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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Swaddlebees Capri Cover Winner

464 people entered this giveaway, with 754 entries in all.

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All In One Diapers Cloth Diapers Newborn Diapers Review Snap Closure

Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex Cloth Diaper Review

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 1

I snagged a Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn AIO during their Black Friday turkey hunt (hunt for turkeys and get a special deal or coupon each day.)

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 2 side Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 3 back

The diapers retail for $16.95 each, which I think is on the higher side for a newborn diaper.

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 4 closure Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 5 umbilical snap down
Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 6 front

The diaper has two snaps on each wing, and the closure is a wee bit awkward when you’re closing it tightly with the cord snap down snapped.

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 7 elastic Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 8 soaker in pocket
Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 9 inside out

The soaker is half sewn in, and the rest actually tucks into the pocket (I suppose this would be considered a “tongue” soaker.) This is my least favorite type of AIO, personally. True that it gets a bit cleaner and dries faster than a sewn in soaker, but if you still have to do the work of stuffing, why not do a pocket diaper & have the freedom to change the soaker out entirely and/or treat it separately?

Here I’ve measured it folded and stretched:

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 10 folded Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 11 stretched

Now, I know my “real” diaper “model” is here, but just for consistency in my reviews, here’s my previous “model” in preemie and newborn disposables, compared to the simplex:

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 12 model
Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 13 preemie diaperSwaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 14 preemie back

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 15 newborn diaper Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 16 newborn back

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 17 snapped down Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 18 unsnapped

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 19 side Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Diaper 20 back

Here’s my little guy at less than a week old and about 6 lb 5 oz (you may have already seen these photos in my post about my one-month update on newborn cloth.)

swaddlebees 65-2 swaddlebees 65

I did not care for this diaper. The birdseye inner/soaker and the outer both reminded me a lot of the Kushies diapers. I did like that it came down pretty low to stay under the umbilical cord stump, but it was hard to make sure the soaker didn’t stick out the back. If the diapers were half the price, I’d feel differently (of course this is totally my opinion!! You may love these!)

FTC compliance: I purchased this diaper at a discount available to anyone. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Newborn Cloth Diapers – My Opinions After a Month


Post and linked posts may contain affiliate links. There’s a picture of my real model next to my previous model. 🙂 You have probably seen my reviews of newborn diapers that I did without a baby while I was expecting my son (and I think maybe even a few before!) If you’re ever looking for one, don’t forget about my review archive.

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Cloth Diapering Inserts Stink Stripping Washing

Not that kind of stripping

>Well. I’d hoped that since I’ve been using Lil Outlaws detergent and cloth safe diaper cream, I wouldn’t have to strip my diapers.  I’ve finally succumbed to the microfiber stink!  They weren’t particularly offensive, just rather musty smelling.  This particular smell appears to be very common with BumGenius diapers.

To strip diapers, you use the classic blue dawn, or plain ivory dish soap, suds the diapers up, then rinse until there are no more suds.  This can be a lot of rinsing, so I did only 5-7 at a time, since I only have 15.

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Time to give the Blueberry another look-see

>I’ve been working on my wish list, not because I think I will get any of it, but because it is fun to window shop and to dream!

In looking, I’ve been delving deeper into different websites and darned if I didn’t find excellent info on the Blueberry diaper insert! 

Isn’t their logo cute?

Looks pretty easy, though I will have to look more closely at the illustrations with the insert in my hands, when I am a little more awake!

I also learned that I was supposed to wash and dry the insert 3-4 times separatelyOopsie.  I was just washing it over & over.  Also discovered that the microfiber portion is to face the baby.
They sell the doublers & inserts separately as well.  I’m thinking one of these might be the ticket to make the Cooshie Tooshie pocket I have work for us.
They also make swaddlebees.  Another adorable logo!
Look, the cute wittle bee is wearing a wee little diaper!  I’m a total sucker for cute-ness.
To be honest, I’m not really sure what the difference between the Swaddlebees Econappi and the standard Blueberry Deluxe diapers are, though Blueberry has a LOT more to choose from (ok I see Blueberry referred to as the “fashion forward” line of Swaddlebees.  Darn, my stupid champagne tastes & beer budget even follow me into the diapering world!)  Swadlebees also has fitted diapers and prefolds, wool diaper covers and wraps among other covers and accessories.  So, a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone.
They have adorable little training pants too.
(Squee!  Seriously, how cute are those?!) They look & feel like undies, but have a bit of absorbency.  Way better than disposable trainers, which are really just pull up diapers in my opinion.  Ok subject change, need to stop thinking about having to potty train a boy!
They also sell mama cloth including a stay dry type.  I never, ever in a million years thought I would even consider using that sort of product but, well, the more I learn about it the more interested I am.
This is a good read.  It explains a lot about what Blueberry diapers are made with and why they cost a little more.   I am really glad to know this is a Mommy made company!
I have to say, I have been writing to several companies to ask permission to use their images in my blog for my upcoming “wish list” post, and I have been very impressed with the customer service received from all, Blueberry included!
Images used with permission!.
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