it is entirely self sponsored, and all opinions are my own.

Please note: This giveaway is not affiliated with nor sponsored, approved or endorsed by GroVia.

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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 8/23/10



Every Monday I will answer user submitted questions. They don’t have to be about cloth diapering! I’ll always answer questions via email, but if you would like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an email with the subject “Mailbox Mondays” to Maria at change-diapers dot com!
I would like to get several weeks of questions in my “queue,” and because I know bribes aren’t just for toddlers, I’m offering an incentive.  If you have a question to submit, you get an extra entry in the giveaway that will be posted tomorrow.  That bonus entry will be valid for the duration of the giveaway, so get your questions in!
Stephanie says:
Hey Maria!

I’m contemplating putting together a stash of newborn cloth diapers. I know most people use prefolds, but I am not a huge fan of them. Based on your experience, what would your stash consist of?



I’m still mad at myself for not cloth diapering from birth, and missing out on all that cute, itty bitty fluff!  However, I do have a mental wish list for what I would try if I had a newborn to diaper!

Most of these diapers are miniature versions of diapers I already know and love.  I’d definitely prefer aplix diapers for the stash I’d keep upstairs…easier for bleary-eyed, middle of the night diaper changes.

I’d plan on filling in the gaps with Thirsties Duo Wraps Size 1 and Thirsties XS Covers paired with BabyKicks Newborn Hemparoo Prefolds and Newborn Diaper Rite Prefolds.

The SoftBums diaper is a one-size that gets quite a bit smaller than others, and the Rumparooz has a tiny setting as well.

Really, it would depend on how much I had to spend.  I’d hope to pick up a few here and there throughout pregnancy, and perhaps purchase a few gender specific colors after the birth.  The amount of time a baby will be in the smaller sizes varies a bit based on weight and size.  However, since I will have a full stash of one-size diapers waiting for a new baby, I think I can spend a little more on newborn diapers and/or a few new one-size!  Really, I could spend a thousand bucks on diapers and still be ahead of the sposie game, especially since I could resell them afterward!

I planned on answering another question this week, but since I made this one a mile long, I’ll save Kelly’s for next week!

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Cloth Diapers Delamination Warranties

Update on my Rumparooz Issue!

new rumparooz cloth diapers

If you missed my post about my Rumparooz delamination issue, I’ll get you up to speed.
  • Saturday, July 31st – I noticed that my two Rumparooz (purchased December 2009) were delaminating.  Sent an email to customer service late that night.
  • Sunday August 1st – Received an email acknowledging the issue and asking for receipts, forms & photos, which I sent the same night.  Received an auto reply saying that my replacement diapers would be sent within 48 business hours.
  • Saturday August 7th – Received an email asking for photos of the diapers right side out.
  • Sunday August 8th – Sent requested photo (claim form didn’t indicate these were needed but I obliged.) Indicated in my email that the photo didn’t have the claim form in it, but I could see if it was still in my recycle bin, or print another if needed.  Received auto reply.
  • Wednesday August 11th – Received perplexing email requesting very similar information to what I was originally asked for.  Except, this didn’t include the form, indicated I’d need to mail the diapers back, and had additional info on diapers that should not be sent, including ones with contrast lycra tabs (which one of mine was.)  The reason given was that these diapers were not affected, but clearly, mine was.  Responded expressing my confusion and was told this was not intended to be sent to me.  So it appears that there is a new process for handling these claims now.  Not sure why it said none of the lycra tab diapers were affected when mine was.
  • Wednesday August 11th a few minutes later – Received a reply that the form didn’t need to be in this photo and that they ask for additional photos from time to time. 
  • Tuesday August 17th – Received an email stating that my replacement diapers would be sent out the next day.
  • Friday August 20thTwo brand new Rumparooz in my hot little hands!
So, certainly not 48 business hours, unless they only work 4 hours per day.  But, less than 3 weeks to receive replacements is pretty good in my book.  Especially since I didn’t have to incur any expense.  I can’t stand when the consumer has to pay shipping to have a defective item replaced!

This was my first time receiving something directly from Rumparooz, so I thought their Eco Enclose packaging was pretty cool!  It is 100% compostable/biodegradable, but looks just like other poly mailers.
cloth diapercloth diapers

 I knew that they had changed the tabs around the time I purchased the two I have (my snap closure diaper doesn’t have the contrast tabs, and they were purchased within days of each other.)  It also looks like they improved the aplix, which is awesome!  I really didn’t like it because I felt it was a little too “sticky.”  The tabs are slightly different and the laundry tabs appear to be improved as well. edit: Ah yes, the closures and laundry tabs are so much better!
cloth diaperscloth diapers

The new diapers also have a patch of fabric reinforcing where the Rumparooz logo is sewn in (this is where my monster print diaper peeled away.)  In addition, the TPU (same as PUL only it is bonded by a heat process instead of a chemical process) actually feels different.  I’m unclear on when they actually started using TPU vs. PUL, or if they always have, but the old diapers looked and felt like other PUL diapers I have.  The new ones definitely look and feel different.  So hopefully this will be the end of this saga and I won’t have any other problems!

So there you have it, phew!

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Friday Giveaway Linky Giveaways Linky

Weekly Friday Giveaway Roundup for August 20th, 2010


Each Friday, I will post cloth diaper, babywearing and “green” giveaways that I’ve found, or that readers have submitted. The post will be accompanied by a linky where you may enter any family friendly (no “adult” products please!) giveaways, they do not need to be diaper related.

If you have a cloth diaper/accessory/babywearing/green giveaway you would like to be listed in the next giveaway roundup post, please email a link, blog name, giveaway title, end date and photo (if applicable) to at gmail dot com.

This week’s giveaway finds:

My Smartipants Diaper Giveaway ends 8/27

sugar and spice duds diaper
The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Rockin’ Green from Haute Mommy (ends 9/1)

Giveaways still running from last week:
Green Acre Designs Diaper from Home Grown Families and The Diaper Wagon (ends 8/25) Requires a Facebook like, comment and blog follow for the mandatory entry

pediped® Originals® from One Savvy Mom (ends 8/31)

Thirsties Duo Diaper from Happily Southern (ends 8/21)

Happy Heiny’s Diaper from Happily Southern (ends 8/21)

Mother-Ease Diaper & Cover from My New Life as Mom (ends 9/3)

Nifty Nappy Diaper from It’s Me Melbie (ends 9/4)

FuzziBunz Starter Kit from Pregnancy360 (ends 8/31) Super easy entry!!

Diaper Sprayer from My New Life as Mom (ends 8/25)

Knickernappies Diaper from Wee Little Changes (ends 8/22)

You may enter any family friendly giveaway in the linky below. The format Blog name – Giveaway Item – Ending date works well. At a minimum, please include the item and end date, and link directly to the giveaway.

Please view my post on where I list my giveaways to find more great places to link up!

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