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Itti Bitti D’Lish SIO Cloth Diaper Review / Size Comparisons

itti bitti 0

Last year, I posted my Itti Bitti D’lish AIO and O/S Tutto reviews. Both of “the fuzzy diapers” are my son’s favorites! Itti Bitti also makes a D’lish “snap in one” (SIO) which is essentially an all-in-two (or all-in-three to be exact.) I’ve been curious about them, so when my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet offered a 15% coupon for president’s day, I bit. I needed a few more reward points to have enough for a gift certificate, and this bumped me over. See, it was a logical purchase!

itti bitti 1

Itti Bitti says size small will fit 8-16 lbs, medium will fit 14-26 lbs and large will fit 23-37 lbs. However, they are cut with a much lower rise than many other diapers, so if you are at all in doubt about sizing, size up. (My 2 yr 9 month old can still wear a large, but if there was an XL, I’d buy it!) My little guy is around 10 lbs, so I bought a small and a medium.

itti bitti 2 sio snaps itti bitti 3 inner and elastic

The d’lish SIO is very much like the AIO. It has snap overlaps to fit a wide range of babies, and has the same inner fabric and leg elastic. I do prefer the encased elastic of the tutto, but I prefer the fit of the d’lish, so it’s a trade off!

itti bitti 4 insert snaps itti bitti 5 sizes, red snap for booster

Like the tutto, the inserts for the d’lish SIO have color coded snaps, so you know where they go. The inserts for the SIO are sized, so there is a bit less snapping involved than with the tutto!

itti bitti 5 inserts unfolded itti bitti 6 folding inserts
itti bitti 7 purple to purple

The two layer bamboo insert snaps in and tri-folds to give you 6 layers of absorbency.

itti bitti 8 yellow insert in

The hourglass shaped insert has two more layers of bamboo (so 8 layers total!) plus a stay-dry top layer. (Their website says there are only natural fibers in the soakers, but the content tag says the top layer is 100% polyester, and it definitely is!) I love getting the absorbency of bamboo, but still having only stay dry materials touch baby’s skin. I know some people say they would prefer that only natural fibers touch baby, but I much prefer stay dry. 🙂 The only thing that would make it better is it was a pocket, but I can’t turn every diaper into a pocket. Although, if Itti Bitti made a pocket diaper with encased elastic, I’d be all over that.

itti bitti 9 tutto aio sio itti bitti 10 booster

Left to right is the Itti Bitti Tutto O/S, the Itti Bitti D’Lish AIO and the Itti Bitti D’Lish SIO. All of them have red snaps to receive an additional booster, though only the Tutto includes one.

So here’s the size small measured folded & stretched (keep in mind that this is far from an exact science!)

itti bitti 11 small folded itti bitti 12 small stretched
itti bitti 13 small itti bitti 14 small side
itti bitti 15 small back


itti bitti 16 medium folded itti bitti 17 medium stretched
itti bitti 18 medium itti bitti 19 medium side
itti bitti 20 medium back


itti bitti 21 large folded itti bitti 22 large stretched
itti bitti 23 large itti bitti 24 large side
itti bitti 25 large back
itti bitti 26 sml itti bitti 27 sml 2
itti bitti 28 sml 3 itti bitti 29 sml 4
itti bitti 30 sml 5 itti bitti 31 sml 6

All of the sizes are great, and the overlap snaps allow them to get quite snug. Here is my son at 2 1/2 months and about 10 pounds in the small and medium d’lish SIOs:

itti bitti 32 sm on 10 lb baby itti bitti 33 med on 10 lb 2.5 mo old

and in the large AIO!

itti bitti 34 large on infant itti bitti 35 large leg

Here he is in the smallest setting of the Tutto:

itti bitti 36 tutto smallest on infant

Lastly, my older son at about 2 years, 9 months old and approximately 29 pounds, also in the large AIO:

itti bitti 37 large on 2 yr 9 mo old 29 lb toddler

Take a look at my D’lish AIO & Tutto review to see my son in them at 21 months/21 lbs!

The D’lish AIO diapers sell for $18.97 and the D’lish SIOs sell for $1 more at $19.97. Choose an AIO print or a SIO print at no extra cost! To me, it’s worth the extra dollar to get the additional & even more customizable absorbency. The Tuttos are $26.97 for solids and $1 more for prints. Kelly’s Closet also has a few Tutto prints on sale for $20.95.

