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Cloth Diapering Detergents Mailbox Mondays Washing

Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays – 11/19/12 – Tide and Cloth Diapers

Tide & #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

Each Monday, I answer a reader submitted question and ask my other readers to help out. Don’t miss any posts! Subscribe to our new RSS Feed or subscribe via email.

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Another Cloth Related Business (Eco Nuts!) on Shark Tank This Week! +Coupon / Discount

Soap Nuts Organic Laundry

Eco Nuts will be on Shark Tank…and I have a coupon code for you!

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Cloth Diapering Detergents Stripping Washing

Washing Cloth Diapers – What’s the Best Way?

washing cloth diapers

Washing Cloth Diapers

Want the too long;didn’t read version? Here’s the cliffs notes:

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Detergents Diaper Accessories Giveaway Review

Eco Sprout Cloth Diaper Detergent Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 9/1)

Eco Sprout

I’ve been cloth diapering for nearly 2 years now, and I still think the biggest hurdle is establishing a wash routine, and finding a detergent that works for you. Eco Sprout is a cloth diaper safe detergent created by a work at home Dad! The detergent does not contain dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates or SLS, and it is completely biodegradable. Ingredients are: Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (solid hydrogen peroxide), natural water softeners, sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium sulfate (sodium salt of sulfuric acid a.k.a. Thenardite) and natural & biodegradable surfactants. (There’s also natural fragrance in the scented formulas.)

Eco Sprout 2

Eco Sprout Detergent comes in 7 scents: Fresh Linen, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Lavender Chamomile, Sandalwood Vanilla, Ocean Blue, Baby Powder and Seasonal (currently Pink Lemonade) as well as “In the Buff” (unscented.) I received a sample detergent pack of a variety of scents in 2 oz packages. You can buy 2 oz packages of Eco Sprout (2-4 loads) for $1.75 each.

Eco Sprout 3 instructions on sample pkgEco Sprout 4 instruction card

I love that there are washing instructions included, so I didn’t have to hunt them down!

Eco Sprout 6 soak

I went ahead and soaked my diapers with Eco-Sprout for 3 hours (the max auto soak on my machine) followed by a hot wash with double rinse. Then I did another full hot wash/double rinse with no detergent, to make sure I got all old detergent residue out. Finally, I did a wash with the recommended amount of Eco-Sprout.

The small amount of natural fragrance oils make your laundry smell good while you’re washing it, but it rinses out completely, leaving no residue on your diapers. My diapers simply smelled clean. My whole stash has been through a soak/wash with Eco Sprout at least once, maybe twice. (I keep my diapers rotating and I can’t remember where I started!) So far, so good! If you’re having trouble with your detergent, wash routine, repelling or stink, I would definitely recommend adding Eco Sprout to your “to try” list, especially if other ammonia treatments or popular “safe” detergents didn’t work for you.

Eco Sprout 5 rec amts

Price: A little goes a long way; you need just 1-2 T in an HE machine/soft water (that’s me) up to 2-4 T in a traditional top load washer with hard water. 24 oz bags wash 24-48 loads and retail for $7.98, 48 oz bags do 48-96 loads for $13.98, and 96 oz bags do 96-192 loads for $24.98.

Where to buy: You can buy directly from Eco Sprout, or find it at a number of retailers including my affiliate, Diaper Junction.

Giveaway: Eco Sprout is offering a reader their own 24 oz bag detergent in his/her choice of scent. (ARV $7.98) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below! You may view Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy.

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Cloth Diapering Detergents Diaper Accessories Eco-Friendly/Green Giveaway Natural Household Products Review Washing

Eco Nuts Liquid Concentrate Detergent Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 8/25) U.S./Canada

Eco Nuts Concentrate

I’ve used soap nuts before, but this is my first time trying Eco Nuts, as well as my first time trying a liquid soap nut detergent!

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