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I photographed these products with permission at the ABC Expo. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and I paid my own way to the show. All opinions are my own. The ABC Show excitement isn’t limited to cloth diapers. I met lots of fantastic business owners that create and sell amazing cloth diaper accessories (and more.) [click to continue reading]


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Diaper Rite’s Improved Pocket Diapers & Wet Bag

I received products at no cost for review purposes. Post contains affiliate links. It’s been nearly 3 years since I published my Diaper Rite pocket diaper review. These diapers are manufactured in China exclusively for and are CPSIA tested, labeled and backed by Diaper Junction. [click to continue reading]


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These cloth wipe cupcakes are easy to make, and look adorable when boxed up (check the cake aisle of the craft store for windowed boxes that hold 4 or more cupcakes.) You can even use these as decorations at the shower! [click to continue reading]

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Spray Pal is the splatter shield that works with your diaper sprayer to keep your bathroom free from overspray. You can use water amount of pressure you need to get your cloth diapers clean, without fear of splashing icky water on your face or walls. [click to continue reading]


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Post contains affiliate links. I received a product sample at no cost for review purposes, and I have a business relationship with the manufacturer. All opinions are my own. Geffen Baby’s wipes have been my favorite cloth wipes since 2011. After receiving a product sample, I replaced all my other wipes with them. The hemp/cotton blend wipes are a single layer of super soft fabric. Thin to get into all the crevices, but I’ve never gotten my hands dirty due to their single layer. [click to continue reading & enter the giveaway]