My older son LOVES the Galaxy print (the red diaper.) I took it off his brother and when he was choosing a diaper to put on himself, he chose that one and wasn’t hearing it when I told him it was a) wet and b) too small for him. 🙂

FTC compliance: I purchased the SIO diapers at normal retail prices, with a promotion available to the general public. I received the AIO & Tutto diapers at no cost to review them last year. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Itti Bitti’s Limited Edition Carnivale Print Cloth Diaper / Great Customer Service

itti bitti 1

In March, I posted my Itti Bitti Tutto review. If you’re curious about Itti Bitti Diapers, take a look at that review. I have tons of pictures, plus a video showing how to use the soakers. Anyway, I went to use the diaper a few months ago, and one of the snaps was missing.

itti bitti 2 snap itti bitti 3 snap

I was so confused by what I was seeing. I felt for the snaps a few times before I even actually looked at it, LOL. It looks like what happened was the “cap” part of the snap came off, and the other side then stayed snapped into the front panel of the diaper.

I was definitely not expecting a new diaper (I mean, I didn’t pay for the diaper in the first place!), but I did contact Itti Bitti to let them know what happened. After all, a company can’t address a problem if they don’t know anyone is having it.

itti bitti 4 replacement diaper

I received a response to my email, followed by a new diaper in my mailbox lickety split!

itti bitti 5 side itti bitti 6 back

Itti Bitti sent me one of their limited edition print diapers in the Carnivale print. They have a zebra print too (so cute) and all are the same super soft minky we love. They also have two new products, the minkee blankees and luxury change mats, to match the new diaper prints. The limited edition products will only be available until stock is exhausted, so if there’s one you like, grab it now!

FTC compliance: I received the pictured item as a warranty replacement for an item I originally received at no cost for review purposes (whew, that was a mouthful!) I was not compensated for, or asked to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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Baby Wearing Cloth Diapering Cloth Wipes How To/Demo

Change-Diapers.com is on YouTube

Did you know there is a Change-Diapers.com YouTube channel?

I don’t have a whole lot there yet, but I’d like to add more. Here are some highlights, I hope you will check them out and/or share them. I try to keep my videos brief and to the point as much as possible, to make them easy to watch. If you have ideas for other videos you’d like to see, let me know!

Demo of the Itti Bitti Tutto:

Dunk & swish a diaper without getting your hands dirty:

Comparison of the Babykicks Bumboo to 3G Pocket Diaper:

How to use the Babykicks 3G’s newborn snaps:

How to fold cloth wipes to pop up:

Putting on the Boba Carrier:

How to tie a Sleepy Wrap (not that great since I was wearing a black shirt with a black wrap!):

I know my videos aren’t very good, my lighting is bad, and the videos were shot with my point & shoot camera! Even so, I’d love to know what else you’d like to see me do!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Itti Bitti Winner

124 people entered this giveaway, with 306 entries total.

The winning entry is #119, which is Chany.  Congrats, I’m emailing you now!

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Itti Bitti – Bitti d’Lish AIO & Bitti Tutto O/S Diapers Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 3/8)

Itti Bitti Diapers

Itti Bitti is an Australian company, but their diapers are coming to the U.S. in March 2011.  I was able to try the Bitti d’Lish sized AIO and the Bitti Tutto One Size AI2.

Itti Bitti D'Lish AIO Cloth Diaper

I chose the Bitti d’lish in the size large.  The small fits 8-16 lbs, medium 14-26 lb and large 23-37 lb.  My son is only about 21 lbs at 21 months, but I chose the large since he was pretty close to the size cut off, and because the Itti Bitti diapers tend to fit in a more low-rise style.
Large itti bitti d'lish diaperback of itti bitti d'lish diaper

The bitti d’lish has snap closures, with an overlap to fit smaller babies.

closure snaps with overlap

It has a sewn in soaker as well as snaps to allow you to add a mini soaker.  The mini soaker is not included with the diaper, but you will see it in the Bitti Tutto review.

sewn in soakercan add a doubler

In addition to the absorbency sewn within the diaper, there is a sewn in flap soaker (this is where you add the booster)

bamboo and organic cotton flap soaker padsewn in flap soaker

Since they are designed to fit with a lower rise, they are a bit smaller than other large diapers I’ve used.  here it is measured folded and stretched:

large itti bitti diaper measured foldedlarge itti bitti measured stretched

It fits well on my son, but I am glad I went with the large and not the medium, since I prefer a higher rise diaper.

large itti bitti d'lish diaper on 21 month old babyitti bitti leg opening

The minky outer is super soft, and the microfleece inner keeps baby dry.

itti bitti leg openinglarge itti bitti d'lish diaper on 21 lb baby

Even without using an added booster, the diaper was very absorbent, and we had no leaking issues.  Itti Bitti suggests that you can expect 3 or more hours of use, though you will need the booster for heavy wetters.

large itti bitti d'lish diaper sideback of itti bitti d'lish diaper

The MSRP of the Bitti d’lish is $18.95

itti bitti bitti tutto one size diaper  

The Bitti Tutto is a one-size diaper, and is quite a bit more expensive at $26.95.

itti bitti one size diaper

It has a snap closure with overlap, and 4 rise settings.  Itti Bitti refers to them as newborn/small, medium, large and extra-large.  Since they are lower rise, they seem to fit more like newborn, small, medium and large.

4 rise settings snap closure with overlap

The Bitti Tutto has hip snaps to prevent wing droop on small babies, plus built in covers for when you’re not using them.

hip snaps with covers

The Tutto has an inner gusset that goes around the back and legs, to prevent blowouts.

poop scoop inner gussets and color coded soaker snaps

The diaper comes with three soakers, and has color coded snaps.

three soakerscolor coded snaps for long soaker and doubler

The long soaker snaps to the yellow snaps in the back of the diaper, and the shorter soaker snaps to the purple snaps in the front of the diaper.

long soaker yellow snaps in rearshorter soaker purple snaps in front

The diaper came with instructions on how to snap the soakers:

soaker instructions

However, I found all the soakers to be rather overwhelming, and it took me a bit to figure it all out.  I made a 6 minute video which demonstrates the ways to use the soakers.

Here is the newborn/small setting measured folded and stretched:

newborn/small setting foldednewborn/small setting stretched

newborn/small itti bitti tutto

On the newborn setting, adjust the length of the long soaker using the blue snaps, then snap to the yellow snaps in the rear of the diaper and tuck it under the gussets.

adjust size of long soaker and snap inlong soaker tucked under gussets

You may also use the shorter soaker snapped to the purple snaps in the front of the diaper, attaching the doubler underneath with the red snaps.

doubler snapped to rear of short soakershort soaker snaps to purple snaps in front

Medium setting:

medium setting foldedmedium setting stretched

medium itti bitti tutto

For the medium-extra large settings, you can use the long soaker (snapped to yellow in the back) adjusted to the proper length (using the blue snaps.)  When you attach the doubler (using the red snaps) there is an additional blue snap to replace the one the doubler covers.

color coded mini soaker snapsdoubler snapped to long soaker
adjust length of long soakerlong soaker and doubler

You can also use both the long soaker in back and the short soaker in front.

long and short soakers

You can reverse the soakers to get more absorbency up front for boys.  The soakers are much easier than they seem, and I definitely recommend watching the video above!

Large setting:

large setting foldedlarge setting stretched

itti bitti tutto diaper large

Extra large setting:

extra large setting foldedextra large stting stretched

extra large setting itti bitti one size diaper

I put my 21ish pound, 21 month old son in the large setting with all 3 doublers (long in front, short in back.)

large itti bitti tutto diaper on 21 mo old babyleg opening

Though it fits well, he could definitely still wear the medium as well, it would just sit a little lower.

large itti bitti tutto on 21 lb babyrear itti bitti tutto diaper

side itti bitti one size diaper

Itti Bitti diapers come in an amazing rainbow of colors, are super soft minky, fit well and absorb like crazy.  There’s definitely a learning curve to the soakers, but it’s so simple once I got over my initial fear of all the soakers!

Giveaway: Itti Bitti is offering one of my readers a bitti d’lish in their choice of size and a Bitti Tutto.  Itti Bitti will choose gender neutral colors for the winner.  (ARV $45.90.)

Here’s how to enterAll entries go in the form below.  I love comments (great way to remind yourself you entered) but comments do not count as entries.

Mandatory entries include your name, email address and what Itti Bitti product you are most interested inBonus entries are available if you “like” Itti Bitti on Facebook and/or follow Itti Bitti on Twitter and/or subscribe to the ChangeDiapers YouTube Channel.  You must be sure you do what you say you did.  You cannot win if you didn’t.

I will accept entries until Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 9:00 P.M. Eastern. I will select a winner using random.org’s true random number generator and notify him/her by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen. View my giveaway rules page for complete details. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S.

# of entries received as of March 8th at 8:18 P.M.: 306


FTC compliance: I received the above products at no cost in order to review.  I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.
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